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Did Beck realize there was something amiss with Joe?

That was the big question on YOU Season 1 Episode 2 when the pair went on a date, and immediately started questioning what they really knew about each other. 

Meanwhile, Joe went to extreme measures to make Beck forget about Benji, and it resulted in the villain making a decision about whether to keep Benji alive. 

Also, Paco's woes with his stepfather continued, forcing Joe to step in once again. 

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YOU Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

As you activate your new friend there, I know you think you're deactivating your old one, but here's where you're wrong. Your old phone, which I have, is still logged into the cloud, and that means I'm still logged into you. Sci-fi movies are so wrong. Technology is our friend.

Joe Voiceover

Today's the day, Beck. It just feels right, right? I'm looking forward to it, and I think, obvious hangover aside, you are too. But I've read people wrong in the past. One day, I'll tell you about Candice. Every red flag I was blind to. How destroyed I was, what can I say? We all have baggage.

Joe Voiceover