God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Error Code 1.61

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Viewers requested more episodes -- they got a full season order -- but you'd never tell based on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 4.

While the premise of the series is enticing enough, weaving destiny and religion through every episode, the execution always feels like we're nearing an end rather than a beginning. 

We're only four episodes in, yet we've fallen into a systematic pattern where each chapter plays out almost exactly the same.

Leap of Faith - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 4

Miles gets a suggestion by the God account, he teams up with Cara (and sometimes Rakesh) to track down the suggested person, place or thing, and by the end, they solve the mystery. 


It's an episodic formula that works on nearly every detective and police procedural. 

Maybe that's a good sign for Miles and company since police procedurals tend to overstay their welcome due to high demand.

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However, if the writers don't shake things up or make any headway on figuring out who is behind this God account, viewers are going to hit de-friend. 

And seriously, how can these elaborate plans be the work of an average person? It doesn't even seem possible. 

The God suggestion-of-the-week was Fliss, and she was a radiant bundle of joy and positive energy. 

She's the kind of person that's easy to help because she's endearing and forthcoming. 

Most folks would deem her crazy for coming to New York City to find some guy she went to summer camp with twenty-years ago, but not Miles and Cara. 

Saxophone - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 4

How could they when Cara approached her in the bathroom saying, "I think I'm supposed to help you find him."

But for Fliss, it was never about the guy. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so chill with the realization that he was gay. 

Love stories are wonderful and all, but a story of a small-town girl taking destiny into her own hands and embarking bravely on the adventure of a lifetime is much better. 

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She wasn't looking to find a man; she was looking to find herself!

Now, that's poetic.

Miles and Cara's only purpose was to show Fliss that you could find friendly and helpful people amidst the chaos in New York. 

It's infuriating to see Miles always question the God account and shoot down Cara's suggestions.

Fliss: Is it crazy to be scared of getting exactly what you wanted?
Miles: Uh, you've come this far. Crazy would be to turn back now.

Based on the God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 5, which shows God un-friending him for a change, it'll be interesting to see how he reacts. 

I'm betting it's one of those "you don't know what you have till its gone" moments where he'll finally realize that he's enjoyed helping people through social media. 

Miles is coming up on many realizations, and often, his timing is off.

Fibonacci Ratio - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 4

How many more people have to bring it up the chemistry between him and Cara before they both listen?

Take it from Fliss -- someone who went on a whim to find a man she believed was her soulmate -- you should never take love for granted. 

Rakesh's advice about Cara not waiting around forever was almost prophetic because shortly after Cara brought up her ex-boyfriend Eli, she ran into him at the park!

Yep, the same man she dubbed "the one that got away" to Miles. 

And as fate would have it, they ran into him the moment Miles decided he was going to ask Cara out. 

Talk about really bad timing. 

Following their eventful day reuniting Fliss and Bleaker in the name of true love, Miles should have ignored Eli's advances and pursued Cara anyway. 

It was the perfect moment -- he even gave her a rose! 

So, what do you say Miles? You wanna take a leap of faith?


As for Cara, it was a little upsetting that she was so eager to reconnect with the man who seemingly broke her heart back in the day. 

Second chances may be promising when it comes to Miles and his father, but in terms of relationships, they are rarely a good idea. 

Eventually, I think Cara will realize her feelings for Miles are stronger than whatever connection she shared with Eli previously. 

Unfortunately, I also have to point out that God Friended Me has disappointed us early on with the introduction of the loathed love-triangle trope. Here's hoping they make amends quickly. 

Miles, Cara, and Rakesh seem to have developed an intuition for figuring out what the God accounts wants from them. Or better yet, who he wants them to find. 

I Did Not See That Coming - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 4

Immediately after the Error Code 1.61 popped up, Rakesh knew it was a reference to the Fibonacci ratio. 

Then, Cara impressively and correctly pointed out Fliss as the first person they should try helping, while Rakesh somehow knew that Bleaker was connected to all of this. 

Could they really be that good?

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that while I should have seen the beyond obvious revelation that Bleaker was Jim, it went right over my head. 

I see a reverend and an atheist can still surprise each other.


Miles' relationship with his father is getting better. If they continue serving up genuine family moments like the one with the sax, I won't even mind that they don't necessarily lead anywhere.

As for Jaya and Rakesh, I'm glad he wasn't scared off by her not wanting to define or label their relationship. 

I understand exactly where Jaya is coming from. I've always felt like labeling your relationship, especially on Facebook, ruins things. 

What did you think of the God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 4? Are episodes becoming too predictable?

Did Fliss and Bleaker's leap of faith inspire you?

Make sure to watch God Friended Me online and leave your comments below! 

Error Code 1.61 Review

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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I see a reverend and an atheist can still surprise each other.


So, what do you say Miles? You wanna take a leap of faith?