Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Be My Better Half

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What a way to kick off the first ever #OneChicago Wednesday. 

If you were expecting a big game-changing premiere, Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 1 let you down. If you enjoyed Chicago Med Season 3, congratulations. 

Goodwin Clashes With the COO - Chicago Med

The introduction on COO Gwen Garrett is basically a rip-off of the last umpteen seasons of Chicago Fire. It's a premise that is tired on that property, and it isn't going to get any fresher just because it's happening in a hospital.

New management comes in and is out to get our beloved leader. Maybe if the writers were able to give an ounce of nuance to the new character, it could work. 

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But it's just one hundred percent adversarial. We're force-fed how to feel about Gwen. How boring. 

Gwen: Our chief of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Stohl. Very much your man?
Sharon: I think Dr. Stohl is very much his own man.
Gwen: I have not been happy with his performance of late. We're not gonna renew his contract.
Sharon: Really? You'd take this out on him?
Gwen: Stay out of my lane.

It's hardly surprising though, from a franchise that is over-eager in its use of social media and co-opting of fan culture. 

Once upon a time, it was fans who decided what couples should be called, who became the most invested-in 'ships. But Chicago is a franchise that tries to lead its audience by the nose. 

Go back and watch the Chicago Med Season 1 and Chicago Med Season 2. Where's the development of an actual relationship between Nat and Will? It was done almost entirely on the Chicago Med twitter feed.

Skills - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 1

Will's crush was well established, okay, but the idea of them as a healthy and loving couple?

It's completely missing. I spent the hiatus holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, Natalie would be allowed to show some sense and turn him down. 

Of course, she said yes, and of course, Will immediately proved why that was a bad move. There's a way to have a conversation about her perceived lack of enthusiasm about the wedding that is healthy, but it wasn't what we saw. 

Will: Natalie, look, if you don't want to get married, just say so.
Nat: What? Where is this coming from?
Will: You don't seem to care about the ceremony. Or the reception. It took you a week to say yes.

Once again, Natalie fails to react in the way that Will demands expects, Natalie is painted as the unreasonable one, and he storms off without considering her feelings whatsoever. There's no compromise, just capitulation. 

That wasn't even the most rage-inducing scene of the hour. 

No, April is once again going to be cast as the moral authority of everything in her sight no matter how hypocritical or unbearable it makes her. 

Longing - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 1

It is extra frustrating because I want to like April. Honestly. But the absolutely only person that should be discussing if Emily should get an abortion or not is Emily. 

I don't give a flying fudgesicle if April is a Catholic. That has absolutely nothing to do with Emily and her uterus. It's also the single most boring interpretation of a character that they must be unquestionably, positively pro-life because they're Catholic. 

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Choi's reaction wasn't any better. It does not matter what he thinks, and his reaction was ridiculous. Emily is a grown ass woman, and she may have some serious problems, but Ethan's screaming like she's his teenage daughter was just dumb. 

Ethan: What kind of life can she give a child?
April: It doesn't matter.
Ethan: Of course it matters.

For all the scenes that had my blood pressure through the roof, there were still some redeeming moments. Conor's new OR was a great way to get him to stay in Chicago, and you just know that Daddy's involvement isn't going to stay secret forever. 

The question on my mind is just how far did Ava go to secure Conor's project? And how upset is he going to be when he finds out? 

New Students - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 1

We know that Cornelius is interested in her, but it's reasonable to assume that he knows she has a thing with his son. Would he take advantage of that? Wanting to keep Conor in Chicago implies that he truly does care about his son, so maybe it was just dinner. 

Conor: Why don't you just admit it? You're going to miss me.
Ava: Miss the most egotistical, ambitious, and arrogant man I've ever met? Hardly.

Conor and Ava might be at each other's throats a lot of the time professionally, but they give me hope that not every writer in the room is a complete jackass moron. The person who is responsible for mapping out that relationship trusts the audience a hell of a lot more than their peers. 

I just hope that we don't have to wait too long for them to get together. My guess is that we'll have to find out a little more about Ava and her background, about why she's so gunshy before that moment happens, though. 

Personal or Professional? - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 1

The #OneChicago One Night promise is going to have some pretty immediate payoff. Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 2 is part of the first crossover event of the season. There will be a switch up in air times, so make sure your DVR's are ready!

Fire will be tackling an apartment fire I can only imagine is inspired by the Grenfell Tower fire in London, and the Gaffney ED will be treating all of the victims. This will include one of 51's own. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Halstead is slated to return. Will his health problems be causing concern for the brothers? Does he disapprove of Nat? 

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Although it's part of a crossover, I would expect some movement in Sarah getting back to Gaffney, even if her relationship with Daniel is still fractured.

And we can't forget about Emily's pregnancy. I'm sure Ethan and April will manage to be terrible about that again, I just hope somebody gets to call them out on it. 

You know I'm Catholic. It's a life. We have to protect it.


So what was your reaction to Be My Better Half? Are you still Team #Manstead or should they call off the wedding? What is Cornelius' play with the ED OR? Were you surprised that Maggie knew enough ASL to officially translate? 

Let us know your opinions in our comments section below! True Fanatics love to sound off after all!

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Be My Better Half Review

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Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Patient: You a doctor?
Terry: Medical student.
Patient: Hmm. You're a big guy. What's the matter, couldn't play football?

Conor: Why don't you just admit it? You're going to miss me.
Ava: Miss the most egotistical, ambitious, and arrogant man I've ever met? Hardly.