Supergirl Round Table: Home is Not a Place

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The Dark Kryptonians are literally shaking things up on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 22, as earthquakes threaten to destroy the Earth. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Kathleen Wiedel, and Stacy Glanzman discuss Sam's potential role next season, Demos' sacrifice, and their hopes for the finale. 

Join us!

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If Sam survives, is there a role for her next season without Reign? Could her Kryptonian cells indicate that she may still have powers?

Christine: Yes, I was thinking that the fact that she has Kryptonian cells could lead to a continuing storyline and give her more of a connection to both Kara and the DEO. No matter what, I hope that Sam sticks around as I’ve really grown fond of her and Ruby.

Kathleen: If Sam does indeed make it out of the finale Reign-less, there're still potential storylines given her various connections to a significant portion of the cast, regardless of any potential powers from the Kryptonian cells. For one thing, she'd have a lot of emotional baggage to deal with afterward!

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Stacy: I'm not sure, but this was the first time I felt that Sam might actually survive this. I think if she does survive, it's more likely that she'll move on, but if she does stick around, hopefully, they will be able to find ways to keep her relevant. I do love her friendship with Lena, Kara, and Alex.

Do you think M'yrnn will die in battle before he and J'onn are able to complete The Reach? How do you think that would affect J'onn?

Christine: It definitely feels as though M’yrnn is going to sacrifice himself to save the planet his son now considers home. I fear that losing both his father and all of those memories, may send J’onn into a serious depression and who knows what that looks like for a Martian!

Kathleen: They sure do seem to be setting things up for a heroic sacrifice, though this particular one is possibly one of the more depressing to pop up on this show. I truly hope that M'yrnn can share all the memories with J'onn because our favorite Martian Manhunter has had little joy over the course of the series.

The loss of those memories would be a devastating loss of history and culture, not to mention the personal grief for J'onn. That being said, he's already got more than what he had at the start of the series when he was all alone and had believed everything of his past and the Green Martians to be lost forever.

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Stacy: Well, M'yrnn promised J'onn that by the end of the Reach, he would not feel the loss, he would feel complete. If they don't finish, J'onn will probably feel incomplete, and that will be hard for him. However, I think he'll respect that his father wants to risk his life to save others because that's what J'onn would do.

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What are your thoughts on Winn's shield and Demos' sacrifice?

Christine: To be honest, I’d never paid much attention to Demos until this episode. In the end, I was happiest that James came to check on Winn and remind him how he would have died a hundred times over if it wasn’t for Winn’s intelligence and creativeness.

Unfortunately, not everything Winn comes up with is infallible, and the losses are hard to take.

Kathleen: I'm with Christine regarding Demos. And from a storytelling perspective, it's much more interesting when the heroes don't manage to solve the problem instantly or easily, or automatically build the perfect device for a situation.

It seems like Winn's (implausible for anything but a superhero story) skills are all too often used as a deus ex machina; too bad for Demos, it didn't work out this time!

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Stacy: I agree with Christine and Kathleen. It's more realistic that Winn's technology wouldn't work perfectly the first time it is used. Demos knew what he signed up for when he joined the DEO, and while it is sad, Winn should not blame himself. He's done a remarkable job keeping both James and Alex alive with their suits and weapons.

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What do you hope to see in the finale?

Christine: That the Sam/Reign battle will finally end with Sam surviving. That Mon-El will speak with Imra before making any type of declarations to Kara. And, oddly enough, I hope that Coville survives somehow and shows up once again.

Kathleen: Please, please have a final conversation between Mon-El and Imra, regardless of the outcome. They really have to do something about the Kara/Mon-El/Imra triangle, preferably before next season!

Stacy: Hopefully another epic battle! Supergirl excels at those. I also hope that the triangle is resolved in the finale, and isn't delayed until next season, and I'm curious to see where they will go with Alura and Argo in general.

Non-Lethal Gun? - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 22

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Christine: I’m torn between M’yrnn’s touching goodbye to Alex where he says, “Home is not a place, it is living among those who love and honor you” and Winn’s comical reaction to Alura/Kara popping up in the lab.

Kathleen: Oh, for me, it's no question. I loved that scene with M'yrnn and Alex! The quote Christine mentioned was just so touching.

Home is not a place, it is living among those who love and honor you. I can depart this world with peace, because I know my son is home.


Stacy: I loved Winn's reaction to Alura/Kara too! It was so funny when he yelled for Alex and then tried to test her to make sure it was really her.

Over to you, Supergirl Fanatics! What do you hope to see in the finale?

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Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Home is not a place, it is living among those who love and honor you. I can depart this world with peace, because I know my son is home.


M'yrnn: By the end of this, you will not feel loss, J'onn. You will feel complete. I promise.
J'onn: How do you know?
M'yrnn: Because I know the hole that comes with not doing this, the way I felt when your mother was taken from me, when you were taken from me. Be patient, my son. Let the memories fill you up, as they have filled me up.