Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 3 Review: That Way Madness Lies

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The one common thread that ran through Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 3 was trying to protect one's children but can anyone do that when surrounded by constant violence and death?

Until Kristina blew up at Harlee, I had no idea she didn't know the details of her mother's abduction. It made me even more curious about how Harlee was found. 

We knew that Stahl called 911, but the NYPD obviously did an excellent job of keeping the details of her kidnapping out of the news if Kristina knew so little about what happened. 

Telling Kristina the Truth - Shades of Blue

I applauded Kristina for wanting to be there for her mom but as much as she thought she was prepared to hear everything she shouldn't have to live with that kind of terror. Harlee did the right thing in holding back at least some of the gory details.

I'm not your girlfriend, Kristina, okay. You're my daughter and one day when you're lucky enough to have a child you'll realize that part of being a mother is not burdening them with your problems.


The only thing I questioned was inviting a prostitute to stay in their home, even for just a few days. I suppose after all of those interviews Harlee felt as though she knew Gina, but walking in on her trying on that Harlee wig and her actual clothes and jewelry was creepy.

Harlee protected her daughter but not to the point of leaving her vulnerable. 

Kristina's visit to the shooting range was obviously not her first as she appeared comfortable and well trained in using that weapon.

Kristina: Maybe I should trade in my cello for a 9mm.
Harlee: Slow down 007, we're just taking precautions.

And with Stahl lurking, precautions were necessary. 

Wouldn't it be interesting if Kristina actually empties that clip into Stahl to save herself or her mother? After hearing the details of what Stahl did to Harlee, I don't doubt that Kristina has it in her to take the obsessed stalker out if she needs to do so. 

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Elsewhere, Wozniak juggled so many balls in the air it was difficult to keep track. 

On the one hand, he's done everything in his power to protect Adrian in juvenile detention, while on the other he used Wallace's criminal past as a means to an end, even though it risks the man's future.

Tufo would walk off a cliff for Woz, but that could change if he ever finds out Wozniak was the reason his brother was missing his appointments, interacting with criminals and in a position to get high. 

Tufo and Espada - Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 3

The odds of Wallace getting dragged back into that life increase every time he's around it. Tufo has worked very hard to help Wallace; he will be heartbroken if his brother ends up back in prison or worse, and he'll never forgive himself if he realizes he or Wozniak drove him back to the life. 

The Intelligence Unit didn't make an appearance, but that didn't mean their presence wasn't felt.  Woz was determined to protect Harlee from them and herself. 

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Like Harlee, I'm still not convinced that Wozniak and not Stahl sent those flowers. I can see Woz lying to her as he worries that her PTSD is also driving her to go after Ramsay and his crew. 

But Woz had more than Harlee to worry about this time. 

Nate knows what his father is capable of and that gave him reason to believe Cesar Molina's father. 

Fathers will do or say anything to protect their boys, even in death.


It was interesting that Wozniak both trusted Loman to take care of the elder Molina while becoming suspicious that Loman was the person who told Nate about his relationship with Donnie Pomp. 

Loman surprised everyone, even himself when he was so adept at intimidating Molina. Everyone took notice, from Wozniak, Tess, and Tufo, to the Intelligence Unit who was out to recruit him.

Not all of us can carry around this madness like you can. Sometimes the truth just crawls out.


Loman has become a little too good at fitting in with Wozniak's crew, and I don't' think he's comfortable with that. Somewhere inside he has a moral compass that's spinning. 

Having the Intelligence Unit make him an offer to join them was a wake-up call to what he's becoming. What he does with that realization is anyone's guess. 

Spilling Secrets - Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 3

But it was Wozniak's medical issues that were the shocker of the night. 

[to Wozniak] You need to consider the surgery. It’s a high-risk procedure but it’s not as high risk as a sharp piece of metal playing footsie with your spinal cord.


Woz could become paralyzed at any time, and yet he's been hiding this from everyone, his wife, his son, his crew. 

Not only is he keeping this a secret, but he's also practically taunting fate to take him out of the game. I don't know that there is any other explanation for refusing the surgery and then provoking a group of men in a bar to beat the hell out of him. 

It's as though Wozniak wants to be stopped or be punished. Maybe it's both. 

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I've always expected the series to end with Woz either dead or in prison. I've never considered it might end with him in a wheelchair!

So what do you think TV Fanatics? Will Wozniak be the creator of his own demise? How long until Harlee realizes that Stahl is really back? And what will Tufo's reaction be when he learns about how his brother helped Woz?

Check back for my review of Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 4, and until then you can watch Shades of Blue online here at TV Fanatic.

That Way Madness Lies Review

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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Fathers will do or say anything to protect their boys, even in death.


[to Wozniak] You need to consider the surgery. It’s a high-risk procedure but it’s not as high risk as a sharp piece of metal playing footsie with your spinal cord.