Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Are You Thankful for in Salem?

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Abe freaked out over Valerie’s job offer, Ciara found out the truth about Tripp, Sarah had it out with Victor, and everyone tried to make the best of their Thanksgiving.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Mikey and Stephanie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Abe’s reaction, Tripp’s romantic options, and which Thanksgiving dinner they’d like to attend in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Would you like to see Abe and Valerie remain a couple or should they each move on?

Mikey: I really enjoy Valerie and Vanessa Williams's portrayal of her, and while I like her for Abe, I wish they'd used her more widely throughout Salem.

I hate how it's practically pre-ordained that the black characters will all be paired up and kind of kept in their bubble.

The way Abe reacted to her job offer and the prospect of a long-distance relationship made me wish Valerie would move on, but I also know that without her link to Abe, she would simply get trotted out as Eli's mom and nothing else. I want Abe to stop being such a grump about every little thing, frankly.

Stephanie: I would like to see Abe and Valerie stay together. They are one of the stronger couples on the show right now and have virtually no relationship problems.

It’s sad that we don’t see more of them because I feel that they could make the show more positive and provide an example of what a strong and healthy relationship looks like.

Who's Being Selfish? - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Long distance relationships are so hard to show on screen, especially if one of the actors isn't actually there anymore. But trying to pursue one is a better story for Abe than arguing with Sheila, so I'd like to see him struggle with it instead of the nonsense they've been having him do.

I just wish that they'd had him and Valerie have more of a story when she was in town.

Christine: I agree with Mikey. It feels like they decide that the few black characters must have storylines together and it limits their potential.

I loved the few times we saw Valerie’s friendships with Marlena and Kayla. As for Valerie and Abe, Abe has become such an old grump that I think Valerie can do better.

I also hated the way Abe reacted to her job offer. It was all about him instead of any acknowledgment about what kind of accomplishment this was for her and her career.

A New Family - Days of Our Lives

Was Sarah in the right when she yelled at Victor for not accepting Eric at Thanksgiving dinner?

Mikey: No. It's Victor's home. He was rude to Eric, but he has every right to be upset about the fact that Eric drove drunk and killed his godson!

It was inappropriate of Sarah to invite Eric to the K mansion without even checking first, especially knowing how sensitive the situation is. I could buy her arguing with Victor that he needs to forgive Eric, but she out of line the way it went down.

Stephanie: I think that Sarah was right to speak her mind to Victor because he was ruining everyone’s Thanksgiving for mostly selfish reasons, and someone needed to tell him that.

However, I can understand why he wouldn’t want Eric at his Thanksgiving table. The man has made a lot of bad choices that have personally affected Victor’s family members in recent years.

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Jack: Victor was being obnoxious, and she had the right to invite a guest to the dinner her mother invited her to. I wish, though, that Sarah had more mixed feelings about Eric having killed her half-brother or at least that we'd seen her deal with it on screen.

Instead, she recently drank as much as Eric did when he killed Daniel, and that should have been mentioned then, not now.

Christine: I’m flummoxed that Sarah invited the man who killed her half-brother, and Victor’s godson, and didn’t even think to call and give her mother a head’s up.

Yes, Victor was rude but he was blindsided in his own home. I think he had a right to be upset and Sarah’s screeching came off more like a teenaged tantrum than a grown woman arguing her point of view.

Claire Catches On - Days of Our Lives

Tripp and Ciara have broken up. Would you prefer Tripp with Ciara, Claire, or someone else?

Mikey: I think Tripp has decent chemistry with both Ciara and Claire, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of story there without interlopers.

If they're going to pair him and Claire, I want to see them challenged and for the story to show who they are as individuals (Claire is better-defined than Tripp, for sure).

What I really want for Tripp is to see him fleshed out by giving him a career, relationships with his cousins (JJ, Abigail, Sonny), things like that. If they don't set that foundation, he's just a placeholder good-looking young man.

Stephanie: I am disappointed that Tripp set Ben up because if he hadn’t, he and Ciara would probably still be together. Tripp had really grown as a character, and I thought that he and Ciara were good for each other.

Now that they’ve broken up though, I think I would like to see him move on with someone new. I don’t want him and Claire together because she needs to get a life of her own and stop trying to steal everything that Ciara has.

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Jack: I'd prefer to see Tripp in a non-romantic storyline, like trying to redeem himself and hanging out with his cousin JJ who has been down the same path.

I liked Tripp and Ciara but they were ruined by this story and Claire has become a mini-Gabi for the sake of the plot so she doesn't deserve to be with anyone.

Christine: I like Tripp, and he was fantastic with Steve, but now that Steve is gone Tripp seems adrift without any family to anchor him…which isn’t the case. He has family but the show refuses to utilize those relationships.

As for romance, I thought Ciara and Tripp had great potential as the kids of legacy super couples, but this ridiculous story with Ciara falling for a serial killer has, for the time being, ruined it.

Julie and Doug - Days of Our Lives

Which character in Salem are you most thankful for?

Mikey: Right now, I'm going to say, Doug. We've lost so many vets in the past few years -- Joe Mascolo, Frank Parker, Peggy McCay -- that I'm really aware of how fortunate we are to have Bill Hayes around, onscreen, and in such good health into his 90s!

I love that they continue to use him. His presence in the Thanksgiving episode really elevated it, and it's great that this regime seems to appreciate his and Julie's value.

Stephanie: It’s hard to choose right now since so many of the characters are despicable or annoying, but I am most thankful for Maggie. No matter what’s happening in Salem, she never changes as a character. She is always willing to do what she can to help her loved ones through their problems and make others happy.

I guess I’m also thankful for Victor. Despite his bad behavior, he never fails to make me laugh when he’s on screen! 

Jack: JJ, who isn't on nearly enough.

Christine: Victor Kiriakis! I love Victor. He may be crotchety at times and have a questionable moral compass but I never doubt that he loves Maggie and his family. Best of all, Victor always speaks his mind and has most of the best lines on the show. Whenever Victor is on I know I’m going to be entertained.

(TALL) Stefan Bonds With the Baby - Days of Our Lives

Which character in Salem are you least thankful for?

Mikey: Stefan. Hands-down. I'm not a Rafe fan, but I've enjoyed him to varying degrees over the years, and I think he's a pretty good brother to Gabi.

The Stefan character was DOA the minute they had him fixating on mentally ill Abigail. They've continued to write him in a really gross way, and I just don't see what there is to like or root for about this guy. Not having Vivian onscreen makes him even less useful to me, if that's possible.

Stephanie: Right now, I guess I am least thankful for Chad and Stefan. They have silenced Abigail when it comes to having a voice in her own life and treat her like she can’t take care of herself. It’s very sad to watch when they both claim to love her.

Jack: GABI! Her behavior makes my skin crawl and I could do without her derogatory terms for people who suffer from mental illness.

Christine: Stefan. The character consistently makes my skin crawl and not in an entertaining way. When he’s on screen my first instinct is to change the channel.

(TALL) Gabi Gloats - Days of Our Lives

Whose Salem Thanksgiving dinner would you choose to share?

Mikey: Doug and Julie's gathering at Doug's Place. In spite of the rocky start, I loved that Sheila was included (and she's one of the few Salemites who knows how to crack an intentional joke).

And they actually got to sit down at a table and eat, unlike everyone else hanging out in living rooms and the mall, so... slim pickings. I wish John and Marlena had hosted something with Eric, Brady, Will, and Claire, though!

Stephanie: I would choose to share the Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Doug and Julie. Out of all the meals we observed, it was the least dramatic (once the misunderstanding with Sheila was taken care of, that is).

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I also really liked the way the characters at that meal each took turns saying what they were thankful for. It gave the show a heartwarming feeling that has so often been missing with recent storylines.

Jack: I'll go to the Horton house. They need to be cheered up since Abby is separated from her family this Thanksgiving.

Christine: I’ve always wanted to be at the Kiriakis mansion. You know Maggie’s food is going to be good and Victor is always entertaining. Now, if Philip would come back for the holiday meal it could be perfect.

Paul Says Goodbye - Days of Our Lives

So tell us TV Fanatics, who are your thankful for in Salem?

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