Preacher Season 3 Episode 8 Review: The Tom/Brady

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So, Grandma made a literal deal with the devil. 

Of course.

On Preacher Season 3 Episode 8, the devil comes to Angelville, and straight to Grandma's because, apparently, she's got a direct line to Hell. It comes as no surprise that the source of Grandma's powers is from making a deal with the prince of darkness.

A Last-Ditch Effort - Preacher

What is a surprise, though, is the value of her soul. I suppose the devil will do anything for just one more soul, but it seems like Grandma got the better end of the deal.

She gets to stay young forever, as long as she can find souls to consume, and he gets her soul when she finally dies? I must be missing something.

Why would the devil make such a seemingly uneven deal, not in his favor?

Tulip: You know there are easier ways to do this, right?
Featherstone: I'm sure there are. I just wanted to make you grab that guy's ass.

Unless all the souls she's consumed come straight to hell with her. Then that would be a sweet deal for the devil.

All along, Grandma's whole thing is to stay young. All the pain she's caused. All the lives she's ruined, for what?

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Oy, vanity. The original sin of the seven deadly sins. She so vain, she prob'ly thinks this song review is about her. Shame on Grandma.

Cassidy Confronts An Enemy - Preacher Season 3 Episode 8

The funny thing is, it's not working.

Newsflash, Grandma, you've been swindled because you're old! Consuming souls may be keeping her alive, but they didn't keep her young.

Maybe that's why she's so mad.

Didn't your mama ever tell you not to make deals with the devil? He's a liar. The great deceiver!

Don't tell me. You're gonna sing me a lullaby.


But she's so evil she could sit at his right hand and fit right in down in Hell. It seemed like in Preacher Season 3 Episode 7, Grandma really loved Jesse, and she fooled me for a hot minute, but she showed her true colors.

She's sweetening her deal with Jesse's Genesis, and Tulip. Damn! Ruthless.

Tulip and Featherstone - Preacher Season 3 Episode 8

Pretty slick how Tulip got away from the devil's assistant, though. Don't you think? She got that Featherstone good!

But every single time Tulip does something now, I think to myself, Did God intend for her to do that? Because she screwed up. Is that what God was counting on happening? Again?

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Forgive me, but I can't get the O'Hare curse out of my mind, and it makes me feel bad.

Tulip can get out of any situation, as she's proven tons of times, and this time was no different, but Featherstone took the souls.

Have you been having bad dreams again?


Was that what God wanted? 

I feel like all of Preacher is tapped into The Butterfly Effect, and God is pulling all the strings.

Like this whole Humperdoo thing. God cannot possibly want that dunderhead possessing Genesis, but what's the plan? That Jesse's faith is strong enough to keep bringing Genesis back?

Jesse hasn't always been responsible with his new found power, but I believe Genesis chose him for a reason.

The Doctor Examines Jesse - Preacher Season 3 Episode 8

We still don't know what that reason is, but we can guess it has something to do with being responsible with the gift. Maybe God wants to see if Jesse will return the power to Him.

If Jesse could find Him, of course.

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And Herr Starr. What a wimp! What in the world is he afraid of anyway? 

Remember, Starr's entire job is to protect the Messiah and bring on the second coming. He knows darn well that Humperdoo is not the right person for the job, which is why he was after Jesse in the first place. Why then did he just stand there sucking up to the disgusting Allfather?

I have him, Allfather.


All he had to do was take the gun and shoot Allfather in the head. Is that so hard?

Not for him! He's got no feelings and hasn't had a problem killing anyone else. He should have no problem offing the guy.

Then he could retrieve Jesse's soul from the Allfather's nether regions (ew), and bring forth Jesse as the new Lord and Savior. But, no, he folds like a losing hand in a poker game and runs out for beignets.

I don't know how Jesse is going to hold onto Genesis unless he genuinely is chosen. If that happens, maybe Allfather will be so shocked, he'll have a massive coronary.

Ahh, one can only hope.

Back to Starr, his life might be in danger too. He ordered Hoover dead, and now Hoover's a brand-spankin' new vampire with all kinds of vampire strength. Starr better watch his back. Hoover has a good demeanor and all, but he's now in a position to give Starr some pushback. Maybe more than that.

What place does a vampire have in the Grail organization? I guess his powers could come in handy when protecting the Messiah, whoever that turns out to be.

A vampire or two would come in pretty handy right now to help Jesse. They're all in New Orleans, so it's possible Hoover and Cassidy are on their way to save the day. Fanged superheroes!

Maybe Cassidy, Hoover, and Starr will waltz in, with theme music, of course, chomping on those beignets and kick some Allfather butt. We'll see.

Over to you, Preacher fans. How do you think Jesse's going to get out of this jam? Is Hitler's buddy going to save them all from going to Hell? Is Jesse the chosen one?

Tell me what you think in the comments.

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I have him, Allfather.


Have you been having bad dreams again?