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Another failed mission.

Gina is out of her mind to trust Michael Nasry. He had good intel, but either he didn't know the Prince had doubles or he purposely gave Gina the wrong information on SIX Season 2 Episode 3.

I'm going with the theory that he purposely gave wrong information.

Bear is Cautious - SIX Season 2 Episode 3

I still believe he's playing Gina, and I'm going to believe that until I see otherwise.

She's not thinking straight, and the only one who knows her game is Buddha, but he's keeping his cards close to his chest.

He knows she's up to something, but he's trying to figure it out before the rest of the team pays for her stupidity.

I don't like that she blatantly lied to them about Michael Nasry, but it's not surprising, is it? 

She's trouble, and Caulder is only the first to suffer from her mistakes.

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I'm looking forward to the eventual confrontation between her and Buddha. He's going to call her out, but he better do it soon. 

He has issues with Bear, but he needs to talk to him and tell him what's going on.

There's no guarantee that Bear is going to listen to him. Bear wants to be the big man on campus. He wants to trust Gina, but he needs to trust his guys first.

Caulder Makes a Choice - SIX

There's also no guarantee that Buddha is going to go to Bear about anything, either. 

Buddha has a bug up his ass, but he's got to realize that the team comes first. They all have to realize this.

There is so much shit being thrown in the stew right now that things are guaranteed to blow up.

Caulder is in a hell of a lot of trouble and not just because of his buzzing disorder and opioid addiction.

He went behind Buddha's back and gave Jackie a gun!!!!

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Of course, there's no proof that he was the one who gave it to her, but who else would she have gotten it?

What is Caulder thinking?!

Not only that, but why would he take Bear out to hook up with some women? Lena is the only woman Bear wants -- even if it seems that she's moving on for a short time.

I get that he wanted to help his friend ease his pain, but that was not the way to do it. 

Lena isn't going to be happy when she finds out even if Bear didn't do anything. What's worse is going to be Bear's reaction when Lena finds herself another man. 

Jackie's Got a Gun - SIX Season 2 Episode 3

And you know that's where it's headed. They need time apart, sure, but not with other people.

It's selfish on Lena's part to think that's the way to solve their problems. 

Trevor is a jackass and is going to cause more havoc that the team doesn't need. At least he's not shy about where he stands on things, but he needs to realize that he's wrong in his thinking.

Wasn't Buck a racist? Why did they need to put another racist on the team? Didn't the powers that be realize that Trevor and Fishbait wouldn't be a good match?

And what kind of guy thinks getting tasered is a fun game? He's out of his mind.

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Someone else out of their mind is Marissa, but we already knew that.

However, she took it to a new level when she killed the Muslim man because he didn't agree with her thinking.

Marissa is a loose cannon and the longer she can't get hold of Michael, the crazier she's going to get.

Maybe Jackie having a gun is a good thing because Marissa's proven that she's not afraid to make a move. And we know from SIX Season 2 Episode 2 that her next target is Buddha.

And she's crazy enough to kill Buddha's family if she can't get to him or even kill them right along with him.

So while it's a very bad thing that Caulder got Jackie a gun, and there's no doubt that Buddha is going to be majorly pissed.

Solid Intel - SIX

But, it's going to be a relief when the only thing that saved Jackie and the kids was the gun she got from Caulder.

I hope Marissa gets her due, but I also hope they figure out that she was the one who killed Rip -- and that Michael was behind it.

The tension is building on SIX, and the team is slowly (and silently) being torn apart. Gina is making everything worse, and I hope everyone realizes it before it's too late.

As far as Michael Nasry is concerned, I read a lot on Twitter that he's the villain everyone loves to hate, but the only feelings I have for him is hate. I want him to pay for what he did to Rip and suffer in the process.

What did you think of "Dua"?

How soon before the team completely falls apart? Do you like Trevor?

What's Marissa's next move? Was Caulder right in giving Jackie a gun?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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SIX Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Jackie: I want a gun.
Buddha: Guns are my other life. I never bring my other life home.

You better not fuck me!

Gina [to Michael]