Stan Against Evil Season Finale Review: Evie Survives Stan??

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Wait, wait, wait, WAIT!!!

Did our erstwhile hero go in for a prostate exam on Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 7 and only never to escape Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 8 as the persnickety man we've grown to love?

Is that it for OUR Stan Miller?

Stan Gets Prodded - Stan Against Evil

Maybe. Possibly. Probably. No. Yes.

This sucks. The reality is not enough people watch IFC for their shows to be shoe-ins for renewals, and Stan's ratings were down this season. Linear ratings don't mean a thing anymore, but I do not know what kind of online viewership the show attracts.

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For the cast and creativity of this gem alone, it should get a lot more coverage and attract a much larger audience. There isn't a single episode that goes by that doesn't entertain, sometimes to the point of belly laughs.

Interject the moments of genuine warm feelings between Stan and Evie, and Stan Against Evil isn't only a goofy, gut-splitting genre comedy; it's unique.

Save Stan! - Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 7

Like many other successful genre shows, Stan Against Evil has the guts to pull off both monsters of the week and season (and series) long arcs. That's a pretty tall order for a comedy that's limited to eight viewings a season that air only four times a year. 

Stan, Evie, Denise, Leon, and Kevin are just as much family and friends to viewers as any other beloved show. Given the enormity of what goes into each installment, that's quite a coup.

In this final hour, Stan's take on a mind-frakking trip during his prostate exam [I must interject Denise's excellent quote here]:

Stan: Who's going to the hospital?
Denise: You. You have that thingie where they check your doodad so you don't get the YIKES up your Hellooo!

was interrupted by Duquette and the Judy Thing who has a name: Haurus. 

I have to wonder if Duquette's time on the show is over or if he's going to come around and ultimately help Stan (if IFC helps us all and gives time for proper closure to the series).

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Let's stop right here. At this point, I'm going to assume IFC wouldn't be so cruel as to allow Dana Gould to end the finale with "that was only the beginning" if they had no intention of moving forth with at least another six episodes. 

It's come this far, and the special effects are some of the most fun and seemingly non-CGI on TV, and given the love the cast has for doing the show, they'll all come back. Right? Right. Carrying on.

Harraus Wonders - Stan Against Evil

Duquette wanted to get rid of Eccles as much as Stan and Evie, more or so he said. But he never seemed like that bad of a dude even with all his coercion to get Stan and Evie to do what he wanted.

The way he manipulated situations between the Sheriff and former Sheriff, Duquette almost seemed to like the duo. With the power to turn back time (or at least send the pair back in time), maybe Duquette will intervene again to make things right so the story Old Evie tells the journalist doesn't come true.

You tricked me. You lied to me. Do you think I would have ever agreed to this deal if I knew I would have to kill Evie Barrett?


Have you ever seen Stan look as gut-wrenchingly sad as he did after killing Eccles? He would have rather lived with the curse hanging over his back and enjoying slaying the beasts again and again than being overtaken by Haurus.

Nothing that wasn't shifty as hell would have lent itself to Stan making a deal that resulted in him killing Evie.

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The way they worked together, and she trusted him that he would be alright if she shot him when he was in the form of Haurus, was just as heartbreaking.

It's unlikely Stan thought he would come out of that alive, but now we know he came out of it. If not alive, then as something much different than he was before he got possessed and shot.

Stan and his antics ARE Stan Against Evil. He can't BECOME evil, or it all falls apart.

The Judy Thing - Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 8

Denise would be lost without her father. She only now found her voice!

Shut up! I'm feeling bossy and I LIKE IT!


Evie spending time running down Stan the Judy Thing would be sad. Maybe Evie living to a ripe old age and talking about it like it all went wrong is a twist in the story the way other twists have come.

When the world ends, it's a tornado. 

Maybe Stan wakes to be more crabby than ever for Evie's terrible shot or just the opposite -- he becomes a happy person driving everyone nuts with his happy-go-lucky behavior.

All I know is that when you watch Stan Against Evil online, you have to look for clues to what might come next. If you have any thoughts, run right over and lay them out here. I'll be waiting!

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Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Oscar the Grouch lives in garbage and nobody cares!


Stan: Who's going to the hospital?
Denise: You. You have that thingie where they check your doodad so you don't get the YIKES up your Hellooo!