Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Snowflakes in Hell

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You can take the Carringtons out of the manor, but you can't take the manor out of the Carringtons! 

It was pandemonium at the Carrington-Anders household on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4 as everyone dealt with the emotional repercussions of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 3.

It's fair to hyphenate the last names now, right? 

Steven Moves On - Tall

I couldn't have imagined a better start to the episode.

Much like Sammy, I always have my popcorn at the ready when an epic bitch fight breaks out between Alexis and Fallon.

The love-hate relationship between those two never gets old. And you would think Fallon's aim would be better by now. 

Turns out, "doing it with the boss' ex-wife" can cause some tension amongst the family. Who knew?

Alexis: It was a dark time. Adam has just been kidnapped.
Fallon: Yes, we all know Adam was the lucky one.

Blake found solace in Sammy and vented out all of his hurt frustrations over Alexis and Anders. 

It was adorable and further fed into fan predictions that he is going to develop a paternal relationship with his "son's" husband.

With Steven's decision to go back to Paraguay solo -- can you blame him? -- and "find himself," I can see Blake and Sammy's relationship intensifying even more as he tries to fill a void. 

Sammy is the son that Steven never was -- he basks in the "lifestyles of the rich" glory. 

Like I said in my review of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 3, and Steven echoed in this episode, him being Anders' son sure explains a lot about his un-Carrington like personality. 

Alexis and Anders both blamed what happened that night on dark times following Adam's kidnapping and booze. 

As Blake said, "I'd rather stick needles in my eye." 

Stick Needles In My Eyes - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4

And though alcohol obviously played an integral part, it isn't an excuse. 

At the end of the day, they knew what they were doing when it happened, and they knew what they were doing by covering it up for all these years. 

Blake has been through a lot with the sale of C.A, the death of his wife, and now, this cheating scandal, so I want to cut him some slack but man, he was acting like a full-on manchild! 

Every time a transaction rings an angel gets her billions.


Thankfully, he came to the realization rather quickly that he hasn't been too faithful of a husband either. 

You can't be pointing fingers if you're guilty of being a cheater yourself. 

His anger stemmed mostly from the betrayal he felt from Anders, a man he trusted and thought to be his most loyal friend. 

But however broken that trust is, it doesn't excuse throwing objects, tantrums, and ridiculing him in front of the other employees. 

Aside from the one mess up, Anders has been ride or die for this family. 

There were moments where I did enjoy Blake lashing out, however, I loved their emotional reunion and the acknowledgment that "they share a son together."

Ugh, Anders really is one of them. 

How does Cristal Jennings fit into the picture? I still don't really know. Nor do I understand how she's the only person who can help Blake. 

Alfie the Alpaca - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4

Is Blake interested in her romantically? Does he feel a connection to his late wife? Why is she so eager to please this random family?

The writers really want her to weave her in somehow but all the efforts seem misplaced.

Steven was running away from his problems, there's no doubt about that, but at least he was also doing some good in the world.

Seeing the whole family out of the manor was hilarious, but let's never do it again. 

As far as Fallon's ideas go, this one was pretty terrible even if her heart was in the right place. 

Let's Build a House - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4

The Carringtons, including Sam, are not built for manual labor. Nor do they understand how others interpret their obscene amount of wealth. 

When did they even have time to get all of the necessary shots?

And did Steven really think Sammy was going to survive and thrive in a third-world country with no plumbing and electricity when he staged a full-on photoshoot for his passport pictures just a few hours prior?

The best part of that whole trip was Alfie.

Though there was a moment on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 3 where I felt for Kirby and thought she would make a promising enemy for Fallon and Alexis, I am now retreating back to my original assessment: she doesn't stand a chance. 

She's an outsider trying so hard to fit in. 

It may not seem like it based on all the brawls, but the Carringtons are a strong, supportive family who will do anything for each other. 

An Earth Shattering Reveal - Dynasty

It's going to take a lot more than a lavish tent in Paraguay to break them or make them turn on each other. 

Kirby wanted to hurt Alexis where it hurts and make Steven turn on his mother but even after all of that, he was still the one who encouraged Fallon to bury the hatchet. 

Good luck, Kirbs. 

There's a reason she's found so much common ground with Jeff, another Carrington wannabe. 

I'm like a ghost in Gucci.


Kirby and Jeff are keeping it in the family with their fling. 

I know they technically aren't related, but they both are related to a Carrington which puts them in the same family tree so either way, gross. 

Since this is Dynasty, it's still not as gross as Fallon and Jeff sleeping together and almost getting married. 

The most exciting development of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4 is Jeff and Michael's new bond. 

Mike Jones - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4

Michael, aka Mike Jones, has been blackmailed into working for Ada.

When he stuck out his neck to save Jeff right before the FBI busted the high-stakes poker game he raised some flags. 

Now Jeff knows that Michael is involved in some shady dealings, and for the sake of drama, I'm hoping he uses it against him. 

Or better yet, tells Fallon.

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It's either that or Michael is going to get caught up in all the close-call situations.

My palms were sweaty when he was trying to get photos of that ledger, and I'm guessing this was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crime-bending tasks on Ada's list. 

I have no doubt in my mind Fallon and Blake would have no trouble locating and putting an end to the "ghost in Gucci" if they knew about her in the first place. 

Michael should have left this family behind when he had the chance. Getting caught up with the Carringtons is never good for anyone. 

See my previous points about Kirby and Jeff. 

Michael also disclosed marriage plans to Jeff which he'll likely use against Fallon in the future because as far as everyone knows, she's married to Liam! 

Family Relations - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4

Other Thoughts

  • Steven wasn't denied any of his shares so technically, Mrs. Daniels still could have made a pretty penny off of him. Too bad she got greedy. 
  • Killing C.A couldn't be that easy, could it? Something tells me they are all going to learn an important lesson on reading a contract before dropping your Hancock on it. 
  • Hank is getting mad because he needs that money! Will he expose Alexis? She's like a cat who keeps landing on her feet, but she's about to run out of lives! There would be no coming back from being outed as the person behind the fire that killed Cristal. 

What are your thoughts? Are you a Cristal Jennings fan? Is Michael in over his head?

Make sure to watch Dynasty online and share in the comments! 

Snowflakes in Hell Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Alexis: It was a dark time. Adam has just been kidnapped.
Fallon: Yes, we all know Adam was the lucky one.

Every time a transaction rings an angel gets her billions.