Pretty Little Liars: Shay Mitchell Reveals What She Misses About the Show

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It's hard to believe it, but Pretty Little Liars came to a close one year ago. 

It was a show filled with shocks, deaths, and even long-lasting friendships. While the series finale was a polarizing affair, series star Shay Mitchell has opened up about what she misses about being on the Freeform drama series. 

"The cast and the crew and the craft service — let's be honest that was a huge part of it," the actress dished to Life & Style.

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Mitchell played Emily Fields on the series that lasted seven seasons and made it clear in the interview that she and her fellow cast members became a family. 

"Being in New York with those girls, yeah I miss the family that we created. When you're with people for seven years, I saw them way more than I saw my own family, so just getting to hear how their kids are doing and seeing people's kids from zero to seven, it was like the craziest thing."

The good news is that it sounds like she and her co-stars are still on good terms. 

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"It's a really close-knit family that we built, so it's awesome to have those relationships still and know that they'll be life-long friendships," she said.

Far too often, cast members on long-running series do not actually get on that well, and it makes the chances of any sort of revival minimal. 

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If you watch Pretty Little Liars online, you know that Emily's storyline concluded with her and Alison together with a family. 

With the recent news that Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists has been ordered to series at Freeform, Sasha Pieterse will be reprising the role of Alison, but in a brand new location. 

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Mitchell is not attached to star, or even appear in a guest starring capacity, so it might mean that a breakup could be on the cards for Emison. 

There is the possibility that work has forced the pair to part ways for a while, but they could still be in a relationship ... a long distance one. 

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We're sure we'll get some more details as we inch closer to the series debut of the spinoff. 

That said, we sure hope the parting of ways makes more sense than the one Caleb and Hanna staged to allow Tyler Blackburn to lead the cast of Rosewood. Yeah, we all remember how that worked out. 

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