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Gina Cline is on a quest on SIX Season 2 Episode 2, but it has nothing to do with finding Rip's killer. It just happens to be a coincidence that The Prince is the guy everyone is ultimately trying to find.

But is that even a true statement?

Michael Nasry is the mastermind behind Rip's murder. He acted alone, and using Marissa to go after the SEALs is his own doing.

Nasry the Demon - SIX Season 2 Episode 2

That's the reason why he was getting beat up by Dragan on SIX Season 2 Episode 1. If you remember, Dragan wanted to know how he was able to commit murder without pulling the trigger himself, and Michael kept his mouth shut.

At least that's how it's starting to unravel in my head.

None of the guys or their families are safe -- not as long as Marissa's around. She still intends to do Michael's bidding, and Gina is not asking Michael the right questions.

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Her only focus is avenging Vince's death. She could give a rat's ass about Rip or the rest of the SEALs or their families.

Michael is one smart dude. He completely understands what Gina's motives are in her search for The Prince, and he's playing her to the hilt.

I bet he's feigning all the distress from the CIA's torture methods. Maybe not all of it, but at least some of it.

Gina's on a Quest - SIX Season 2 Episode 2

What that means, I'm not exactly sure, but Nasry is more dangerous than Gina ever thought possible.

I wonder what her reaction will be when Marissa starts going after the rest of the team?

There's no way she's going to change her focus -- not when she has an asset she believes is going to give her what she wants.

Maybe after she finds The Prince, she'll think about the others, but until then, it's not happening.

Buddha got a strong whiff of Gina and her one-track mind when he worked with her in Bosnia in 2004.

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He saw first-hand how she operated, and he wasn't too impressed. He knows she's bad news.

But Olivia Munn isn't on this show for nothing, so she's somehow going to end up using Bear and the team to do her bidding, and it's not going to be pretty.

I can already see Bear and Buddha butting heads on this. The issues between them are starting to get intense.

It's understandable that Buddha was upset when Rip recommended Bear to lead the team instead of him, but Rip had a point.

Caulder Has Memories - SIX Season 2 Episode 2

Buddha has a family, and he cares about them. If I remember correctly, Buddha was going to walk away from the SEALs (he even had a civilian job lined up) at the beginning of SIX Season 1, but then Rip got in trouble in Africa, and Buddha went in for another run.

Even though he stayed with the SEALs, he made a choice. His family is number one, and Rip realized that.

It's not that Bear doesn't care or love Lena, but if he had to choose, he'd choose the SEALs.

And maybe it was the death of his daughter that turned the tide for him. If the little girl hadn't died, maybe things would be different -- maybe he'd be a devoted family man just like Buddha.

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But Bear is the team leader, and he's running his ship much differently than Rip did. It's not going over well with Buddha.

Again, I think his reaction to Bear coming down on him and Caulder had more to do with Bear being in control than anything else, but Buddha did have a point.

It was pretty shitty for Bear to do that in front of everyone else.

This is just the beginning of their conflict, and it's not going to get better anytime soon. I just hope whatever comes down the road doesn't completely tear the team apart.

There is already enough trouble with Caulder. He's having serious aftereffects from Dragan's bomb causing him to rely on opioids.

Rip Haunts - SIX Season 2 Episode 2

He's obviously had some issues with drugs in the past based on Bear having seen him nearly overdose before. Even if Caulder did it again, Bear would be right there by his side.

Bear will do anything to protect his team. They're family.

The wildcard is going to be Dharma. She wanted to call 911 but didn't only because Bear convinced her not to.

She and Caulder have come a long way in their relationship, and she's not about to lose her dad to drugs. She's going to do everything to protect him -- even if that means turning him in so he can get help.

If that happens, it's going to come at the most inopportune time. I love Dharma, but she needs to mind her own business. I'm not condoning Caulder's use of drugs, but turning him in isn't the answer.

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Caulder needs help. If he would admit to having problems from the bombing, things might clear up for him so he can move past this.

There are so many outside forces ready to tear the team apart! I can't handle it!

I've saved the best part of the installment for last.

The makeshift memorial on the beach was a perfect opportunity for everyone to reminisce about Rip -- even Caulder had some nice things to say. Rip had his issues, but he was loved -- and respected.

Rip was making an appearance with all the guys throughout "Ghosts" (and who doesn't love themselves a little Walton Goggins?), but he was spending an inordinate amount of time messing with Bear.

Love Story - SIX Season 2 Episode 2

What surprises me about their ghostly interactions is that Rip isn't doing a very good job warning Bear that he's headed down the same path Rip was. Part of why Rip ended up the way he was before he turned it around in Africa was because his whole life revolved around being a SEAL

Bear was trying to convince himself that he isn't turning into Rip, but if you look closer, their paths are nearly parallel. Rip was involved in a great relationship that went sour because he started caring more about being a SEAL than he did about his wife.

Bear loves Lena, but she's not first in his life. Like I said earlier, if he had to choose, he'd choose the SEALs over Lena -- hands down.

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So not only does Bear have a serious conflict brewing with Buddha, and the ongoing conflict with Lena, he's got an inner conflict with himself.

Dumping vodka on the ground to send Rip's spirit away isn't going to resolve that conflict.

Bear is going to have some tough choices, and Rip's ghost saw that before he left. He knows his friend is in for some turbulent times.

Some final thoughts:

  • What the hell is Lena thinking when she told Bear maybe they need to start seeing other people?! Are you crazy, girl? Don't do that to Bear. Not now! He needs you. And we need all that Bear and Lena love.
  • As much as I hate Nasry and wish he'd burn in hell, I'm dying to know his backstory. I can't be the only one, can I?
  • Marissa is about to make another move. Who will be her next target? If she goes after sassy Jackie, I'm going to have a fit. Hell, whoever she goes after next is going to make me bonkers! Why can't the FBI do their job and find the right person responsible?
  • If you're not watching SIX yet, what's wrong with you?! Forget those other military shows. This is the one you need to get hooked on now!

Your turn!

What did you think of "Ghosts"? 

How soon before Gina wakes up and realizes that Nasry is playing her?

Is Rip's ghost gone forever? Did he make the right choice choosing Bear over Buddha?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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