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Did Max's father go too far?

That was addressed on Code Black Season 3 Episode 8 when he told Leanne to keep Ariel away from his son after he caught them kissing. 

Did Leanne decline his request?

First Kiss - Code Black

Meanwhile, Mario joined Rox and Willis on the scene of a boat crash, and their lives were put on the line. 

Also, Leanne worked to save a brother and sister who drank boiling water through a straw as part of a viral challenge. 

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Get caught up with all the fun now. 

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Code Black Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Gloria: Which on is the clap? Syphilis?
Diego: No. Gonorrhea. It's...way better.

Patient: I need an ex-lap.
Angus [laughing]: Okay. Hold on a minute. What's going on?
Patient: Abdominal pain, tenderness in the lower left quadrant.
Angus: And what makes you think it's surgical?
Patient: I swallowed a bunch of tacks.
Angus: Way to bury the lede.