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Was Sloane proven right?

That was addressed on NCIS Season 15 Episode 24 when she thought the man who held her hostage and tortured her several years ago in Afganistan was alive in D.C.

However, not everyone believed her story, and she found herself fighting a losing battle to prove her story was right. 

Also, Vance and Gibbs wondered whether Sloane was willing to risk her entire career to destroy one man. 

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 24 Quotes

Kasie [about Gibbs]: He *always* follows orders?
Ducky: Always. [beat] Ish.

Sloane: Once he’s dead, I’ll feel a whole lot better.
Gibbs [softly]: I doubt that.
Sloane: What are you talking about?
Gibbs: My wife’s birthday was yesterday. Shannon. She and my daughter, Kelly, they were killed together. The man who did that, I hunted him down and I shot him in the head. And I really thought that would ease the ache in my heart. Nope. Not to this day. And you’re the only one I’ve told.