The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 10 Review: We'll Always Have Paris

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Everything must come to an end, at least for now.

The Bold Type grasped that with the way that they circled back to all their plots this season. Anything that was explored in the first place probably saw the light of day, and yet is there an issue with the way it all came together?

The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 10 almost questioned the basis of the structure of the second and third seasons. Is this second season too interconnected to the third? And did that alter the way that this season was approached and how it finished? 

Insurance Policy - The Bold Type

Kat and Adena broke up when the tension got to be too much. Kat realized that Adena needs more freedom to find inspiration for her work. Adena wound up not going to the party with Kat, which often left their relationship up in the air.

Meanwhile, Jane has to figure out how to freeze her eggs now that her insurance is causing problems. Ben and Ryan both have ideas, but it almost becomes a choice between the two of them instead of doing it for herself. She decides to write an article and make a choice that wasn't revealed to the audience.

As for Sutton, she finds happiness in Paris but can't push away the revelation that she was too scared to make her relationship with Richard work. After Oliver gives her some well-needed advice, she finds her happiness with Richard again.

And while all this goes down, Jacqueline gets fired somewhere in the background.

That is what stood out the most, such a big twist became the backdrop while other loose ends were being tied up.


Her story was a long time coming and yet very unexpected.

Adena being unfulfilled in such a close relationship and seeking more freedom is a long way from Kat trying to figure out how to commit for the first time.

For Kat, it was easy, but Adena couldn't commit in the same way without sacrificing a part of herself. While it was all necessary to address because of how The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 9 touched on a disconnect in the relationship, was it too late?

Adena was clearly struggling for a while, yet it never came up in their talks.

It turns out that with you I can't do it halfway.


When Adena told Kat how she was settling into living in New York full time for her, the moment was beautiful because they shared their "I love yous," but looking back, it creates more questions than answers. 

That was the time for Adena to bring up that she wasn't feeling the freedom that she needed to work. Instead, she waited until Kat brought up kissing someone else.

And while that may have perfectly lined up with Adena going on a retreat and returning happier in her professional process than ever, was she aware of it?

Never walk away from love. No white after Labor Day. And never walk away from love.


It almost seems like our attention was drawn to Kat and Adena's relationship and how their dating other people might create a rift in their relationship. Meanwhile, their open relationship was increasing the rift that was already there for Adena.

Going forward, Kat put it all on the line, and Adena just wasn't sure where they could go from here.

Adena may have gotten her visa approved, but now it seems like the last thing on their minds. 

It really comes down to almost the Sutton version of this season, romance or career? Adena is in a situation where she lost what she didn't know was at risk.

Sutton: I slept with a pilot once.
Kat: How does that help us?
Sutton: It doesn't. I just remembered and wanted to share. He let me wear his hat.

The real issue is the idea that Season 2 and The Bold Type Season 2 were probably written back to back. There wasn't much time before this season wrapped and the other one started, so there wasn't that noticeable of a distance.

"We'll Always Have Paris" was meant to offer that wrap up for certain stories because there wasn't confirmation of a renewal yet. The following two seasons were picked up together, so anything open-ended that came up now will be revisited.

But does that risk too much of Season 2?

In a way, this season is almost underwhelming in certain areas because first, it felt like there were no big tests for these girls, and now it feels like it went in the other extreme with a finale that just gears up for the next chapter.

Adena and Kat's relationship is the prime example of this; they were such a sure thing in the beginning, and now it isn't even clear when Adena will resurface again.

Kat and Adena in Paris - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 10

It almost felt like this was Kat's story to give her distance from Adena moving forward and that it won't just be fixed. They obviously can't easily get back together when they can't make it work.

Was it too last second though?


Sutton is the only one that at the end of this season is satisfied in all aspects of her life.

Honestly, though, she deserves it.

Jane began trying to figure out her job, which is now stable while her relationship life isn't.

Kat felt secure in her relationship and that is exactly what ended up on the cutting board in a shocking turn of events. 

Meanwhile, Sutton was settling into her new job and was worried about what that would mean for her relationship with Richard. They weren't officially together but both wanted to be, and it took Sutton finding confidence in herself for them to finally circle back in a good way at the end of this season.

Sutton in Paris with Kat and Adena - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 10

It makes sense that the underlining issue was that Sutton wasn't sure that she could handle her job and didn't want that to proven "right" if she went public with Richard.

But they have both reached that point where even if they wanted to move on, they couldn't. Sutton was kicking ass at Scarlet and that left her room to think about why she wasn't as happy as she thought she would be.

This being the introduction that brings them back together for real was beautiful.

Having their relationship in the most open sense of the word next season would be fascinating because they wouldn't have to look back.

It would be a restart into their relationship, and it would be great to get a peek into their domestic life together now that they don't have any big obstacles in the way.

It's always been you.


Meanwhile, Oliver reminded us that he is the best boss ever. He may be hard on Sutton, but it all comes from a place of love which he proved when he told her to follow her heart.

Oliver may be her boss, but he cares about her enough to make sure she looks out for her own well being.

That is just one of the many examples of how The Bold Type empowers from all different directions, and it was heartwarming to see them hug in Paris like that.

Oliver is in charge, but he relinquishes that grip for Sutton when he sees how she is conquering her job and her personal life. It may not always be that realistic for everyone, but it is comforting to see on screen.


It was time for Jane to face a few problems but also to take a step back, as well.

Nothing that she was worried about was a simple fix, and it shouldn't have been one.

Freezing her eggs is a decision she made alone, so choosing Ben or Ryan at the end feels like she is inviting them into something that she decided for herself first.

Sutton and Richard - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 10

There is no indication what this means for her future, although Ben seems like the obvious choice.

For one, Jane still has Ryan on her phone as Pinstripe. It just didn't fit into the advice Kat had about choosing the person she would call with good news, but that is just my opinion on the decision.

The way that the season ended confirmed that it wasn't about Ben or Ryan; it was about Jane.

They made a hard choice for Viagra.


And for now, what works for her is facing the unknown with her friends. That is the easy decision for her to make and one she should focus on for now.

Once she comes back from Paris the romance portion of the evening will kick in, but that can definitely wait.

Stray Thoughts

  • Alex in that closet was a true honor and privilege. He should have his own spinoff show where he hangs out in there when the girls aren't around and just has random members of Scarlet appear after the episode.

    The first guest should definitely be Andrew with his calming tea, maybe two mugs of it. After that, Oliver might make a good after-episode guest. We never saw him in that fashion closet yet, either. 

  • Jacqueline's journey to this point could have been given more attention. It feels like this is a big shift and where things may be headed on the show, yet it doesn't feel like it.

    It parallels the way that Jane left and got the attention that I felt Jacqueline deserved. It was building up all season, but when it finally happened, it was almost hard to believe.

  • Music, music, music. It never disappoints, and on a show like this, it is not surprising at all. Still, we need to take a moment out each week to compliment the way that it always works so well. 
  • Richard traveling to see Sutton instead of her heading back to New York was just another example of why he is a good guy. He might not have known what she had planned, but he still took a huge step, and within the narrative it let Sutton continue to live out both her dreams.

    Richard wasn't leaving anything behind when he arrived in Paris, and Sutton was going to miss out on an opportunity even just a little bit because she wouldn't be in Paris. 

  • Ending the season with Jane, Kat, and Sutton heading to their next adventure was a perfect idea. That leaves room for the next season to pick up directly where The Bold Type Season 2 leaves off, or it is possible that they might do a time jump instead. 

    Even though it feels like this was written going hand in hand with the next season, there is also enough distance so that everything doesn't need to pick up right after the finale.

What did you think of the episode? Which story were you most intrigued by this time around? What were you hoping to see more often? What were you hoping to see less often?

Did you think Adena and Kat's story would unfold the way that it did? Do you think they have a chance to make things work, or is this it? Do you think more time should have been dedicated to their relationship this season, or Adena's side of it at least?

How about Richard and Sutton? Did you expect them to get together again? Are you rooting for them now that they finally found happiness or not as much? 

What do you think about that Jacqueline twist? Should we have spent more time with her before this all blew up? Where is her arc headed now?

Did you agree with Jane's decision? Do you think you know who she chose or does it not matter? Who do you think proposed to help her in a better light? Ben or Ryan? Where do things go from here?

Let us know what you think below!

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We'll Always Have Paris Review

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