Killjoys Season 4 Episode 9 Review: The Kids Are Alright

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Maybe the final battle against The Lady will take place this season after all.

It's been a long, slow road, but there was finally hope at the end of Killjoys Season 5 Episode 9.

Unfortunately, Team Awesome Force finally got back together, along with their support personnel, just to lose a couple and maybe more members.

That's no way to fight an ancient, godlike being.

First, let's say goodbye to Weej.

Granted, Turin's pet Hullen wasn't around that long. But he made Turin feel something. So what if he was a childlike being formerly infected with a controlling parasite? He was Turin's "guy."

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He also had unfulfilled Data potential, as an unformed entity who could make humans question their behavior. Like, you know, having a competition to see who could kill the most Hullen.

Finally, whatever procedure Zephyr used to neuter Weej has got to come in handy on the season finale. They are badly outnumbered, so they need some secret weapon to even the odds a bit.

Next came the death we were all expecting.

Pip has been a dead man walking since the Hullen spider got into his brain back on Killjoys Season 4 Episode 2.

It's a shame, because his relationship with Zephyr almost made him into a real boy, instead of a boy-toy. That was more of a feat even then turning Weej human.

It was a touching scene when Pip coaxed Zeph's backstory out of her when they became so much more than "bang buddies."

Too bad that deepening of their story was so short-lived.

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It was obvious when Pip volunteered to go on the mission that he wouldn't be coming back.

When someone had to stay behind to enter the self-destruct code for the RAC, Pip was the logical choice. As he pointed out, the others all had their roles to play in the upcoming battle, even Fancy, the "designated asshole."

I just really felt bad for Zeph. She finally let someone in, and then that happened.

Also, Dutch failed her. Zeph put Pip with Dutch to keep him safe, but in the end, Dutch couldn't. I think Zeph realizes that deep down, but she needed someone to blame, and that ended up being her big sister Dutch.

Science let her down too. She and John had a sound scientific procedure in place, but the biometric shield collapsed after the plasma was removed, causing an even more dangerous situation.

Unless I missed something, I'm assuming the plan is to poison the captured green pool with Khlyen's spore, which hopefully Zeph has already duplicated.

While it seemed that Zeph had walked away, she really doesn't have time to mourn Pip, and she knows that. This is a mission that requires a bio-geek, and that's not Johnny, although he does try.

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We also got that Killjoys standby, infiltrating a compound/mansion to retrieve some important device needed for an upcoming campaign. This time it was a regressor held by a cult of hippies. No wonder that didn't speak to Dutch and D'avin.

We did finally find out what Delle Sayeh had been up to, and, man, was that boring. Since when does she have the background to make any sense out of Khlyen's research. She meant well, but no wonder she came up short.

I love the Jaqobis' concept of joint custody. But keeping Jaq safe is something for which Delle Sayeh is better equipped.

Poor D'av is already doing what is best for his son, and Jaq, even as young as he is, recognizes that. Too bad D'av, John and Dutch had to excise Jaq from their brains, to keep him safe from the lady.

They won't be able to stay in hiding, as there has to be an Aneela-Delle Sayeh reunion, doesn't there?

It was good to see Feruza, the only person left with a Scarback connection, return to help Zeph solve the mystery of the symbol on Dutch's back. That's got to be some way to work Feruza into the final battle, doesn't there, to have some Scarback presence there?

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Feruza's isolating the three symbols gave Dutch all the information she needed to determine how to switch places with Aneela.

It's hard to tell if Dutch's allies, who were battling Aneela's forces for much of Killjoys Season 3, are ready to follow, or even work with, Aneela. 

Does that leave Dutch alone to battle The Lady in the Green Space, or will Khlyen make an appearance to help her as well?

To review this season to form your own battle plan, watch Killjoys online.

Is it optimistic to expect this storyline to be wrapped up cleanly, to clear the decks for the final season? Who will you miss more, Pip or Weej? Which of the living characters won't be seen in the finale? Comment below.

The Kids Are Alright Review

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

It's your weekend.

D'avin [to Delle Sayeh]

Computer: Did you enjoy Khlyen's case study on the chemical properties of plasma, Sayeh?
Delle Sayeh: Definitely not a bestseller. I hope the sequel has more sex.