Empire Season 5 Episode 6 Review: What Is Done

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The takedown of Jeff Kingsley is officially in the works after Empire Season 5 Episode 6.

And it's all thanks to Giselle who is tired of the manchild who can't give any valid reasons for his actions.

Seriously though, Jeff is like one of those one-dimensional villains from a superhero movie intent on world domination. 

Giselle wants to be the person to lead Empire and based on the little time she was at the helm, and she's the best person for the job. 

Cookie's Pain - Empire Season 5 Episode 1

She knows a good artist when she's in the presence of one, and that's why I was so on board with her advocating to save the Three Black Divas. 

Jeff only wanted rid of them because it was his way of sending the middle finger to the Lyons, but I'm getting the feeling he's going to want the band back. 

Kingsley: So, the three bland decrepits are a thing of the past. Please stop chasing yesterday.
Becky: Asa, are you serious? Are you not hearing what we hear?

Giselle has had her differences with Lucious and Cookie. There's no denying that, but the team up I've been expecting to happen since early into Empire Season 5 is finally happening, and I can't wait to see the three powerhouses working together. 

Giselle knows all about Jeff visiting the prison, so if she offers that little tidbit of information to her new friends, they're probably going to take her under their wing when they inevitably get the company back. 

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That said, Empire Season 5 has pushed the family to extreme measures as they battle to make an imprint in a market that's changed since they first entered it. 

Giselle Returns - Empire Season 5 Episode 1

It's presented fresh and exciting storylines because the stakes are higher than ever. If Lucious and Cookie can't get more artists into the Lyon Family Management, there's going to be trouble. 

On one side, there's Lucious going to poker games in the name of swindling his opponents out of money. On the other, there's Cookie taking to the streets to try and find the next big thing, while simultaneously overcoming all of the hurdles thrown in along the way. 

It was typical of Lucious to rob everyone at the poker game. Empire was started with drug money all those years ago, so it made sense for Lucious to turn to crime once again. 

Damon Cross was genuinely thankful that Lucious saved his life during the shootout, but the best part of it all is that Damon was playing the patriarch of the Lyon family all along. 

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Buying Cookie's painting for a high price confirmed as much. This new character has an air of mystery about him because he seemed poised to be a new friend for Lucious. 

Porsha Sings - Empire Season 5 Episode 6

It was great to learn that Cookie was not the character meeting their maker in the future, but the mystery remains about why she was getting closer to Damon behind her husband's back. 

It's hard to imagine Cookie doing anything to jeopardize her family, especially after everything they've been through.  

It makes me think Damon and Cookie share a past. There's no other logical reason for them to be in those pictures together. 

There's also the possibility that Maya's words had a lasting effect on Cookie, and it made her change focus. Maya has got to be one of the characters I never thought would grace the screen again. 

Her storyline lacked any sort of substance beyond her first few episodes. Cookie also tried her best to reunite the kid with her mother before her death, and she threw it in her face. 

Hitting the Streets - Empire

Cookie would be wise to let the youngster make every mistake under the sun with Evan because of the way she spoke to her. 

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As for the Jamal, Kai and Becky scenario, it brought some much-needed comic relief to a serious hour. Becky was so overbearing about Jamal wearing the onesie, but we need to remember here that she missed her friend a lot while he was away. 

I did laugh a little when Jamal took off his engagement ring to appease Becky. That took a lot away from Empire Season 5 Episode 5's big proposal. 

If I were Kai, I would have flipped the eff out. But everyone was considerably calmer than they should have been thanks to Becky's cannabis-infused gummy bears. 

Lucious Sends a Message - Empire Season 5 Episode 6

Who even takes them to their recovering friend's house, by the way? Becky has long been an advocate for the safety of her friends, but I guess Kingsley shouting match with her made her forget some things. 

"What Is Done" was another decent installment of this Fox drama. With a compelling mystery and solid storylines, the show is still packing a punch.

What are your thoughts on the episode, Empire Fanatics?

Hit the comments below. 

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What Is Done Review

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