Riverdale Round Table: Will Alice's Loose Lips Sink Ships?

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Josie performed for the opening of Veronica's speakeasy, Archie was forced into his first pit fight, and Jughead started his training into Gryphons and Gargoyles on Riverdale Season 3 Episode 3.

Below, TV Fanatics Kat Pettibone, Brandon Vieira, and Becca Newton debate Alice sharing her secrets with The Farm, #Falice becoming a reality, and the effects of Ethel sharing the game with the students of Riverdale High.

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1. Now that Hiram gave Veronica the painting for her club, do you think he will ease up on trying to take her down?

Kat: Definitely not? I am sure he just went to visit her in order to case the place. I'm fairly sure that the painting has a camera or a microphone in it. Plus, isn't he working with The Ghoulies?

Doesn't he run the Jingle Jangle lab? Wouldn't that mean he was conspiring with Penny and sent Ronnie all those drugs? He's anything but ready to let that feud go. (Unfortunately, because I'm so tired of it.)

Brandon: Absolutely not, especially since she was one step ahead of him each time during the opening night of her speakeasy. Kat may be onto something with a hidden camera or microphone hidden in the painting, or it could just be a part of Hiram's mind games.

As long as Archie is in prison, the feud between Hiram and Veronica is far from over.

Becca: No, the war between Hiram and Veronica is still in the escalating stages. Hiram has two motivations: punish Veronica and win her back over to his side. He's too narcissistic and possessive to let her walk away.

Any pride Hiram may have felt for what Veronica did this episode is solely due to the fact that she's his daughter (emphasis on "his"), and not because he actually admires her gamesmanship.

Single Glass - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 3

2. Alice spilled her secrets to The Farm. Will this bad move come back to haunt her?

Kat: Safe to say it absolutely will. Not sure how, though. I'm still suspicious about things. They are pushing the entire "The Farm and The Gargoyle King are connected" concept and it makes me wonder if it's actually a red herring.

With Riverdale, it could go either way. They could be playing it obvious so that fans stop critiquing how random their plots are, or they could be tricking us. Regardless, I can't see Alice's secrets NOT coming back to haunt her, especially with this new one about her past and G&G.

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Brandon: I think her secrets will come out, but whether The Farm is the one who will reveal her secrets, I'm not so sure. Whatever ends up being the case, I don't think Alice has anything to worry about right now. She's too brainwashed by The Farm, and only when she starts listening to Betty will revealing her secrets become an issue.

Becca: Despite being so besotted with The Farm to the point of not trusting Betty (another really horrible thing to say and a bad move by Alice), there will have to come a time when Alice breaks with them, probably when The Farm finally goes too far in how they behave towards Betty.

Once that happens, The Farm will definitely have leverage against the Cooper women, but I'll be very disappointed if Alice doesn't reveal she has kept track of the dirty secrets everyone else had shared and is more than prepared to fight fire with fire.

Alice's Treatment - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 3

3. The warden has taken a liking to Archie after he won a few matches in the pit. Why do you think the warden is so fascinated with him?

Kat: Well for one, because apparently, Archie has street fighting abilities equivalent to that of a Marvel superhero. Second, I think because of the show Archie put on, how he sacrificed himself so his opponent didn't suffer. (I'm sure he thinks he'll win a tone of money betting on him.)

Also because the warden is a creepy old man and psychopath.

Brandon: His eight-pack? I'm sort of kidding. The warden is for sure friends with Hiram Lodge, and Hiram has probably informed the warden about Archie's dealings with The Red Circle and his fights with the Serpents.

After Archie willingly let his opponent beat up on him, the warden sees Archie as someone he can easily manipulate and maybe use Archie's fighting abilities for other outside endeavors.

Becca: I'm going to continue with the animal analogies and say the warden views Archie as a winning racehorse. The more he profits fro Archie, the more he wants to keep him.

Honestly, it's hard to get too invested in the warden and Archie's relationship because the prison storyline is going to end sooner rather than later. Once it does, it seems doubtful the warden will play much of a role in any of the plots going forward.

4. FP and Alice are finally together. React!

Kat: Yay ... a post-sex scene where it directly cuts to their children having the same post-sex scene and speaking the same dialogue ... that's not awkward at all ...

Brandon: I would've liked to see more of a romantic build up towards this moment that we've been waiting for, but I'm still happy. The two have so much chemistry and it's almost a crime for them not to be together.

I'm excited to see how Jughead and Betty react to their parents getting together. Hopefully, we get to see more romantic scenes between the two moving forward because I'm all about it!

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Becca: Ehh ... Amick and Ulrich have great onscreen chemistry, so from an acting standpoint, I enjoy seeing them share screen time. From a story standpoint, I'm less than enthused. In deciding to pair up Alice and FP romantically, they would up sacrificing a lot of interesting storylines.

Again, the plotting of this was both dragged out and underdeveloped. I still don't know what story Riverdale is trying to tell with Alice and FP. Are they actually in love, or are they seeking solace with one another because the other happens to be there?

Sharing Circle - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 3

5. Archie and the fighters are plotting to make an escape. Share your thoughts about this bold move.

Kat: Bold move or bad move? Both, really. Possibly the worst idea he could have. What I'd really like to see if the writer gives Archie some credit and some growth. I want him to learn from his mistakes and be a smarter character.

If they did that, his plot lines would be way more interesting. Why not find a way to investigate the warden, catch him doing all these illegal activities, and take him down from the inside? Find a way to shut the whole detention center down. That's something I'd like to see. LET ARCHIE BE SMART 2019!

Brandon: It fits Archie Andrews' character perfectly. He is known to make rash decisions that end up causing more trouble than good. He's probably going to end up getting one of the other inmates killed, which will leave him guilt-ridden.

It's not a very bright move, especially since he shared it with a bunch of inmates. One of them will rat him out and Archie's plan will be a disaster. Somethings never change, and Archie being reckless is one of those things.

Becca: The escape part is about the only thing left from The Shawshank Redemption that Riverdale has to pay homage to. Even if Shawshank references hadn't been so heavy-handed, the prison break idea isn't a surprising development. It would be way more out of character for Archie to wait until he was exonerated than for him to bust out.

Evelyn Evernever - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 3

6. Ethel distributed the game manual to the students of Riverdale High. What repercussions do you think this will have on the mystery?

Kat: In reality, I'd say nothing, because a few game manuals aren't going to turn an entire student population into cult members. But, in Riverdale? I'd say we're in for some bad times.

I'm assuming the game will spread like wildfire, and make it nearly impossible to contain, allowing more and more students to blindly commit suicide. Very Heathers-esque.

I actually really like this storyline and think it's the strongest of the season, so I'm interested to see where it goes. Although, I think they could have done without showing us the Gargoyle King, who to me, seems like a tall man holding a couple of sticks.

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Brandon: More and more people are going to be playing the game now, which will just make Betty and Jughead's investigation much more difficult than it was before. One of their friends, like Kevin or Cheryl, might even get involved with the game, which will provide Betty and Jughead with even more reasons to try and find out who the Gargoyle King is.

The cult is going to expand and so will Riverdale's body count. As long as Kevin remains in one piece, I'm happy to see where this goes.

Becca: The stakes have been raised. Since a lot more people are now in harm's way, Betty and Jughead will definitely be feeling the pressure and urgency to catch the Gargoyle King.

This is going to lead them to take bigger risks, and they're going to wind up in very perilous situations. If the page of the manual we got a close-up of is any indication of what's in store for Bughead, it's going to be brutal.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Betty: Ben’s death haunts me, Jug. He didn’t scream. Why not? I wonder because that’s one of their rules of Griffins & Gargoyles?
Jughead: Betty, that’s what we’re missing. There’s no rule book, there’s no players’ manual. But, what if that’s the key to all this? The way that Ethel, Ben, and Dilton talked about it is like a religion.
Betty: Yeah, or a cult.
Jughead: And every cult has its king.

Jughead: Please, Princess Etheline.
Ethel: Don’t call me that! You haven’t earned that privilege, and you’re definitely not worthy of the King’s scripture yet.
Jughead: Yes, but I want to be. I want to be worthy, Ethel. Could you show me how?
[Ethel gives side-eye to Betty before turning to Jughead]
Ethel: We meet tomorrow night at Dilton’s bunker. But, just you.
[Ethel looks at Betty]
Ethel: Sorry, Betty, but you’ll never worthy no matter how hard you try.
[Betty tries to suppress a smile]