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Who showed up from Jack's past?

That was addressed on This Is Us Season 3 Episode 5 when Kevin was blindsided when someone showed up claiming to know his father with some shocking news. 

Toby Horizontal - This Is Us Season 3 Episode 5

Meanwhile, Kate and Toby tried to keep busy while waiting on news about the future, but did they get it by the end of the hour?

Also, Randall embarked on a journey of his own while the rest of his family was busy. 

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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Beth: You cannot cry on the campaign trail.
Randall: I'm not going to cry.
Beth: You're an emotional man, Randall. You talk about fathers, you cry. You talk about daughters, you cry. You talk about the little brown boy on the corner who tried to sell lemonade in the winter, you cry.
Randall: The lemonade froze, Beth.
Beth: Yeah well he was stupid, baby.

Kevin: How do I introduce you anyway? My documentarian girlfriend, does that work?
Zoe: You introduce me as Zoe, human being whose a documentarian, who you happen to be dating.
Kevin: Kind of a mouthful, but we'll go with it.