The Flash Season 4 Episode 23 Review: We Are the Flash

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On this jam-packed, high energy finale, we are taken for a ride through consciousness -- DeVoe's consciousness. 

So hold onto your seats because this episode doesn't let up until the very last second. 

To start things off on The Flash Season 4 Episode 23 it becomes clear early on that Harry was DeVoe's guinea pig. If he could reboot Harry's mind, then he could reboot almost anyone's. 

Pregnant Cecille - The Flash Season 4 Episode 23

Iris quickly shows up with Marlize, which completely and utterly shocked me. I didn't see this coming even with the foreshadowing last episode. I thought she would stay on DeVoe's side, believing that he wants the better good for Earth. 

I'm so glad I was wrong; however, her plan to stop DeVoe -- absolutely insane.

Marlize suggests to Team Flash that the only way to beat DeVoe is to find the good DeVoe inside of his mind. Yes, you read that right. By using a very pregnant Cecille, Barry will be able to access DeVoe's consciousness. They waste no time and immediately set up the lab for their last chance at saving the world.

Barry Allen Conscious - The Flash Season 4 Episode 23

Barry makes it inside of DeVoe's mind with only one mission: find the good DeVoe.

Marlize tells him that he's most likely at a place that deals with her -- the place where they fell in love and their home. Both places turn out empty, but not before Barry runs into a familiar face.  

Barry: Yeah, yeah it's Ralph. He's alive! Wait, how are you even here?
Ralph: How are you here? Did DeVoe get you?
Barry: No, no. He didn't.

RALPH!!!!!! I was so excited to see his goofy face that I practically jumped off the couch. And Team Flash couldn't be happier to hear their fallen friend is alive and well; however, their reunion is cut short as DeVoe shows up, threatening the duo with a cruel reality -- they are in his mind, and there is no escape from him. 

Bad DeVoe - The Flash Season 4 Episode 23

Back at Star Labs, Cecille's contractions start, which is causing problems with Barry inside DeVoe's consciousness. As long as she is pregnant, Cecille is able to keep a lock on Barry. But if she gives birth, then she will lose her new-found power, and Barry will be trapped forever. 

A determined Cisco looks for Harry until he finds him, which leads us to the most painful moment. 

Harry: Help...
Cisco: No, you are not frying away what's left of you.
Harry: Help! Please.

My heart broke as Harry desperately asked Cisco to help. You can tell that he wants nothing more than to help his Team and stop DeVoe. Luckily for us, Harry helps one last time. 

Ralph thinks that the good DeVoe may be back to his simple days as a college professor, but their hope is crushed as they see that good DeVoe is good ... and dead. The look on Marlize's face is enough for the coldest of hearts to break -- um hello, where is a mention of KF??

Back in real time, DeVoe shows up to Star Labs where he tries to get through to the Team and his estranged wife. And this is where Marlize grows on me, and she reveals her inner badass.

She boldly stands up to her husband and transfers the entire team to DeVoe's lair. I know, I know, crazy right? Wrong. It's brilliant, and only Marlize would've made this happen. 

Team Flash + Marlize - The Flash Season 4 Episode 23

Just as all hope seems lost, Barry understands why and how Ralph is still alive inside of DeVoe's mind. It's because it's Ralph's body that DeVoe is using, so of course, it would make sense to keep his host alive. Barry concludes that if he can get Ralph through the open portal, then Ralph will be able to take back control of his own body, permanently silencing DeVoe and his unruliness. 

Consciousness DeVoe shows up in his mind to confront the two heroes while real-life DeVoe shows up to his layer. Real-life DeVoe freezes everyone, but Cecille. He then starts killing her -- seriously?

This scene disgusted me. How could anyone harm a pregnant woman? How dare you, DeVoe! You need to die, like yesterday!

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When Cecille seems like she breathed her last breath, Barry and Ralph fight off consciousness DeVoe and make it through the portal, ultimately succeeding in bringing back Ralph.

DeVoe: You beat me!
Barry: No. We beat you.

DeVoe is dead -- FINALLY! But it almost seemed too easy, and I spoke too soon.

His last final wish or I should say death trap, is to activate Sally the Satellite, causing her to plummet to Earth. But with the force behind Sally, it could be the end of all mankind, wiping them into the next Stone Age. 

Not to mention this is all happening as Cecille is giving birth. OF COURSE, IT IS. It wouldn't be The Flash if it weren't.

Cecille: You've done this before, right?
Caitlin: Yeah, a couple times... In med school.
Cecille: Med school. Right...

To stop the falling satellite that could wipe out humanity, Barry rushes to point of impact and begins building speed.

Marlize enlightens Iris that Barry would be saving Earth, but no one would be saving Barry. As Barry makes the final run up to the satellite to knock it away, a new speedster joins his side. Together, the two speedsters knock the satellite away, leaving Barry very much alive and the other speedster long gone.

We switch back to Cecille and Joe as they welcome their new baby, who is happy and healthy. Barry and gang race back to Star Labs where Marlize packs her things.

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She tells Team Flash that she's going to pick up on healing the world instead of harming it, which was her plan all along. Giving the team a device to save Harry's mind, Marlize parts ways.

The team wastes no time in returning Harry's mind, but there's a problem. Something short-circuited, and he's not able to pick up on certain things. I saw this coming from a mile away. It would've been too easy just to give Harry back his mind. Too much has happened that would allow this, unfortunately. 

But he assures the team that at least he's back. He's still Harry. And now that he's Harry, he's ready to return to his Earth, a reality that sends a wave of shock and sadness throughout our Team. They eventually realize this is what he wants and needs, so they let him go, but not before a big team hug. 

I'm going to interrupt this review with a very important question: WHY DID NO ONE ADDRESS KILLER FROST THIS EPISODE? These last few episodes heavily focused on Caitlin and her missing persona, yet in the finale, there wasn't one mention of KF. Disappointed is an understatement. 

Cecille and Joe return home with their baby girl, Jenna Marie West, and Wally joins in on the celebration of his new sister.

I was beginning to think he wasn't going to return, but after a quick recount of Legends and how he found out who he is, there's a change to Iris and Barry. They discuss kids and when they would be ready, much to Barry's shock and surprise. 

Everything seems to be fine and dandy until an ominous knock echoes at the door.

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Because why do most writers wait until the last 30 seconds to introduce something entirely new and exciting. It's been done repeatedly, and I kind of suspected it. Can we come up with something new in delivering the upcoming story for next season?

Anyway, in through the door enters a girl who is quite comfortable with her surroundings, and many of our favorite characters recognize her from different places with Iris catching site of her jacket on the strange girl -- the jacket that is one of a kind. 

The girl introduces herself as Nora, Barry and Iris's future daughter. And it turns out she has made a big, big mistake.

How did you guys like The Flash Season 4 finale? Do you feel DeVoe's storyline ended appropriately? Do you think Nora is who we think she is or is there a more sinister reasoning to her sudden appearance?

Let me know in the comments below, and remember you can watch The Flash online right here at TV Fanatic! 

We Are the Flash Review

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Harry: Help...
Cisco: No, you are not frying away what's left of you.
Harry: Help! Please.

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Barry: Yeah, yeah it's Ralph. He's alive! Wait, how are you even here?
Ralph: How are you here? Did DeVoe get you?
Barry: No, no. He didn't.