Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 Review: People Like Us

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Do you know what's worse than walkers? Walkers that fall out of the freaking sky!

On Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9, Morgan and John have recovered from their injuries while the rest of the group try to readjust to their post-Vulture lives. However, that peace is short-lived when Mother Nature decides to visit them.

Back In Action - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9

Firstly, I need to express once again my disappointment with how quickly the Vulture arc was wrapped up so quickly. When Mel and his mysterious walker-capturing group first appeared on Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2, I was incredibly intrigued.

This series had been without a legitimate human threat throughout its first three seasons, and once we finally got one, it was tied up within a handful of episodes.

Proctor John had potential as well towards the tail end of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3, but that was another arc that was abandoned too quickly following the collapse of the dam.

If there is a silver lining, it's comforting to know that the showrunners were able to create such an interesting and formidable foe for our survivors to go up against. Let's just hope that the next group of baddies stick around a bit longer, but hopefully not nearly as long as the Saviors on The Walking Dead.

Regardless, by the end of the episode, the group was thrust into a situation that they had never faced before, and will surely push them to their limits.

More Stories To Come - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9

"People Like Us" had an opening unlike anything we've ever seen before on this series, with a powerful storm making landfall and whisking away a few walkers. The opening moments were incredibly humorous, and it set the tone for an episode that provided a decent amount of levity following the emotional midseason finale.

It was like Fear the Walking Dead meets Sharknado! Seriously, that's all I could think about as the walkers were pulled into the storm and tossed like ragdolls.

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It's difficult to say how much time has passed since the midseason finale, but given that Morgan's leg has healed and John has mostly recovered from his near-death experience, I'd say this episode picks up four to six weeks later.

It was a long enough time for the group that was last seen supposedly united around a campfire, to being a dispersed bunch during this episode.

While everyone was seemingly becoming closer at the close of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8, they couldn't be further apart now.

Bump In The Night - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9

Luciana is in a state of depression, Strand has been tapping into the wine cellar's extensive collection, and Alicia has become a hermit searching for a purpose while coming to terms with Madison and Nick's deaths.

Those deaths have taken an incredible toll on Alicia, so much so that she is carelessly trying to save people.

It's in Morgan's nature to help others, so he wasn't going to let Alicia go on her little rescue mission unaccompanied. Unfortunately, it was all for naught as the person that Alicia was trying so desperately to save had been dead for quite some time by the time they reached him.

Strand: What makes you think that we'd embark on such a fool-hearted journey?
Luciana: You know the kind of people we'd run into.
Strand: People like us.

If one positive came out of the whole ordeal, Morgan was able to empathize with Alicia with how she is trying to honor her mother's memory along with her "no one's gone til' they're gone" mantra by helping others in need.

Alicia was really in need of someone to talk to and understand what she was going through. Someone to tell her that it's going to be alright. Sometimes that's all a person needs to hear.

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John, Charlie, Althea, and June -- whom I still call Naomi on occasion -- were having their own set of issues, as they have been unsuccessful at connecting with Charlie. Hell, John went so far as to create his own scrabble board and tiles to try and extend an olive branch to Charlie.

Sketchy Past - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9

Isn't John just the sweetest guy? Dorie is such an amazingly well-written character, and Garret Dillahunt plays him to perfection. He's so much fun to watch!

Unfortunately, Charlie wasn't too receptive to John's gesture and decided to flee. And now her stupid antics of running away really opened a can of worms and carelessly put everyone else in danger.

Ugh! I really can't stand Charlie. She's just dead weight at this point, and I for one would not miss her one bit should she wind up with her face eaten.

Elsewhere, June confided in Al about her concern with John finding out that the person he fell in love with isn't who she really is.

I never should have left. My friend ... I think he was right. It's where I belong, it's where I should be.


I hope that isn't true and that these two can pick up their relationship where they left off at the cabin. June is afraid of disappointing John, which means that those feelings are there, somewhere. Will she try and figure it out or run again as she so often does?

Morgan also has the sudden epiphany that he should never have left his friends in Virginia. Morgan left his friends because he didn't want to watch people he cares for die, but the fact is that wherever he goes, whoever he meets, that is inevitably what is going to happen.

On The Lookout - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9

It was a decision I didn't expect Morgan to make, and especially with Althea being so willing to drive him there. However, Morgan and Althea seem to have formed an extraordinary friendship, one that I hope we will continue to explore.

Even though Morgan didn't get any takers on going back to Alexandria with him, I loved the fact that he approached every member of the group individually to offer the opportunity.

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While the storm has put a damper on his plans at the moment, will Morgan still be set on returning to Virginia once the storm subsides, or will he find a purpose to stick around with his new friends? I'm inclined to agree with the latter.

In all honesty, does anyone think Morgan is going to leave? Maybe I could see Morgan revisiting his old friends at some point -- possibly after Andrew Lincoln leaves The Walking Dead -- I do not believe that will happen anytime soon.

Can't We All Just Get Along? - Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9

Although, I have often wondered what it would be like if John and Althea were to interact with Daryl and Carol. While I don't think that type of crossover will happen anytime soon, it sure is a hell of a lot of fun to think about.

So, now that the group is separated due to the storm -- and some poorly made decisions -- everyone has been put in a very precarious situation.

The idea of the group going up against mother nature is an interesting idea and something that was only seen briefly on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10.

However, on that series, Rick's group faired a lot better because they were all able to hunker down together, but after the events on the midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, this group is scattered, vulnerable, without shelter, and therefore, significantly weaker.

And let's not forget about the Zombnado! Seriously, the idea of zombies being swooped up and hurled from the sky is absolute gold, and I can't wait to see more of it! What are the odds of Ian Ziering popping up and fighting them off? Slim, but one can hope!

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Charlie being attacked by the walker in the river reminded me of Carl's encounter in The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 15. R.I.P. Dale.
  • I love drunk Strand! Don't get me wrong, I love sober Strand just the same, but inebriated Strand is awesome!
  • Did anyone else have a smile on their face when Morgan revealed his stash of protein bars?
  • Strand's drunken skirmish with the walker in the background, while Luciana was listening to music, was fantastic!
  • John's reference to the dead washing up was a nice callback to Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5, where the walkers were washing up in his front yard.

It's time to turn it over to you, Fanatics. What did you think of "People Like Us"? Will Charlie be found? Will John and June be able to pick up their relationship where they left off? Will Morgan ever return to Virginia?

Hit the comments below and let me know.

Fear the Walking Dead returns with a new episode on Sunday, August 19 on AMC at 9/8C.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

I never should have left. My friend ... I think he was right. It's where I belong, it's where I should be.


Morgan: Hey you remember when you first interviewed me?
Althea: I think you mean the only time I interviewed you.
Morgan: Yeah. You were asking questions about where I came from.
Althea: Yeah, the settlements, the king and his pet tiger? You finally ready to tell me what I want to know?
Morgan: No no no, I'm not gonna tell you anything.