Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6 Review: That Witch

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Lions and tigers and Liam, oh my.

Like a fine Blue Belt wine, Dynasty keeps getting better with each passing episode. 

Here are the facts: Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6 was the best episode to date. 

It's entirely possible that I'm biased because of my deep love for the Wizard of Oz, but how can anyone argue with me after seeing Fallon take on Dorothy and the wizard?

Their Courtship - Dynasty

The world is not equipped to handle two Fallons making out with each other, but we are ready for the Tin Man to get his energy from champagne rather than oil. What else did you expect from Fallon's dream-state?

Comparing this Thanksgiving dinner to Dynasty Season 1 Episode 7, a lot has changed, mostly for the better. 

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Thanksgiving at the Carrington Manor was much tamer this year around, but though the tornado killed the competitiveness of the annual football game, things didn't go off without a fair share of theatrics. 

Fallon's storyline took front-and-center as she attempted to decide between Culhane and Liam. 

Her storm scaries forced her to pop way too many pills as she simultaneously tried to impress Culhane's mother. 

The number of times she had to apologize for being herself was beyond irritating. Fallon is not one to apologize for being herself. 

Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6

There is a lot of bad blood between the Carrington family and the Culhane family, mainly because the Carringtons are responsible for the death of Michael's father, yet that wasn't what bothered his mother, Luella. 

She seemed more upset by the wealth and the self-entitlement than by anything else. And the opinions she formed of the family early on caused her to be closed off and judgemental.

Oh, looks like someone's having a leg, a breast and a thigh. Can you two put some clothes on? People need to take shelter.


Yes, the rest of the family wasn't on their best behavior, especially Alexis, but Fallon was trying very hard.

I was convinced that they would use Luella as the determining factor for Fallon like her Wizard of Oz dream predicted.

Culhane's always been very close with his family, so if his mother hadn't approved, chances are they would have called off the wedding. 

The fact that he didn't tell his mother is concerning because it seems like he was either embarrassed or knew it wasn't going to last. Either way, not a good sign. 

Luella was right about one thing -- there is love between them. Enough love for them to let each other go. Since Culhane overheard Fallon's heartbreaking call to Liam, I'm assuming he'll set her free. And hey, maybe she'll come back if it's really meant to be?

Thanksgiving for All  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6

Obviously, you know I believe she should ditch Culhane and give things with her fake ex-husband a real shot. How can she be so certain that marrying Culhane is the right thing when she had all those pent-up emotions for another man who she can't get out of her mind?

The harder Fallon tried to repress those feelings and ignore the decision, the more they came up eventually manifesting themselves into her dream-state where Liam was the Scare Crow, Michael was the Tin Man, and Sammy was the ferocious lion. 

I don't doubt that Culhane would be an incredible and doting husband, but as his mother said, he's defenseless around her. 

He's already backed himself into a corner trying to protect Fallon from Ada Stone. 

Fallon and Culhane both apologized to each other for being distracted and distanced then vowed to be completely honest, but continued to withhold the truth from each other. 

And if that's the case, Culhane's arrangement with Stone and Fallon's feelings for Liam will continue to get in the way. 

I don't care how many times Fallon tells Liam that it's over, you can't just force yourself to un-love someone, especially when the emotional and physical connection is so strong. 

You Have to Choose - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6

Liam knew exactly what he was doing when he got inside of Fallon's head. Maybe I was wrong about him being a good guy? If you grow up in such a dysfunctional family, you learn a thing or two from them about manipulation. 

Sammy and Kirby plotting to have a baby together was Dynasty's convenient attempt at getting around Steven's departure. 

Does anyone actually care of Kirby sticks around to repair her relationship with Anders? Me neither. 

Thankfully, Sammy won't have to pass on Kirby's insane genes to an innocent child because the Good Witch of the North, Alexis, happened to come across an adorable newborn. 

Kirby: Remember they have to stick this up my down under.
Sammy: Not that specific one. I doubt it's BYOB.
Kirby: Hmmm?
Sammy: The second "B" is for "baster."

For someone with absolutely no brain cells, Hank devised a pretty impressive escape plan that ensured he got his money and baby Matthew made it to a good home. Okay, a better home.  

Growing up with the Carringtons isn't exactly ideal, but it's better than having a crazy mother who twirls a gun around right next to the crib.

Claudia is going to be irate when she realizes Hank pulled one over on her by giving her a fake meeting place while stealing her money and her baby.

On the upside, little Matthew will get to call Sammy, OG Cristal's nephew, his dad.

Let's Get Pregnant  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6

It all comes full circle. I couldn't think of anyone better raising Matthew. That is unless Claudia comes back for revenge. 

Maybe she's the one the psychic predicted would kill Blake?

Someone needs to pull the reigns in on Blake because he has no idea what a healthy relationship looks like. 

Marrying every girl that walks into his life makes me question his sanity.

Fallon: I'll go find the wizard myself.
Culhane [as The Tin Man]: There's no way in hell I'm skipping.

He may be trying to fix a gaping, OG Cristal-sized hole in his heart, but man, he barely knows replacement Cristal! How can he justify getting down on one knee and calling her his soulmate?

"It feels right" isn't a legitimate reason either because I'm pretty sure, at some point, all of his exes felt like the "right one."

Given Alexis' role as a helicopter ex-wife, I hope she talks some sense into him. 

Blake's sense of entitlement when it comes to getting "whatever he wants" may be warranted when it comes to physical belongings but it's disturbing when it pertains to women. 

Another Marriage - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6

Cristal has only come off as a strong character who stands her ground and doesn't shy away from calling Blake out on his bullshit, so why did she just accept that he bought her company and paid everyone off simply to ensure she'd stick around?

Nothing about that screams romance, but rather, displays a need for ownership. 

However, I wish I could work at a company where some super rich dude would just pay me out a $500K severance. 

Just think about all the possibilities. 

The fact that Blake didn't do a better job of hiding the trail or even buying the clinic anonymously tells me that he wanted Cristal to find out. 

Fallon [as Dorothy]: I have no idea why you can't get it through your straw head that I am with Culhane. It's like you don't have any...
Liam [as the Scarecrow]: Brains. Well if I don't, its because I've lost my mind for you.
Fallon: And I've just lost my mind.

But again, why?

There must be a bigger picture here we're not seeing. For now, the new Cristal just seems to be filling a spot in the cast that didn't necessarily need to be filled. 

Alexis' hawk-like vigil over Blake was entertaining because Nicole Sheridan can sell just about any role she takes on, but overall, it was a waste of time as I don't think the man from her past is anyone we've met. 

Or maybe it's Anders? Wouldn't that be a plot twist?

Did you watch Dynasty online? If not, get on it! And leave your comments below. 

One thing is certain -- you're Thanksgiving dinner will definitely be less controversial than this one. 

That Witch Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Kirby: Remember they have to stick this up my down under.
Sammy: Not that specific one. I doubt it's BYOB.
Kirby: Hmmm?
Sammy: The second "B" is for "baster."

Oh, looks like someone's having a leg, a breast and a thigh. Can you two put some clothes on? People need to take shelter.