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On The Gifted Season 2 Episode 1, Lorna is going to pop any minute, and Marcos has been losing his mind trying to find her. He doesn't want to be separated from Lorna and their baby any more than Kate and Reed want Andy separate from them.

Both Andy and Lorna chose a side, though, and they don't want the Mutant Underground to find them.

While I get that the Hellfire Club's goal is to fight for mutant rights, so mutants don't have to hide anymore, I don't trust those triplets as far as I could throw them; which isn't far, considering there are three of them. 

Lorna Goes into Labor - The Gifted Season 2 Episode 1

Even before Reeva and the devilish Frost trio offed the entire Inner Circle, you could tell they had their agenda. The question is, what is it?

Terrorism isn't enough for them, apparently.

Whatever it is, they're using Lorna, and once she figures that out, she'll go running back to the Mutant Underground. What's left of it.

It makes sense why she left. Lorna wants to make a stand. She wants a better life for her mutant baby. Motherly, right? What she's not getting is that's what Marcos wants too.

You really wanna get me in the mood? Finish the dishes.


She was wrong to leave the Mutant Underground, and she was wrong to leave Marcos.

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Lorna's impatient, but maybe she does have a small point. No, the mutants shouldn't have to hide their powers and stay in the shadows. Of course. They should have the same rights afforded every other American citizen. But, terrorism to get your point across isn't the way to go.

Blink and Lauren Saving Mutants - The Gifted Season 2 Episode 1

Those are bully tactics, which might work in the short-term, but not in the long run.

The key, and what seems to be the way the Underground would go, would be to show humans that mutants are just like them. Show them there's no need to be afraid.

Going to the public and Sentinal Services with fear and intimidation would only drive a bigger wedge between the humans and the mutants.

I know him more than you can imagine, and I'm telling you. He left us.


Things are bad enough in that area.

Andy's a different story. He's in puberty confusion. Once that testosterone goes pumping through your body, it's a lot to handle. Add to that extreme powers which surpass all other abilities, and you're asking for trouble. 

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Lauren's young too, but she's had time to come to terms with her mutant abilities.

Andy knows his powers are only at their fullest with Lauren's, so if he cared about mutant rights, he would've stayed with his sister. No one can beat their skills.

Reeva Disables the Inner Circle - The Gifted Season 2 Episode 1

That's not what he cares about, though. He says it is, but what he wants is to show off his powers and take out the enemy however he can. 

He's just immature and too cocky.

With the women at Hellfire fanning his flames, Andy won't come to his senses on his own. Lorna is going to have to wake up and help him. Now that she's a mother, her perspective is going to change.

She's going to want a better world for her child, but she's not going to put her child in the thick of war. 

Andy, you're a VonStrucker. Stop them however you have to. Promise me.


Lorna has an example to set. She'll realize that, and start to see things through that lens.

Plus, she was already having doubts before Dawn was born. She doesn't trust Reeva or the trio. Lorna only trusts Andy and knows he's got her back. She's waking up a bit, and it's not going to be long before she goes back to Marcos. 

She misses him.

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How can she keep their baby away from him? She might even give Dawn to him for safety, and go off fighting on her own. It just doesn't make sense to keep a baby among people you don't trust, and in the middle of a terrorist organization.

What's Lorna going to do? Is she going to strap on a baby carrier and tote Dawn around while smiting the enemy?


She's also not going to trust Reeva or the Frost sisters to watch her kid, so she's either going to have to leave or give Marcos their baby.

Marcos Wonders if Lorna is Dead - The Gifted Season 2 Episode 1

At least with the Underground, you know where you stand. The Underground is only a shell of what it used to be, and still, they're using their time to give other mutants refuge, like they always have. 

How then, by saving a few mutants at a time and hiding, are they ever going to change the social dynamic to include mutants and humans?

Don't do drugs.



They need to start thinking bigger because that's the whole reason Lorna, Andy, and the others left.

If they don't want to resort to violence, like Hellfire, what's the plan? Start drawing that plan, and maybe they can lure the others back. 

Maybe they should look at the social injustices throughout history and draw a plan from that wisdom. It would make sense that the social struggles which have happened in the real world, and continue to happen, have occurred in The Gifted universe.

Know your history, people. Or uh, mutants, as the case may be.

Chime in, The Gifted fans. How do you think motherhood will change Lorna? What do you think the Mutant Underground's long-term plan should be? What do you think Reeva and the Frost sister's plan is?

Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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You really wanna get me in the mood? Finish the dishes.


Don't do drugs.