Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Escorpion/Dzec

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Oh, baby! The rebels are probably going to regret that decision. 

On Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 2 Emily's baby has been kidnapped by the rebels, leaving behind a desperate and dangerous Miguel. Also, Emily and EZ met for the first time in eight years, and the sexual tension was off the charts.

It seems likely they will eventually reunite, but what it could mean for the story only came to light with the sparks flying between them in the present. Request for Kurt Sutter: More scenes with Emily and EZ. Please! 

Emily: Miguel promised there would be no retaliation but then something happened. Something changed and now no one will even look me in the eye. I'm so sorry to put this on you EZ. I don't know who else to ask. If anything happens will you tell me?
EZ: It already has. Retaliation. Two innocents burned to death, dumped in Merchant Square.

After Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode, I asked for fewer convoluted storylines and more character development. Kurt Sutter delivered that deliciously on a silver platter, specifically with three characters: Angel, Miguel, and Coco. 

Even Angel's Ponder - Mayan M.C. Season 1 Episode 2  - Mayans M.C.

Angel was declared the MVP of the Pilot and delivered yet again. Not only does he have the best one-liners in the game but his character growth has been even better than EZ's. It's obvious he wants to protect the M.C., even if it means betraying them to do it. 

Looks like a 45 Caliber Hasbro. You're lucky to be alive.


Also, EZ and Emily aren't the only ones with smoking hot chemistry. During their conversation about the rebellion, Angel and Adelita shared a look that hinted their relationship might turn into more than just business.

These Reyes men sure know how to bring the heat!    

The Traitors - Mayans M.C.  Season 1 Episode 2

Speaking of heat, Danny Pino's performance was on fire in this episode. Miguel Galindo may not be a very likable man, but there's a reason for that. He's been surrounded by ruthlessness his entire life and doesn't really know any other way of living.

After the rebels kidnapped his baby, he's understandably angry. And after as anybody who has been witness to one of his sessions in which he demands a man's arms get torn from his body, Miguel isn't someone you want to piss off. 

Help, I'm Married to a Cartel Leader - Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 2

At first, it seemed impossible to feel bad for Miguel but, after hearing the cold-hearted speech Dita gave to him, a small part of me does feel for him. He grew up around some pretty vile people.  

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Let's talk about the story Dita told Miguel for a second because damn it was hard to listen to. The fact that she and her husband essentially replaced the kidnapped baby with Miguel is rather sadistic. The worst thing though is that she wants Miguel and Emily to do the same thing!

Dita: They tried to use my Cristobal to push out your father.
Miguel: And Papa refused to bend?
Dita: He was crippled with grief when he lost Cristobal.
Miguel: Pneumonia?
Dita: That's what we told everyone. In three months I was pregnant again. Then we had you. And our lives went on.
Miguel: And so I'm just supposed to sacrifice my Cristobal...for another son?

At first, it seemed Miguel might have taken her words to heart, but later, when he told her to put down the stuffed toy bunny, it was clear she only made him angrier. Good luck Dita! 

Family History - Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 2

Now I know the rebels are supposed to be the "good guys," but kidnapping a baby didn't come off as a very heroic thing to do, especially because their actions got a poor street vendor and his son killed by the cartel.

It is probably Kurt Sutter's plan since he likes to blur the lines between the heroes and villains in his masterpieces.

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However, it would be nice to see the rebels do something good because there doesn't seem to be a reason to root for them other than Angel's involvement.

There was a lot of development for other characters, but we need to explore more about Adelita and the rebels as they are currently the least exciting part of the story. 

Coco, on the other hand, has gotten more appealing. The guy is super weird but may eventually become one of the more beloved characters in the series. That's because he is one of a kind.

The way he looks, the way he talks and even the way he fights is unique to him. 

Coco - Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 2

A hidden gem in "Escorpion/Dzec,” the reveal about Coco's family. It was during this storyline that we saw another familiar face from SOA. Chuckie! Nice to see our masturbating friend doing well.  

At first, it seemed like Coco's sister might have been a porn star, but instead, Coco picked up a prostitute who turned out to be his mom. It's no wonder the guy is so weird! 

Prostitute: You must be really desperate.
Coco: Shut the fuck up and get in the car mom. We gotta talk.

"Escorpio/Dzec" really made up for the mistakes made in the pilot. There was a lot of storyline progression, but there was also the characterization that was missing in the pilot. Miguel seems even more dangerous than before, and the rebels are bound to feel the effects of their actions.

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your Harleys because we are in for a fun (albeit, a tad violent) ride. 

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What did you think of "Escorpio/Dzec?"

Do you think the rebels made a mistake?

Which potential couple pairing has you more intrigued?   

Make sure to return for my review of Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 3, and if you need to catch up or want to take another look what you've already seen, you can watch Mayans M.C. online on TV Fanatic. 

Escorpion/Dzec Review

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Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Prostitute: You must be really desperate.
Coco: Shut the fuck up and get in the car mom. We gotta talk.

Looks like a 45 Caliber Hasbro. You're lucky to be alive.