Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Home to Hold Onto

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Easy breezy Andy? Yeah, right. 

Andy was anything but on Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3, and pretty much every other time we've seen her. 

She may be trying to take everything in stride, but she's as uptight as ever. 

Hoarder's House - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3

More than uptight, she's completely self-absorbed. She keeps making everything about her when she should be giving credit where it's due. 

She realized that she made the wrong call and nearly got that poor woman killed. Instead of focusing on the fact that Maya made the right call, she made it all about what was wrong with her. 

Andy: She would have died. If I had been making the call I would have waited, and she would have died.
Sullivan: Well, I guess it's good it didn't go that way then.

I'm not saying she shouldn't be questioning her decision making or that she shouldn't reflect on where her head has been lately, but the right thing to do would have been to say something positive to Maya.

Something along the lines of "job well done" or "thanks for saving my butt" would have been appropriate. 

Cries for Help - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3

Talking to her dad makes a lot more sense. He knows her the best out of anyone, and he can help her figure out why she's letting the new captain get to her so much.

Obviously, she's angry at herself for screwing up her chance at the job, but she needs to find a way to get over it, and fast. 

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Captain Sullivan seems like a good guy, and more importantly, he's good at his job. He takes it seriously, and maybe he comes off as a bit of a hard-ass, but his firefighters' safety is of the utmost importance to him. 

Andy has proven time and time again that she's not ready for the position, but if she can get over herself for a second, she might be able to learn something from him. 

At the very least, she has to find a cure for the terrible case of foot-in-mouth disease she's acquired. 

Andy: He has it out for me.
Maya: You keep giving him ammo to use against you.
Andy: He keeps lurking.

He's not lurking. He works there, and Andy is very loud. It was bad enough when she was speaking Spanish and assuming he couldn't understand her, but to think anyone wouldn't overhear her is just ridiculous. 

At least the moments between her and Pruitt are super sweet. Pruitt is struggling to adjust to living without her, but he has Ryan stopping by to check on him periodically. It might be time for Pruitt to get a girlfriend. 

Maya's Call - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3

Despite Andy's selfishness, Maya has stayed loyal to her friend. It's commendable, but also a little infuriating. If Andy was the reason she hesitated to apply for the promotion, I'm glad she changed her mind and decided to go for it. 

She's proven she can make the tough calls under pressure, and she has just as much experience as Andy. Why shouldn't she be a lieutenant? 

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Well, there is that pesky hearing loss thing. 

Apparently, the writers haven't completely forgotten about that as I was starting to assume. It was a subtle comment, but Maya's radio getting turned all the way up proves that she's still suffering. Captain Sullivan isn't on to her yet, but he will be soon. 

That's not something that she can easily hide. 

So why hasn't she gotten it checked out yet? I understand that she's scared, and if there's permanent damage it could mean losing the ability to do her job, but what if doing nothing is just making the problem worse?

Not to mention the fact that it could put someone in danger in the field. 

Copy That - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3

How fun was Jack and Ryan's ride along? 

Okay sure, taking the two characters with the most animosity towards one another and throwing them in a small space for several hours is one of television's oldest cliches, but that's because when it works, it can be pretty entertaining. 

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Jack made some excellent points. They aren't competing for Andy anymore, so why are they still behaving like children? They don't need to be best friends, but there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to get through a ride along without being at each other's throats. 

Of course, by the end of it, they were best friends, or at least, they have mutual respect for each other. 

When people see a fire engine in their rearview mirror, they slow down, move over, and get out of the make room for the heroes. When they see me in their rearview mirror, at best they're annoyed, at worst, they're scared.


Station 19 is a series about heroic firefighters, but this time Ryan was the hero. The way he deduced that man had kidnapped his daughter was nothing short of incredible. He picked up on every subtle detail, and he came through for that little girl.

One question though, and I'm no expert, but if you're trying to get away with a crime such as kidnapping, isn't the first rule not to speed? That seems like common sense. 

That guy with the burn though ... talk about literally getting caught with your pants down. Ouch.

Angry Vic - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3

Montgomery finally returned to work, and Vic spent the entire shift avoiding him. The poor guy already has to deal with his boyfriend who hates the idea of him going back, and now Vic is accusing him of being a quitter. He can't win. 

Vic's emotions are high, and her outburst was understandable. At least she now has a great way of relieving some of that pent-up stress with the hotty from Station 23. 

While she's doing that, the guys can kick back with a beer at Miller's incredible houseboat that no one knew existed. Honestly, who can blame him for wanting to keep it a secret? Those guys are slobs. Use a coaster, you animals! 

What do you guys think? 

Is it time for Andy to start being more supportive of her best friend, you know, the one who let her move in with her? Do you wish you could hang out at Miller's place? What are your thoughts on the new captain so far? His backstory has to be coming soon. 

Hit the comments and let us know! 

As always, if you need to catch up, you can watch Station 19 online

Home to Hold Onto Review

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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Andy: He has it out for me.
Maya: You keep giving him ammo to use against you.
Andy: He keeps lurking.

Jack: You can't park there.
Ryan: 'Cause it's not allowed? 'Cause it's against the law?
Jack: Yeah.
Ryan: Great. I'll be sure to write myself a ticket.