SIX Season 2 Episode 9 Review: The Reckoning

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The real battle has begun and Chase and Buddha are going to be watching from the sidelines.

The team headed back to Russia on SIX Season 2 Episode 9 thanks to some surprising intel from Nasry, but things turned ugly and Buddha and Chase took to the skies while the rest of the team were left behind.

Surrounded By the Enemy - SIX

The one guy you'd think would have turned his back on the Muslim was the one who didn't move from Fishbait's side when he got shot. All the hate spewing out of Trevor's mouth all season was nothing but show because when it came down to it, he put his teammate above everything else.

Bear wasn't going to leave anyone behind either and jumped out of the helicopter before it was too late. Caulder also got out.

So now we got four SEALs on the ground, one of them injured and Prince's ambush brigade headed their way.

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I don't know why Buddha and Chase didn't jump out when they had the chance, but they had to understand that they were coming under heavy fire, and if the helicopter didn't get out when it did, it could have been a disaster.

There's only one more episode of SIX left, and I'm not sure how it's all going to end, but Trevor may end up being the hero we never expected.

The guy's got a good head on his shoulders and he's not emotionally invested in all the drama of avenging Rip's death. He is the only one thinking clearly, just like he told Caulder, and it's going to be his clear head that saves the day.

Caulder: You got something to say? Say it.
Trevor: You're not ready. You know the guys, they're loyal. They see what they want to see, but me? I see things clearly.
Caulder: What do you see?
Trevor: A selfish prick so desperate to get back on this team, he'd risk all our lives.

What's scary is that these guys are pretty much exposed with nowhere to go. The villagers are fast approaching, and it's going to be a fight to the death. If Fishbait can't walk, they might be fighting for their lives stuck behind that rock.

It's a scary situation.

Fishbait in Trouble - SIX Season 2 Episode 9

Trevor has no intention of leaving Fishbait's side and Caulder and Bear are in the same frame of mind otherwise they wouldn't have left the safety of the chopper. The problem is that Caulder could be a liability because he's not ready to be back in the field even though everyone else (except for Trevor) thinks he is.

Caulder is going to have one of his episodes and make a mistake, and it's going to cost someone his life - maybe even his own.

How they're going to get Fishbait away from that rock and to safety is beyond me, but they're SEALs so there's a strategy floating around in someone's head. Still, there's a high probability that Fishbait won't make it home alive.

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It's interesting that the four guys left behind (I know they weren't left behind per se, but they are left behind) were the ones who had the spotlight turned on them. 

Fishbait told his cousin that he doesn't think he'll ever make a difference as a SEAL, Trevor explained the meaning of his tattoos to Chase, Bear and Lena got back together for a romp in the hay, and Caulder had a major falling out with Dharma.

I joined the SEALs to make a difference, and I realize I never will.


Usually, when a character gets some extra attention, it's a sign that the end is near for that character. I can't imagine we'll be saying goodbye to Bear, but it wouldn't be surprising if Trevor and Fishbait could be saying goodbye because there are going to be casualties.

I'm torn about whether Caulder is going to make it out alive. Someone commented on SIX Season 2 Episode 8 that they thought Caulder would make it and end up taking off with Dharma to open up that surf shop she wants to buy. It would be great if that actually happened, but I have my doubts.

Confrontation - SIX Season 2 Episode 9

Perhaps all of them will die down there before anyone can get back to save them. It would be sort of poetic if Bear died and his last hurrah with Lena ended up getting her pregnant.

It's hard to say how it's going to end because the producers and writers weren't writing the season finale as a series finale. All I hope is that it's a clean ending so that we know what happened to our team. There are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up, but because there wasn't any real warning that SIX was going to end, whatever ends up happening might not be satisfactory.

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I don't know what Michael's deal is. Is it possible that he had every intention of working with Gina and the CIA for a chance at freedom? Or is there something more sinister at hand?

Will he hunt down the SEALs? Will he kill the Prince or will the Prince die before he has a chance?

I might've given Michael more credit than he deserved. I thought he was playing a wicked game with Gina, but maybe he was playing it straight all along.

Love at Last - SIX Season 2 Episode 9

Whether Marissa heeds Michael's words is another unknown. She couldn't pull the trigger on Buddha when she had the chance, and she seemed to be spending a lot of time mulling over that gun. Maybe she's going to reevaluate herself and disappear. Maybe she's going to put a bullet in her own head -- that would solve the issue of Marissa, but it would be too easy.

Someone needs to know that she was the one who killed Rip under Michael's orders.

It looks like Gina is going to win the crown since her asset delivered what he promised. She's also going to get what she wanted with Prince because the guy is going to die. It could be that Michael shoots Prince in the head and sends her a video of the deed. It would be the icing on the cake for her.

If she ends up being the one with the happy ending, I'm going to be sorely disappointed. She has to receive some sort of retribution for her lies and manipulation. Hopefully, Buddha will take care of it.

Over to you.

How do you think SIX will end? Who will die and who will live?

Will Gina come out on top? Will Marissa go away? Will Michael get his freedom?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Reckoning Review

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SIX Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Him, I need. But you are more trouble than you're worth.

The Prince

Caulder: You got something to say? Say it.
Trevor: You're not ready. You know the guys, they're loyal. They see what they want to see, but me? I see things clearly.
Caulder: What do you see?
Trevor: A selfish prick so desperate to get back on this team, he'd risk all our lives.