Elementary Season 6 Episode 8 Review: Sand Trap

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Too bad things didn't work out for Joan.

But Sherlock was back in fine form on Elementary Season 6 Episode 8.

Three months had elapsed since Sherlock left for a recovery vacation on Elementary Season 6 Episode 7.

Clean Technology - Elementary

For three months, Sherlock was locked away in a cabin and behaved himself. Well, except for that case involving a falsely accused black bear. I would have loved to have seen that case of the week.

But, alas, that was not meant to be. I guess there's no location budget.

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Still, not to worry. There was a fascinating case for Sherlock upon his return.

Yup, it was the old body-encased-in-cement trope. 

It was naturally the dunce on the construction site who uncovered the body, slicing it up in the process. Nothing is ever easy, is it?

Sherlock, of course, found the deceased woman's smart bracelet, or more precisely, the RF chip inside the bracelet which led to her former employer.

A Tiny Clue - Elementary Season 6 Episode 8

Levi would have made a perfect murderer, but unfortunately, he had an alibi. There was a lot of that going around this episode.

Sherlock's mind was sharp, as he came up with one false start after another with the slimmest of clues.

It was a shame that the scene of Lauren's flabby hired engineer running naked through the woods was revealed in the preview, but it was still funny when it happened in context.

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Then there was the Sand Mafia. I'd never pictured sand as an in-demand commodity before. How can people pursue something you shake out of your shoe? But Sherlock put that whole enterprise in perspective for viewers.

This included having his geologist friend Gay explain how having tons of sand stolen could lead to having more dangerous substances in the Hudson River and a bridge collapse. That was a solid earth-science lesson.

Jindal was such a cooperative crook. I guess all that governmental red tape has its benefits as Jindal realized the value of going through channels. 

Still, Jindal couldn't escape suspicion. Geez, you drill a few guys in the head, and people won't give you a pass.

Grilling a Suspect - Elementary Season 6 Episode 8

So, in the end, the innocuous county worker with a taste for kickbacks was the culprit. I didn't see that coming, especially after he painted himself as a victim of Jindal's Topaz Valley Industries. But he was pretty much the only person left who benefited from Lauren's death.

Which brings us back to Lauren. You have to wonder why an industrial thief, working on the down low with stolen technology, would feel compelled to investigate some unusual water readings, especially after being warned by the security guard about the people for whom he worked.

By not keeping hidden, Lauren actually saved an untold number of lives by unintentionally alerting authorities of the danger to the bridge. So her smaller transgression has to be overlooked in the big picture.

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Now, onto the bigger question of how is Sherlock?

He's pronounced himself free of the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. Three months free of stress had to help reset his unusual sleep patterns. And maybe he's learned some better lifestyle habits.

Let's see how he fares now that he's back to his normal life and his obsession of solving crimes. That will be the true test of whether he's clear of the PCS.

Possible Child - Elementary Season 6 Episode 8

I'm feeling bad for Joan. She's a victim of her own success.

Kelsey was the perfect baby mama for Joan, a smart Asian college student.

I hadn't considered what a minus Sherlock would be in the eyes of adoption-agency personnel, as a recovering drug addict. Surely, all of Joan's attributes would more than overcome that. Hopefully, they don't dig too much into Sherlock's other questionable life choices and associates.

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Although talking openly with people isn't Sherlock's strong suit, he truly tried to talk up Joan with Kelsey. I think he did too good a job, as that was one of the factors why Kelsey decided to keep her son.

It was Joan who ultimately changed Kelsey's mind. In Joan, she saw an Asian woman who was successful despite whatever life had thrown at her, and who wanted to be a mother. Kelsey decided that she could have it all too.

Will Joan find a child to adopt? I'm betting so. But I'm also betting it will take most of the season before that happens, and there will be a few more false starts along the way.

To follow Sherlock's progression, watch Elementary online.

How did you like the case of the week? Is Sherlock healed? Will Joan find a child, or is Sherlock it?

Comment below.

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