Supergirl Round Table: A Matter of Trust

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Supergirl and Lena found themselves at odds on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 18, which unknowingly to Lena, could lead to a rift in her friendship with Kara. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jay Ruymann, and Kathleen Wiedel debate whether that friendship can be repaired, Mon-El's looming decision, and Coville's part in all of this. 

Join us!

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Are you worried about Kara's friendship with Lena and James? Do you think Supergirl will regain Lena's trust?

Christine: Kara has always been the hero among her friends, so hearing what Lena really thought of her, and that James lied to her, was absolutely shocking. I love this twist.

It’s easy for Supergirl to become self-righteous and maybe she needs someone like Lena to keep that in check. I think they will all find their way back to one another, but there will, and should, be some difficult character growth along the way.

Jay: I think Kara’s friendship with James will forever be different, but I don’t see any new difference between Kara and Lena. These episodes have created a rift in between the two that won’t be fixable, so I don’t see Lena and Kara being friends if there’s a Supergirl reveal to her.

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Kathleen: Lena and James have very different ideas from Kara about what's happening, and while that's the nominal cause of the rift between them, it speaks to much deeper issues.

Kara really struggles with something of a superiority complex sometimes; there's nothing wrong with being confident in your decisions, but always being convinced of your own moral superiority on all occasions simply cannot work. Just because you're a hero and have good intentions doesn't mean you're always right.

Did you find yourself siding more with Kara or Lena on the Kryptonite debate?

Christine: I completely sided with Lena. We humans have a multitude of things that can kill us, and yet we deal with them. There is literally one thing that can kill Supergirl, and she wants it eliminated.

From a survival perspective, I can understand that, but it’s short-sighted. Kryptonite has proven extremely useful in the fight against evil. It should certainly be regulated and controlled, but not completely destroyed.

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Jay: Agreed, Lena is in the right. Kryptonite is the one substance that can hurt Kara, Clark, and the Worldkillers, and where was this outrage when Kara discovered the DEO had a stash of it for protection against Superman if the day ever came?

Kathleen: Let's make it a unanimous three, then, because I agree with both of you. The protagonists have already had to deal with hostile Kryptonians (including Kara and her cousin on different occasions).

What if Kara or Clark or J'onn weren't there to save the day? Humans need to be able to defend themselves, not rely on a super-powered savior all the time. Think about it this way: I'm not going to demand that all police officers melt down their guns and ammunition simply due to the fact that their bullets can kill me.

Alex vs Reign - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 18

Will Mon-El choose to stay after Reign is defeated? Will you miss Imra and Brainy?

Christine: I liked Imra but I don’t see a place for her in this Universe, and I never really bonded with Brainy, so neither feels like a huge loss. I did like that Imra was willing to give Mon-El the freedom to go back and help Kara.

If he comes back to her in the future, she’ll know he’s hers for good. I’ve always liked Mon-El, and I enjoyed his and Kara’s romance, but I could go either way on this one. For now, I’m just curious to see how it all plays out.

Jay: I think Mon-El will leave, and I wish Imra would have stayed instead. Her powers are more useful.

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Kathleen: I actually enjoyed Brainy's off-kilter demeanor (especially his interactions with Winn). Imra, well, I understood her situation regarding Mon-El, Kara, and Pestilence, but her returning to her home time makes sense.

There's nothing for her here, after all -- unless Mon-El chooses to stay, that is. Honestly, I hope he decides to go. He made a choice to marry Imra, and he made a life for himself in the future. Kara is (in more ways than one) the past for him. He should move on.

Sam's Mom - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 18

Do you have any theories on how Coville will play into all of this? Will he wind up helping them defeat Reign?

Christine: I hope so. I’m guessing that journal will have some pertinent information on the fight. As the season is winding down, my one hope is that Sam survives.

Jay: I think his journal will have information about Sam’s role in all of this and whether she’ll be instrumental in defeating Reign or not.

Kathleen: Is there much left to say on this? I think you two have pretty much covered what I think on the topic.

Super Duo - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 18

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Christine: Lena, “Trust is hard for me too, Supergirl, but since we seem to need each other I guess we’re just going to have to figure it out.”

I love Lena more with each episode. She’s honest, smart, strong, yet vulnerable. She’s willing to take risks and she’s willing to speak the truth. I hope she’s around for a long time. 

Jay: I really enjoyed the scene with Reign at Patricia’s house. “It’s mommy.” That scene was chilling, and Odette is such a capable actress. You can tell she’s enjoying this role.

Kathleen: On the funny/tragic/strangely poetic side of things, there's always M'yrnn:

I discovered the most incredible thing today. Did you know, if you grind the coffee beans with the cocoa beans, you get the most delectable mixture? It makes the flavor senses of my mouth smile.


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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Winn: Did Mon-El tell you about my dirt collection?
Brainy: No, I ran a diagnostic of your personality, and calculated with a 98..7% certainty that you either collected dirt or New York Mets baseball cards.

Winn: J'onn's going to be sad he missed you.
Mon-El: Tell him it's okay. I'll see him in a thousand years.