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Did the Mikaelsons manage to avenge the death of Hayley?

That was the plan on The Originals Season 5 Episode 7 when it became apparent that the villains were showing no signs of stopping as the latest fight continued to gather steam.

Meanwhile, Hayley's funeral brought a lot of drama because the family could not be together because of the effect of The Hollow. 

Also, Marcel offered Klaus to bring Elijah's memories back, but what did Klaus decide for his brother?

Use the video above to watch The Originals online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get caught up with all the fun right now as this series gears up for a big conclusion. 

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The Originals Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

No news. Today is all about reflecting on the loss of a vibrant woman. No news, because news means information, information means action, and actions mean dead people. I don't want any news.


Elijah: You listen to me, okay? Anything happens to her, I won't ever forgive this.
Klaus: One doesn't need forgiveness from enemies. And that's where we are, you and I. We're certainly no longer family.