Supergirl Round Table: Two Down, One to Go

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Purity and Pestilence are dead by the end of Supergirl Season 3 Episode 17, but not forgotten. Reign is still alive and kicking, and now she's armed with their powers, making her even stronger

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Christine Orlando, and Kathleen Wiedel discuss the early demise of the two Worldkillers, the fate of Mon-El, and one very big secret.

Join us!

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Are you surprised two of the Worldkillers are already dead?

Jay: A little. I wasn’t expecting it to happen so suddenly, but we were promised that Reign was the villain of the season, so I expected something to happen to leave only Reign.

Christine: Yes! I expected them to go down one by one with Reign being the last Worldkiller standing, but I appreciated the twist of one Worldkiller taking out the other. Now we can concentrate solely on Reign’s story.

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Kathleen: Christine pretty much summed my thoughts on this. It came as a surprise to me that they killed off two of the Worldkillers so quickly, but it does make sense for us to be able to focus more on the Reign/Sam dynamic and story. She is the one we as viewers care about the most.

Will Mon-El and the Legion go back to the future by the end of the season, or do you think Mon-El will stay behind?

Jay: I’m not sure. I think Mon-El will leave because he seems to be respecting his marriage and the commitment he made to Imra, but also he helped found the Legion, so could he really abandon it?

Christine: I don’t know and I’m not even sure what to hope for. I like Mon-El, and I enjoy his scenes with Kara, even when they are just friends. But there obviously needs to be a breaking point. Either Mon-El goes back with Imra or he stays here. I’m very curious to see how it all turns out.

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Kathleen: Like Jay and Christine, I'm rather on the fence with this issue. There are compelling reasons from a storytelling perspective for both possibilities. Or for him to attempt to return to the future only for something to go wrong.

Mon-El has really matured as a character this season. The dynamic between him and Kara has been far more interesting now than it was before. Whatever happens, though, I hope that it doesn't include Mon-El cheating on Imra with Kara, because that would just be so tacky.

Fighting Worldkillers - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 17

What are your thoughts on Lena revealing that she can make Kryptonite? Do you think James will tell Kara?

Jay: Lena’s a brilliant scientist, there was no doubt in my mind that she could manufacture Kryptonite. I think all of the Lena is a Luthor moments of this episode were really out of place, especially coming from Kara, but I like the growth James has had when it comes to Lena. I don’t think he’ll tell Kara unless he absolutely has to.

Christine: I agree, I don’t believe James will share Lena’s secret without her permission, unless there is some sort of emergency that would justify it.

I really enjoy Lena and James. They are a smart, grounded couple who actually talk to one another about important issues and apologize when they need to. I hope they continue to grow as a couple for seasons to come.

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Kathleen: No surprise here that Lena can make Kryptonite. Frankly, I think that destroying the DEO stockpile just because Superman was annoyed that someone could do some damage to him was a mistake in the first place. Now that it can be manufactured, that does put a new spin on things.

As for whether James will tell Kara... we all know how much damage big secrets like this can do. If he doesn't tell her, there's undoubtedly going to be some serious Drama. Maybe Lena should just tell Supergirl!

Lena at the DEO - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 17

What do you think of Alex's new suit and gun?

Jay: I love it. It’s always been a bit unrealistic to me that Alex could take on aliens with powers with only her supreme fighting skills, so I like that they’ve boosted her suit and given her some technical advances to make battling aliens (and holding her own against the Worldkillers when Kara was barely able to) a bit more realistic.

Christine: It made sense. Winn made a suit for James as the Guardian, so why not give Alex a power suit. She’s already badass, but a little extra protection certainly couldn’t hurt.

Kathleen: It's great to give her a new suit. Alex is awesome, but giving her a leg up against aliens that are almost always more powerful than us puny humans makes a ton of sense to me. She shouldn't always have to rely on Kara or J'onn to provide the metaphorical muscle in a fight.

Alex in Battle - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 17

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Jay: I don’t have just one scene, but I really “enjoyed” Sam’s scenes in the Kryptonian valley, especially with Julia.

Odette killed it, and one particular scene that I think could be the best of the season is when Sam saw Lena, Alex, and Supergirl, asked if she killed them, and started sobbing. It was heartbreaking to see the torture Sam is being put through by Reign.

Christine: I thought that Sam’s horror when she realized she couldn’t remember Ruby’s name was hear twrenching…and then she realized that Reign wanted to kill Ruby! That was a horrifically powerful moment that I won’t soon forget.

Kathleen: That's some really heavy stuff you two mentioned, so I'll go with something that actually tickled me. 

J'onn: There's still one big hole in this plan. How do we send Supergirl back to this valley?
Kara: We fight fantasy with sci-fi.

Over to you, Supergirl Fanatics! Do you agree with our Round Table?

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Brainy: Once I induce transmission, your minds will be immediately beamed into this dark valley.
Alex: Is it gonna hurt?
Brainy: The chances are better than 50%.
Alex: That's comforting.
Brainy: Really? I didn't think so.

J'onn: There's still one big hole in this plan. How do we send Supergirl back to this valley?
Kara: We fight fantasy with sci-fi.