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It's not safe here for you. 

That's what Camille was told by the figment of her imagination that came to her in the form of her deceased sister Marian at the close of Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 6

While it's fair to assume that a lot of what Camille is going through is linked to the scars from the past she's trying to conceal, I think her best bet would be to get the heck out of Wind Gap and take Amma with her. 

Into the Past - Sharp Objects

Amma reeling Camille in and taking at a teenage house party was very awkward, but it put Camille in a mindset in which she got to have fun with her sister. 

I'm not condoning the drug taking by any means, but "Cherry" gave us more insight into this fraught relationship, and it was needed. Camille has issues with letting people into her life because of the past, and that extends to her family. 

The two sisters drunkenly spinning around while holding one showed Camille replacing the face of Amma with the face of the dead girls. It always comes back to the dead girls. 

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It was especially telling because it confirmed what we already knew: The former wild child is scared to death that Amma is going to become the next victim of the killer. 

In a sense, Camille probably thinks that staying away from Amma is for her own safety. Marian, with whom she was inseparable died. Her roommate died. She made a great point that fearing someone is greater than loving them. 

What Did You Say? - Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 6

Now that she's extended that olive branch to Amma, I expect they're going to get closer. However, Vickery is going to be all too happy to tell Adora and Alan about the two sisters rollerskating drunkenly through town in the dead of night. 

At the top of Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 6, there seemed to be progress between Adora and Camille. Yes, Adora told Camille that she never loved her. 

There's no way of coming back from that, but building a bridge between them is a start. Adora took notice that Camille was eating, but it brought back that one time Adora body-shamed her daughter for wearing the cheerleader costume. 

It's ridiculous that Camille was being compared to people the family hated. I mean how did they expect her to turn out when it's one passive-aggressive comment after the other with them?

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I've been very critical about Camille staying in that house after everything, but I'm inclined to believe she's worried about what that house will do to Amma and wants to stick around for that. 

Camille is smart. She knew what she was doing by parking her car on the grass. Her mother is a perfectionist and feels like everyone should play by her rules. 

Adora does not want to help Camille in any way with the case because she's already at breaking point about all of it. I never expected the mother to tell her daughter all about the bike in the rotten pond, so it was a bit out there for Camille to think otherwise. 

Amma Putting on Rollerskates - Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 6

I don't know what to think about Camille's growing feelings for Richard. She's still not confronted her demons, and there's a chance she won't really be at peace until the day she takes her last breath. 

Her life has been horrible, and while it would be great to say there's going to be a light at the end of the tunnel, it just seems like her back is against the wall. 

With Richard, there's an attraction, but even he feels like he doesn't know what she's capable of doing. At least, that's what I took from his trip to the bar with Jackie. 

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Jackie has been the one who has been the most suspect to me throughout Sharp Objects Season 1. She's the town gossip who knows everything about everyone and knows how to manipulate people into thinking she's their friend. 

As for Kirk, there was no question that he was the boy from the flashbacks Young Camille met in the woods. Reading between the lines, I think it's fair to say they had sex that day. 

Richard Searches for a Lead - Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 6

Kirk was cut up about it, while Camille saying that "both of us got f----d" certainly makes it seem like it was not consensual. This also further fuels the theory that Amma is their child, and that's why Kirk locked up when Amma touched his hand on Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 4

If this does turn out to be the case, then Camille was likely exiled to her room for the nine months because nobody else seems to know about it. 

This is all assuming that theory rings true, but now that the clues are being spoonfed to us, it might. 

"Cherry" was the best episode of the series so far. It had twists, fantastic acting, cinematography, and everything in between. 

What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you think Adora is scared at the prospect of Camille taking Amma away from her?

Hit the comments below. 

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