SIX Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Danger Close

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SIX didn't get a chance to wrap things up in a neat little bow before it was unexpectedly canceled at the start of the season, and now we're just going to have to guess at how the series would have played out had there been a Season 3.

There wasn't necessarily a huge cliffhanger on SIX Season 2 Episode 10, but the ending did leave lots to be desired.

No one on SEAL Team Six had a happy ending. And that's a disappointment.

Holding Their Ground - SIX

I think I would have liked to have seen it play out the way I had envisioned it in my review of SIX Season 2 Episode 9 with Bear dying and Lena being left the gift of being pregnant with his child.

Instead, Lena dies after getting a bullet in the gut from Marissa. This after she and Bear pretty much reconciled after his harrowing mission in Russia. Had he not gone to D.C. to visit Rip's grave, would he have been there at Buddha's house to save her?

Or Lena wouldn't have been there at all because she would have been with him somewhere else instead of at Buddha's house.

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There is no doubt he's going to play those final moments with Lena over and over again in his mind. It wouldn't be surprising if he ended his career with the SEALs and retired somewhere. 

Or maybe he'd just leave the SEALs so he could hunt down Nasry on his own without any rules or restrictions.

Whatever decisions he made, he would be a haunted man for his remaining days recounting all of his decisions over and over again until his dying days.

I'm not the guy you married anymore. I can't be that guy.


As much as I hate to say it, Bear was a rotten leader. Had he gathered up his balls and taken out Nasry when they had the chance instead of listening to Gina, Lena might still be alive and Fishbait might not be as seriously injured as he is.

But Bear had a hard-on for Gina and following her lead did nothing but cause death and destruction. I never understood (and it was never really explained) why he showed such devotion to a woman he didn't even know.

It's not like he was straight-laced and the ultimate rule follower because if he was, he wouldn't have been covering up for Caulder's opioid addiction for as long as he had been.

The Guys - SIX Season 2 Episode 10

Bear basically destroyed everyone's life because of his stupid decisions. Lena is dead because of him. Fishbait is paralyzed because of him. Caulder lost Dharma because of him. The Ortiz family will forever be traumatized because of him.

Yep. If anyone should have died this season, it should have been Bear. I could've stayed with a story that followed Buddha as he sought revenge against Nasry, but following a story with Bear wouldn't have held my interest.

His character just wouldn't have been strong enough to carry another season. His character wasn't strong enough to carry this season.

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The character that did carry this season was Michael Nasry. He manipulated everyone from the beginning. He had a plan, and he carried it out just as he envisioned it.

Nasry kind of lost his oomph towards the end of the season, but in the beginning, when he was playing his games with Gina, he was phenomenal. In the end, it wasn't clear what his intentions were with the Prince. I'm guessing that his ultimate plan was to bring the Prince to Gina and then kill them both.

My name is Michael Nasry. This is a message to you, America. You thought you could kill me. Your SEALs tried. Your drones tried. And your CIA tried. But I'm still here because you cannot kill an idea.


Then, I imagine, he was going to gather up his jihad and go on a killing spree that extended beyond Rip's team.

Still, the idea of a guy like Nasry sitting behind a computer recruiting young American men and women to do his dirty deeds is a scary one.

I never understood the purpose of Gina, and what was more baffling was how she was so easily manipulated by Nasry. It was clear from the very beginning that she was being played, yet she never saw it that way.

Dad's Home - SIX Season 2 Episode 10

It was maddening that she was more concerned about Nasry than she was about the lives of the SEALs who were left on the ground. Was she actually going to give Nasry his freedom if the SEALs would have ended up capturing him?

Her death at the hands of the Prince was a huge letdown -- and not shocking at all. It was clear she was going to die at some point, but it would have been much more satisfactory if it would have been at the hands of Nasry.

Overall, I wasn't much impressed with how SIX ended, but in its defense, the show wasn't given the opportunity to wrap things up properly, either. Still, while the first couple of episodes of SIX Season 2 were impressive, the season slowly sank with the ongoing drama and senseless decisions of both Gina and Bear. 

Over to you.

Did you like how the series ended? Were you shocked by Lena's death?

How did you like the season overall? Will the SEALs ever catch Michael?

Will the Ortiz get over their trauma? Will Caulder reconnect with Dharma?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Danger Close Review

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SIX Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sir, he's going to be dead by dark.


Prince: Whose side are you on?
Nasry: If you want to kill Gina Cline, then let's bring her close.