Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Heavy Is the Head

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What has Will gotten himself into this time?

Will Natalie stick with him through yet another dumbass mistake? 

The ED attending lost sight of the big picture as he tried to plan his dream wedding on Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 3. The groomzilla's singlemindedness is going to lead him down a dangerous path, and even his brother may be unable to stop him. 

Put To The Test - Chicago Med

Will's bullheadedness is nothing new, which only makes it more exhausting. Haven't we already seen variations on this, albeit with less dire potential consequences? 

Will's inability to grow past his mistakes is frustrating as a viewer, and it's hard to fathom how this is supposed to endear the ginger doctor to us. 

Still, it's a treat to have the better Halstead around. And it's a good sign that #OneChicagoOneNight is going to pay off for audiences. Who's not down with more crossover moments?

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Dr. Halstead isn't the only one making dumb mistakes though. The new chief of emergency medicine is in for a whole lot of regret pretty soon. 

It's a little frustrating that Lanik appeared out of the blue just to brown nose his way to the top because we have literally no other reason to judge him. His beef with Choi is completely unexplained, and that's not likely to be rectified in the future. 

There's hope that the character may turn out to be more than one dimensional though, at least if his look of guilt as the blood was wiped off the floor is any way to judge.

Guilt - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 3

You know who's not likely to gain any nuance? Gwen Garrett. What kind of executive comes in and is immediately determined to get into a turf war with a subordinate?

At least when this has been done (and done and done and done) on Chicago Fire, there's a reason the interloper hates a member of the crew – they send them to jail or expose their corruption or something. 

Gwen's attitude is utter nonsense. She may as well be dressed up with horns, a pitchfork, and a pointy tail.

Lanik: What did we do?
Gwen: You are a physician, Dr. Lanik. You know that you don't always get the outcome you want. But that doesn't mean the decision was wrong.

Connor's actions weren't despicable, but they were rash. Ava might not be the most popular character, but at least she has the cojones to call him on his crap. 

He's going to feel extra guilty when he finds out how instrumental she was in getting the hybrid OR off the ground. But this story is a long game, so the real question is how much worse will things get between these two before they get better? 

Connor does need something to take his ego back down to reality, but Ava might not be enough. Every time he pulls off a win like this one, it just means his eventual fall from grace is going to be that much farther.  

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Our other non-couple couple isn't having an easy time of it either. The odds don't seem great for an April/Ethan reconciliation.

Choi may have been a little harsh in the way he called out his ex, but he wasn't wrong. It's reassuring to know that the writers are aware of the problem they've created with her.

The absolute only reason that April has any interest in Emily is because of the maybe baby. That hasn't been acknowledged yet by the writing team. It's a pretty gross motivation to care about somebody who is no longer connected to you. 

Unpopular Truth - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 3

Gross, but at least there's a motivation we can look to and understand. The loss of her pregnancy is obviously the motivator, not (just) her Catholicism.

Wouldn't it be great to have an episode that was just Dr. Charles having sessions with everyone on staff? So much could be solved!

He might not be the best choice right now, though. His outburst with Elsa wasn't entirely unwarranted, but it was extreme, especially for him. 

Our job, in fact, is to treat our patients to the best of our ability while honoring their cultural, spiritual, and religious beliefs.


The new medical student needs help relating to actual human beings, there's no doubt, but jumping to outright accusations was out of line. 

Is this supposed to be some kind of overcorrection for not telling Sarah his suspicions about her father right away? A good therapist would tell you it's not healthy to project issues with one coworker onto another. 

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Jay Halstead will be back again on Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4 ("Backed Against the Wall"), but his brother might not be happy to see him. It's hard to imagine that Will was smart enough to heed his advice and cut contact with Ray. 

But even Will isn't a big enough tool to work with someone suspected of murder, no matter what kind of deal he's getting on a wedding venue. Still, Voight may have to kick some sense into him to get him to step up and help out PD. 

That's how Canaryville works; you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.


While Will is off playing cop, Ethan will (once again) have his assumptions about a patient challenged. Hasn't the chronic drug seeker who turns out to have an actual problem already been done though? 

Meanwhile, Natalie is working with a cancer patient who has a judgemental family of their own. It's going to take every ounce of her patience and gentle bedside manner to get the siblings to reconcile and maybe a near death call or two. 

Damn - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 3

We want to hear your take on "Heavy Is the Head," so jump into the conversation in the comments section below!

Were you surprised that Roy turned out to be shady? Did you see Will's attempt to blackmail Joey coming? Should Maggie quit her job as charge nurse and join Connor's team? Will Lakin turn out to be a decent guy or is more interested in his position?

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Heavy Is the Head Review

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Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Sharon: You didn't consult me on this.
Gwen: It seems to be your mission to fight me on everything. Until that changes, I'm going to be making some decisions unilaterally.

Lanik: What did we do?
Gwen: You are a physician, Dr. Lanik. You know that you don't always get the outcome you want. But that doesn't mean the decision was wrong.