Riverdale: Why We Need More Choni Scenes

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It's been weeks since Riverdale Season 2 ended and there are still many questions left to be answered. But one of the most important ones in my mind, is what exactly is going on with Cheryl and Toni?

It seems like we're already expected to know the status of their relationship even though the show didn't do a very good job of telling us. 

Choni Hug - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 22

Cheryl and Toni, also known as "Choni," started off as antagonists. Cheryl wanted nothing to do with a serpent from the south side and made that much pretty clear. But when Toni senses Cheryl's pain and offers her friendship in spite of their differences, Cheryl begins to lean on Toni as her emotional support. 

After some buildup, it becomes clear that Cheryl and Toni are starting to feel a lot more than friendship for each other. When Cheryl is held against her will in conversion therapy, Toni bursts in to save her like an actual knight in shining armor, and they kiss before escaping. 

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Unfortunately, that's probably the most that we've seen them interact since. Their scenes have been brief if there at all, and other scenes that included important milestones in their relationship have been filmed but cut from the season. 

It's almost like they're being shoved into the background, and we're just expected to know everything about their relationship already.

As an avid Choni shipper myself, I feel like Riverdale really needs to step it up regarding their scenes. It's possible that they're holding off until next season to showcase them as a couple, but it feels more like the audience has missed out on a lot of important aspects of their relationship. 

I know that Riverdale isn't just about the ships, but it sure feels like it sometimes. There are quite the amount of Betty/Jughead and Archie/Ronnie scenes that it makes me wonder why Cheryl and Toni aren't getting a similar amount of screen time at the beginning of their relationship. 

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I'm all for the awkwardness, and I would have loved to see a scene where Cheryl and Toni discussed exactly what they meant to each other and what they were. But we haven't even seen them kiss since their cinematic moment in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Cheryl and Toni Kiss - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17

It just feels like Cheryl and Toni are slowly becoming part of the background when they should be as important (if not more) as the other romances in the series.

They deserve just as much time and effort put into them as the rest of the relationships have, especially considering how big of a deal Cheryl finally finding love is with her story arc.

Cheryl has been a main character since the very first episode and deserves all the benefits of one.

For the entirety of the show, Cheryl has been the deepest and the loneliest character.

The murder of her brother Jason destroyed her in more ways than one. Cheryl admits that Jason was the only person who truly loved her and took care of her, and as we've seen throughout the series, even her parents treated her like garbage.

Her abusive parents constantly made her feel horrible about herself, and since the additional death of her father, things have only gotten worse in the Blossom household. 

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Cheryl even went as far as trying to commit suicide in the season 1 finale to be reunited with Jason once and for all.

There was even a time in the first season where Cheryl saw Archie as a person she could confide in. When Cheryl cares she cares deeply, and it was made clear when she kissed him just how much Archie's support meant to her. Love and comfort is not something she receives often.

Toni comforts Cheryl - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 14

Given Cheryl's past and how much it plays into her cold exterior, you would think that finally finding someone who can break down her walls would be made into a much bigger deal. But it feels like it was touched upon far too lightly and ultimately brushed past to make room for things that feel far less important. 

Not only is Cheryl and Toni's relationship important to the show, but it is also important to its viewers as an interracial relationship between two bisexual girls.

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I'm not saying the entire plot of the show needs to suffer to give Choni more time together, but it would be nice for them to at least share the spotlight with the other couples. Don't they deserve just as much?

Choni at school - Season 2 - Riverdale

With Season 3 of Riverdale most likely premiering in October, we have our fingers crossed that the show has something big in store for them.

Don't forget if you need to catch up before the new season, you can always watch Riverdale online via TV Fanatic. 

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