Dynasty Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Ship of Vipers

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No good deed, scratch that, no deed goes unpunished on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 2.

We're only on the second episode of the season, but I'll echo the sentiments of the Dynasty Season 2 Episode 1 review -- the twists are going to be juicer and more satisfying than anything served on Dynasty Season 1.

The new agendas and characters have proven to be compelling enough to erase Cristal's absence. 

Old Times - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 2

Blake wants everyone to believe he's come to terms with his wife's catastrophic death but saying he's moved on is a slight exaggeration.

Acting like a child only proves that he's regressing back to his old, more familiar, times. 

In this case, he disturbingly found a sense of familiarity with Alexis and some toy cars. 

When he assured his children that he's never been saner, the statement didn't hold much weight given the knowledge that he reconciled with his psychotic ex-wife just a few hours prior.

And more than once as Sam unnecessarily pointed out. 

Fighting Jeff Colby for toy cars was another coping mechanism that Blake utilized.

Initially, I questioned the sanity of two grown men who willingly spent their evening racing said toy cars.

However, my heart melted when Blake told Anders he only did it because it reminded him of his childhood when they raced together.

Anders has been the only constant in Blake's life.

That said, I have no excuse for Colby -- he just can't let go of his obsession with the Carringtons can he?

Rich people are so weird. 

Selfish Endeavors - Dynasty

Colby may have had a tough upbringing because of Blake but he doesn't necessarily make things any better for himself. 

He strained his relationship with Monica on what should have been the happiest night for Club Colby.

Then he brought Kirby Anders into the fold and intensified his bad decisions by sleeping with her.

Who hasn't he slept with?

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Kirby is the least intriguing character this season and it's probably because her motives are laid out in full -- she wants revenge on Fallon. 

Maybe that makes her Colby's perfect match; they both can't let go of their obsessions with the Carringtons.  

Kirby doesn't even have a fresh approach when it comes to her sabotage.  

If she truly wanted to hit Fallon where it hurts, she wouldn't rely on Colby as everyone knows Fallon doesn't care about him in the slightest. 

She's not getting any money in the divorce so when she looks at Steven she sees dimples and dollar signs.


Kirby promised to take everything from Fallon -- her family, her friends, and her world -- so it would make a lot of sense if she wooed fake husband Liam instead. 

It's the only real way she'd be able to get under Fallon's skin.

And without the contract merging the two dynasties together, Liam doesn't serve much of a purpose. If we want to keep him around (we do), we have to give him a reason to stay. 

Monica: And the fact that she almost burnt down Carrington Manor?
Jeff: It was a long time ago. Kids love playing with fire. People change.

Attempting to strain Fallon's relationship with Monica may have been effective if there was a relationship left. 

The writers wanted us to believe that Monica and Fallon's relationship was at its "strongest," but that couldn't be the case since Monica instantaneously believed Kirby's side of the story and blamed Fallon for stirring up trouble. 

Some friend. 

After Dirty Kirby let those rats loose in Purgatory, it was obvious she'd do anything to get her way but assaulting Fallon was a lame and low blow. 

Kirby Anders - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 2

Vengeance is more effective when it's subtle. Causing a scene, especially in front of Michael, a witness, was never going to work in her favor. 

Realistically, she could do so much more damage if she maintained the "good girl" act and took jabs from the shadows. 

For someone who has a clear goal of taking down her enemy, Kirby vastly underestimated Fallon who pressed charges immediately after the attack. 

Kirby may be a pest, but Fallon has far more pressing issues on her mind. 

The first problem? Mora. 

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With Cristal gone, Mora is the only person that rivals her in attitude and evokes the same feelings that Fallon does in others. 

Mora has past connections to Carrington Atlantic and specifically, Blake. What could they be?

Fallon is always saying how there is no family crazier than hers so the Van Kirks had to prove her wrong. 

Not only was Mora a complete pain, but there was also the little issue of Uncle Max who wouldn't sign the papers unless Fallon slept with him.

Sign the Contract - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 2

Max was a mixed bag and his motivations weren't clear at first, but after he slipped Fallon the key to his apartment, it was evident why he had so many enemies. 

When Fallon found a way out of doing the deed personally, things took a turn for the worse because poor Max couldn't handle the heat fake Fallon brought and suffered a deadly heart attack. 

How is Fallon going to explain any of it?

She could try to wash her hands of it since she was back in Atlanta with Liam and Culhane, however, won't there be a paper trail with the escort?

Alexis cannot stop herself from meddling.

She hit pause on Hank to accuse Mrs. Daniels of faking her pregnancy, but while she's onto something, she didn't quite hit the jackpot yet. 

Breaking & Entering - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 2

It was slightly enjoyable to watch Alexis and Sam team-up to take Daniels down, however, finding a fake baby bump lying around the house was too easy. 

The Senator's ex-wife is 100% pregnant but not with Steven's child!

Can someone call Maury?

Wouldn't it be a great twist if the father ended up being Blake? Weirder things have happened. 

Regardless of how this story pans out, Steven is going to be heartbroken. 

He may not have faith in his fatherly abilities given the adult role models in his life, but he's going to want that child when he learns it isn't his. 

And then we have the obvious issue of Cristal Jennings. 

After Dynasty Season 2 Episode 1, I couldn't figure out why she was so obsessed with the Carringtons. 

Cristal is the one who gave fake Cristal her new identity so we knew they had a relationship, but I never expected them to be so close.

What secrets is she hiding? And more importantly, what's her agenda?

Why does she think Cristal would want her to help Blake?

And how can Blake help her out in return?

I want to believe Cristal's motives are pure but this is Dynasty and no one's motives have ever been pure.

Even Alexis is using her ex to pay off Hank whom she used to get back into the family.

It shouldn't be this hard to get rid of her fake son given he doesn't even know what a Rembrandt is nor does he realize how much value it holds. 

If all the episodes going forward include these juicy twists, it's going to be one deliciously pleasurable season. 

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Ship of Vipers Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Monica: And the fact that she almost burnt down Carrington Manor?
Jeff: It was a long time ago. Kids love playing with fire. People change.

She's not getting any money in the divorce so when she looks at Steven she sees dimples and dollar signs.