Supergirl Season 3 Episode 21 Review: Not Kansas

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Kara has great instincts ... mostly. 

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 21 spent a reasonable amount of time on how Kara's instincts are usually right, but where were they when Reign simply went "poof"? 

She may have been right that something was amiss on Argo, but how did she not even think twice that maybe Reign wasn't wholly gone before just high-tailing it off of the planet?

Kara Makes a Choice - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 21

Look, I'm on board with the idea that Kara deserves a break and some time for herself. After defeating Reign, sure she deserves a vacation, but maybe give it a little bit of time before just assuming the black rock worked perfectly with no side effects!

Even if everything did work perfectly, did she not also want to spend a little bit of time with Sam, supposedly one of her best friends, before leaving for an unknown length of time? 

Maybe I am a little too harsh. Kara just got her mother back after years of thinking she'd never see her again, so it's understandable that she wouldn't want to waste any more time. 

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But still, maybe give it at least a couple of days to make sure their cure sticks before leaving the planet unprotected. 

I guess Clark is still on Earth. I wonder how he would feel about learning that he has family still alive out there. It's odd Kara hasn't told him. If anyone was going to accompany her on the trip, it probably should have been him. 

Kara's instincts kicked in when she was actually on Argo, but by then it may have been too late. 

Lena Hard at Work - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 21

Ruby got to enjoy having her mother back for about two seconds. Whatever is about to happen, I don't think she should be there when it does. Was anyone else yelling "run!" at the TV screen? 

Kara's overwhelming desire to get back to her mom may have been clouding her judgment, but what was everyone else's excuse? Don't they watch TV? Don't they know that no problem is ever solved this easily? 

Okay, my venting session is over. But the Reign problem is not, and we should all be anxious about Sam. With each failed attempt to save her, losing her feels more and more inevitable. 

You think that gun gives you respect? It has no power. It's just a tool for spreading fear, and fear is not respect.


After tackling the issue of police bias on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 19, they followed up by taking on the very pertinent matter of gun control.

Obviously, this is a hot-button issue, and not everyone is going to agree, but the characters all did a good job of expressing themselves while still being respectful. 

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James and Lena, in particular, found themselves on opposite sides, and while they didn't go into a complete argument over it, they both agreed that they could at least listen to each other's point of views. That's important for any relationship to be successful. 

It's interesting that after the whole Kryptonite debate that James seemed surprised that Lena owns guns. If she's manufacturing Kryptonite to protect herself, there's a good chance she has other means of protection. 

James: I've never really understood that argument. That someone's right to own an assault weapon is more important than someone's right to go to school safely.
Lena: I have a gun for self-defense. I have used it for self-defense.
James: You're not telling me that you're one of these people that thinks that having a gun makes everyone safer, right?
Lena: We disagree, but I can see your side, and hopefully you can see my side, too.
James: I'm open to listening.

But J'onn announcing that the DEO is going to phase out guns and switch to non-lethal weapons? Now that's surprising. 

It's a little unrealistic, to be honest, but it also makes me wonder what it means going forward. They don't just deal with human threats on the streets like the guy J'onn talked down from shooting up his office; this is a secret organization tasked with dealing with aliens. 

So, guns are one thing, but they don't use only guns. They use all kinds of high tech weaponry, so I am very curious to see what kind of non-lethal weapons Winn develops. 

J'onn and James Talk - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 21

Kara's always been against killing, regardless of the circumstances, so she's bound to be on board with this new development. Even though he's not DEO, we know where James stands. 

How will Alex feel about it? 

She's always armed (and let's be honest, she's had some of the coolest guns), and she's not opposed to lethal force when she feels it's necessary. I don't see her taking up J'onn on his offer to be reassigned or anything, but I'd like to know her thoughts. 

Of course, now that she's surfing the web for adoption agencies, her feelings on the matter may change. 

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That's a development I'm sure surprised absolutely no one. 

Still, it feels like she's rushing into this. When she was with Maggie, she was content with the idea of being a mom someday but didn't appear to be in any rush. Then Ruby came along, and now she can't wait. 

If adoption is on her mind, it's not like her biological clock is ticking, so why the rush? 

It's probably not just that Ruby is back with her mom (we'll see how long that lasts), but also the fact that Kara left to spend time with her mom. She's probably feeling lonely, but that's not the best reason to jump into such a big commitment. 

Guns on the Streets - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 21

She's single with a dangerous and demanding job, so her chances of actually getting a kid may not be great anyway. 

We also have to talk about Mon-El coming clean to Kara that he didn't just come back to fight Reign. They were interrupted before they could finish their conversation (of course), but it's out there now.  

He came with Kara to get what he needed to return home and ended up telling her how he feels. That's not confusing or complicated at all. 

If Mon-El was going to tell her, then he had to know for sure, 100% without a doubt, that he wanted to stay with her, and I'm not entirely convinced he's there. We'll have to wait and see how this plays out. Whatever happens, it just better not end with Kara getting hurt again. 

M'yrnn's condition continues to decline. J'onn's denial was hard to watch, but he's starting to accept it. I'm glad he was able to enjoy this time with him, but it's going to be devasting to watch him die when the time comes. 

The writers have done all they can to prepare us for it, but knowing it's coming isn't going to make it easier. 

Your turn! Is Reign about to return stronger than ever? Will Kara make it back to Earth in time? Hit the comments with your thoughts! 

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Not Kansas Review

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Kara: When you went away to college, we figured that out, we did that.
Alex: Yeah, I mean we called and emailed every day. What's Wi-Fi like in space?

Lena: How do you feel?
Sam: It's a cliche, but I feel like I got hit by a bus.