Counter Play Season 1 Episode 5 Review: The Old And The New

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This episode was another letdown, and let’s begin to discuss that one reason.

Counter Play Season 1 Episode 5 revolved around someone finding out about Jake Spector’s transition from being Aaron Robertson. It was none other than Faith Morgan!

It was nice to see Faith Morgan finally being a character that moves instead of a character that is being dragged along. She was Jake’s way back into the life in South Point, literally! It was her connections that Jake was able to reintroduce himself to lives of the town’s residents. For once, she was not a pawn.

Not According To Plan - Counter Play

The disappointment here was how Faith discovered the truth about Jake Robertson.

Of all the places, why did Jake hid a hospital letter from his plastic surgery inside a drawer? A drawer that is in the place he was staying in with Faith? Couldn’t he just burn it? Or, didn’t he have a vault to hide it in?

It was a poor way of revealing to Faith that Jake could actually be Aaron Robertson. She didn’t even try to find it!

This could have been used as a way to further develop a character’s goal, but it was instead used to further advance the story. It was a waste.

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This is what happens when you spend more time running rather than spending time with your girlfriend, Jake.

Of course, the Morgans are not exactly innocents. It’s still unclear whether or not Faith is in on the family secrets, but Wes and Lord Morgan seemed to be the people Ian Ferguson is working for.

Wes seemed to be a good guy with a positive outlook on life. Having him become a part of a suspicious secret was a welcome revelation.

And, speaking of lack of innocence, there’s always the Haynesworths.

Orson and Jess are not too close as siblings, aren’t they? It was evident that Jess feels the weight of being seen as a black sheep of the family, and Orson feels responsible. Not because he really cared about his little brother, but because they shared the same last name.

Orson Haynesworth and Amber - Counter Play Season 1 Episode 5

On the other hand, Orson dating Amber, the reporter, is a disaster in the making.

One would think a Haynesworth would bring trouble to a relationship, but Amber is getting more questionable by the second. Who did she send that text to? Who is she working with?

Amber’s time seems to be decreasing by the minute. She’s getting too involved. As a reporter, it’s her job. But dating a Haynesworth to do her job—that’s a hazard on its own and it doesn’t cover her insurance.

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And, it would be hard to talk about the Haynesworth patriarch now that we are delving into the lives of the Haynesworths.

Mr. Haynesworth has severe trust issues, and he’s not shy about it.

When he was talking about the note Adriana had gotten within the office, he was quick to accuse Adriana that it could have been her. But he needed her services still so he still chose to give orders to Adriana after that accusation. That was hilarious!

Adriana’s at a toxic workplace environment. If any, she should be finding a job vacancy and signing a resignation letter already.

Jake Spector - Counter Play Season 1 Episode 5

We are also given a flashback scene wherein Aaron and Jess were still the best of friends.

Yes, they weren’t just part of the same circle. They were actually best friends! So, what was it that led to Jess abandoning Aaron in the boat when he needed him the most? Why did he let him suffer?

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With regards to the Aaron Robertson murder case, we are yet again given an additional suspect: Mr. Cornwall.

That was how it was presented in the flashback scene wherein he was talking to Heather, of course. However, it was hard to believe he would do it.

It felt like the writing directed for it to be headed towards that direction, and that was too easy! I wouldn’t really count this one in as a suspect. But who knows at this point, really?

Lady Morgan Still - Counter Play Season 1 Episode 5

This episode, overall, is good. There weren’t any moments that would wow an audience. It was typical and ordinary. It almost felt like a filler episode as the revelations in this one could have been added in the previous installments.

It was a letdown because one of the biggest reveals is wasted in the way it was executed.

What about you? Did you love this episode? Let’s discuss it in the comment section below!

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The Old and The New Review

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