Days of Our Lives Round Table: Frances Reid's Message to Fans

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Sarah found out Rex cheated on her with Mimi, Chad kidnapped Abigail, and Sami left Salem with EJ, while the late Frances Reid had a message for Days of Our Lives fans.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Sportsgirl from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Sarah dumping Rex, Chad using Ben, John and Marlena’s wedding, and Sami’s latest visit to Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Sarah right to dump Rex? 

Sportsgirl: Yes, especially when he acted like it wasn't the first time he cheated on her.

Jack: Absolutely. I thought her desire to act out anger and/or run away was immature, but she was right that a guy who sleeps with someone else just because he's having problems with his girlfriend and who might have had several other affairs isn't marriage material.

They need time and space if they are ever going to try again (not that I care if they do or not at this point since their whole relationship was off-screen).

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Christine: Yes! He cheated on her, possibly more than once, and we know that the time with Mimi was without protection!

I don’t know why they brought Rex back just for me to think so little of him. It seems like a waste, but Sarah had every reason to drop him like a hot rock.

Given how little we know about this couple, I don’t really care if they find their way back to one another or not.

Held Hostage by Her Husband  - Days of Our Lives

Was Chad wrong to kidnap Abigail and to ask Ben’s help to do it?

Sportsgirl: Yes. Abigail did not want this and it really hurt her that Chad didn't believe her but he believed Gabi.

As for Ben? Chad was channeling the "What would Stefano do?" train of thought. It wasn't overtly evil but it had to take a lot of guts for Chad to even ask Ben. I think it was the only conclusion he could come up to help Abigail.

Jack: Could he have been any more wrong? Abigail is not his property. She's a human being and she has the right to not be around him and not choose to get help for a condition she doesn't believe exists.

And using Ben was just awful. Ben is trying to leave the violence in the past -- don't encourage him to return to it! Take off that ring, Chad, it seems to have put a spell on you and turned you horrible.

Christine: Yes, what he’s doing is wrong, but he thinks she’s not in her right mind and putting herself in harm’s way with Stefan.

Using Ben surprised me. The guy is a convicted, mentally ill, serial killer who used to be obsessed with Abigail. I can’t imagine anything more reckless than purposefully putting Ben anywhere near Abigail’s path.

Reunited at Last (Tall) - Days of Our Lives

Sami’s leaving Salem. What was your favorite Sami moment from her visit?

Sportsgirl: I loved Sami connecting with her family, especially when she hugged John and thanked him for all the times he saved her mom's life. It was also nice to see her friendship with Lucas.

Jack: I loved her little scene with Lucas and was disappointed they didn't get to say goodbye. I also loved that the last thing she did before she left Salem was to make sure John and Marlena got to their wedding. It was nice to see her unselfish side.

Christine: It’s fun to see Sami acting like a grown-up, yet not giving up any of her Sami-ness. I loved the closeness between her and John, her consistent friendship with Lucas, and that she helped her mother get married before she left. 

The Lockhart Women - Days of Our Lives

Rate Mimi’s return to Salem from 1 (horrible) to 10 (I LOVED seeing her once again).

Sportsgirl: 5, right in the middle. She really didn't bother me as much as she seemed to bother others, just hated the story line she was in that hurt Lucas.

Jack: I’m going to give it a 2, only because I was excited to have the Last Blast all back in town briefly. The story was terrible and ruined Mimi and Belle, Shawn was not part of it, and the Mimi/Chloe feud didn't need to be revisited in this way.

Christine: A 3 tops. I was never a huge fan of Mimi but this story made her seem particularly weak and dishonest and it dragged Belle right down in the mud with her. Also, having Rex be the father seems pointless considering Mimi is leaving with the baby.

John and Marlena Get Married Yet Again - Days of Our Lives

John and Marlena are remarried…again! Are you happy, unhappy, or just don’t care?

Sportsgirl: I am happy for them, but I am a sucker for a happy ending. Salem needs a happy couple.

Jack: I’m happy. I'm not a huge fan of this couple. I don't like that Marlena is always the damsel in distress and John always the white knight.

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But I thought their wedding was tasteful, sweet, and romantic and the show definitely needs more romance!

Christine: I’ve run hot and cold on John and Marlena over the years, but I was quite happy with this small wedding. They deserve to be happy and I hope we get to see more of that moving forward.

EJ Is Alive (Tall) - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Sportsgirl: The EJ mummy story was disappointing. I just don't understand why even bother to bring him back at all.

Jack: The sooner we get rid of this Gabi story the better. I wish we hadn't turned Chad evil and instead Kate and Gabi were unmasked, the end. Every time I think this story can't get any worse, it does.

And Rafe excusing Chad kidnapping Abby because "a man always tries to protect the woman he loves" was gross.

Christine: I’m glad Jack mentioned Rafe’s quote, or I would have! I rolled my eyes so hard at that it almost hurt.

We can also add Hope and Rafe trying to get a completely biased witness identification against Ben. Who gives a witness just one photo to look at? Corrupt police officers, that’s who.

And I’m so tired of this Abigail storyline. I just want the truth to come out so we can all move on.

Frances Reid (tall) - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Sportsgirl: I actually enjoyed the "Susan & Victor" sitting in the family room. Victor trying to insult her and she suggesting he get a puppy because it would lick his face & stop him from being so grumpy!

Jack: I watched the Frances Reid clip three times and cried every time. I was surprised by how much I liked John and Marlena's wedding too.

And as much as I hate this Abigail/Gabi nonsense, I was glad to see both Abby and Kate discover their backbones this week.

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Christine: I appreciated that we never had to see another actor portray EJ and yet I can believe that EJ is healing in Italy with Sami and the kids.

I also loved Kate calling out Rex for not using protection during his one-night fling with Mimi, and I don’t care that she believed she couldn’t get pregnant.

Condoms are cheap, easy to find, and keep both parties safe. It bugs the heck out of me that soaps show so much sex but we almost never see a condom or hear couples even talk about using one.

An Engagement Implodes - Days of Our Lives

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