The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Domino Effect

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To say things got a bit dramatic is underselling exactly how much tension and exciting changes took place in just this one episode.

Honestly, this whole episode felt like a turning point for every one of the girls, whether it was professionally or in their private lives. In fact, in some cases, it even got to be both, and this is only the beginning. 

During The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6, Sutton finally came to terms with where her relationship with Richard stands, and she chose to cut out a toxic presence. Kat had a difficult conversation with Adena that ended very open for interpretation.

Crossing Paths - The Bold Type

As for Jane, she won an award and chose to write a piece that then proved to Jacqueline that she was ready to return to Scarlet. 

Everything is finally the way it is meant to be, at least for Jane. Meanwhile, Kat and Sutton have to deal with their relationships and what this must meant for them going forward in their lives. 

This episode was successful in putting the audience at the edge of its seat, because of the way it continues not to wrap a story in the episode where it was introduced. 

Jacqueline, Ben, and Jane - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6

During Season 1, the chance of a successful conclusion to every problem was very likely because there weren't many long lingering arcs which wasn't a bad thing. 

But there is something to the way that now things like Sutton being friends with Brooke or Jane being shut down from Scarlet manages to find a way to loop right back without giving it a good amount of time to be explored.

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It is time for Sutton to move on, or is it?

Things certainly didn't take a turn for the better, not with Richard getting a new girlfriend with whom he has a history and is getting serious. And yet, there is still that clear cut sign that a chance for Sutton and Richard to reconnect isn't out of the question.

For now what is best for Sutton is to stop wallowing and to move on because she isn't doing herself any favors in this new lifestyle. 

No matter what Sutton's future holds with Richard, partying with Brooke isn't the best way to make anything work. 

Brooke: Oh my god, does anyone ever call you Slutton?
Sutton: Not my friends.

That look that they shared at the awards isn't following anyone, the feelings are still there, and it would take both of them making a big step for it to go back to what it was.

Or honestly, the big step would mostly have to come from Sutton because she is the one struggling with it right now. 

Still, the worst thing for Sutton right now is to over think this like she did with Brooke. She allowed herself to get too deep in the relationship hole and then struggled to get out, without much help considering the person she was hanging out with didn't even care about her that much.

Jacqueline At The Awards Show - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6

For now, Sutton should remember that she did all this for her career. She should challenge all that jealousy, worry, and pain into making big things for herself at her job which she chose to explore.

There is no doubt that Sutton will continue to work hard and be one of the best over there, but you can still do more. 

Sutton has got this, she is one of the strongest characters on television, and this is just a bump that she needs to avoid to keep driving forward. 

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What is there to say here?

Kat needs to explore her sexuality; the answer is just that simple.

Where it gets harder is when it comes to Adena. More specifically, whether she will stick around or if she will step away for the time being.

Oliver at Scarlet - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6

There is nothing that would make everyone happy besides Kat and Adena making this work, without anything worrisome first being explored for the sake of their relationship.

And while it is interesting that further down the line Kat and Adena seem to be together, that doesn't mean that there isn't any worth in the statement about Kat needing some time just to see who she is.

Does this mean I get my friend back? The one you drank.


Kissing Adena was the first step for Kat, but she hasn't been with any other women and this doesn't mean anything for her label, but it does make monogamy a difficult concept. 

Kat is committed to Adena, and yet there is still that yearning just to discover who you are at full capacity. Maybe there is a way the two could make that happen without anyone leaving.

There has to be a way for Kat to explore this scene that she has been missing, while not losing her girlfriend who she loves with all her heart. 

Where do they go from here?

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It is official, Jane is back, and she is reunited with Scarlet. 

Was this too soon though or did it make complete sense for a character that so clearly wanted to return to her roots? 

There was a point where Jane feeling okay in her freelance life got me thinking; the happiness just wasn't always there. 

Now with an award, Jane is in a better place than she was when she left Scarlet, and it is the bravery that emerged from that that allowed her to get this position again.

Richard Hunter, you know who he is, right?


It is wonderful to have her back again with Kat and Adena, but there is also no question about the fact that she would have killed it doing the freelance thing too.

It comes down to what Jane chose, instead of her trying to find an option that would keep her employed.

Now Jane is coming back because this is what she wants, not because this is what she needs. 

Jane and Ben Together - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6

And Jacqueline happily letting her know that she wants her back was such a thrilling moment to witness between these two women.

Jane still struggles to figure out how to talk to Jacqueline sometimes, mostly out of worry and respect, and so being validated by your editor that you are in demand is the icing on the cake.

It was a light moment considering it came from Jacqueline having to go back and consider what her silence meant for someone else down the line.

This better be Ativan or sour patch kids.


There is no one to blame in situations like this but the abuser, Jacqueline is not at fault. But of course there is a valid point being brought up about what people who get abused may have to consider when they leave, and a new person fills their spot.

It was so difficult for Jacqueline, and yet it is obvious that the last thing she wanted was to find out that someone else experienced the same thing when she could have set something in motion that prevented that.

It was a small glimpse into Jacqueline's realization, but it had purpose and value within the context of the show.

As always, going forward means wondering what this means and where Jacqueline goes from here.

But for now, Jane is back in the fashion closet, and everything is as it was meant to be. 

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Stray Thoughts

  • Everyone was so worried about Leila that we didn't even expect this new development. Does that mean that Leila's run in Kat and Adena's life is done? Or will there be a few more appearances to continue to shake things up?

  • Oliver checking in with Sutton was the best scene for me. He doesn't always directly show this kind of concern, that seems to be more Jacqueline's role as a mentor, and yet he slipped into it so perfectly.

    Oliver genuinely knows that Sutton is going through something and he cares about her wellbeing. What a wonderful boss/employee relationship to help us through the dark times.

  • Music, music, music. It never disappoints, and on a show like this, it is not surprising at all. Still, we need to take a moment out each week to compliment the way that it always works so well. 

  • I miss Alex. More solid storylines for Alex, please. There has to be a way for him to sometimes get his own arc without it overshadowing what the core group has going on. 

  • Jane and Ben. Jane and Ben. Jane and Ben. I truly didn't expect to love this couple so much from so few scenes before they officially got together but they are perfect.

    Ben is very supportive and inspires Jane in the very best ways. He also understands the value that Jane's friendships have to her, and he made a genuine attempt to help Kat when she came over because he wants to get along with her friends. I just love him and them, okay? 

What did you think of the episode? Which story were you most intrigued by this time around? What were you hoping to see more often? What were you hoping to see less often?

Where do you think Kat and Adena's relationship goes from here? Can they make it work or do they need to take a break and reevaluate? Is this truly the end for Sutton and Richard or are those looks teasing another spin on this story? 

And what do you think about Jane getting offered her job back and accepting? Was that the right call? 

Let us know what you think below!

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The Domino Effect Review

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The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Richard Hunter, you know who he is, right?


Brooke: Oh my god, does anyone ever call you Slutton?
Sutton: Not my friends.