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Did Station 19 and the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial manage to save a young boy's life?

On Station 19 Season 2 Episode 2 a life-and-death situation ensued when a kid fell into the water pipes beneath the city of Seattle. 

With time running out, both teams worked in tandem to try and save his life. 

However, it was made difficult because of bad weather conditions, and the workers started to question whether the kid was even at the place they were digging. 

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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Andy: I think I have to move out of my dad's place.
Maya: I don't know what Miller said, but yes, I approve.
Andy: It's time.
Maya: Way past.
Andy: I mean he's feeling better, he can take care of himself, and I need to do this, right away, before I chicken out and keep living there another 30 years.
Maya: Have you told your dad yet?
Andy: No, God, how do I tell him? What do I tell him?
Maya: You say, "Dad, I've never lived out from under your roof. I need to be an adult now, so I'm moving in with Maya, and I feel confident that you can start folding your own boxers all by yourself."

Ben: Shrink the haystack, copy Sir.
Pruitt: You're not on duty Montgomery, we can handle this.
Travis: And miss out on the haystack thing?
Ben: I'm the one actually on duty here. [To Pruitt] Sir, you're in resort wear.