Siren Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Being Human

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This is Xander's episode, and we are just living in it. 

It was clear after what happened with his father that Xander would be explored more closely, and yet this was even more than any of us could have hoped.

During Siren Season 1 Episode 8, a memorial is held for Xander's dad, and everyone handles the tragedy in their own way. Ryn appears without warning, and things take a turn for the interesting. 

This was a way to craft a bottle episode while still managing to have characters interact that may not have done it before or didn't do it in that specific enclosed space.

The highlights though continue to come from Xander and the interactions he shares with others, maybe because his emotional range can hit a bunch of different places. 

Ryn Watches From Afar - Siren

Xander and Maddie had something in the past. I need to know what it was like yesterday.

I didn't even see myself being this curious, but that conversation on the boat has me beyond excited.

To me, it came off as a potential past relationship that wasn't one-sided, even though now Xander has to be struggling with feelings for Maddie again.

Did Ben know? How did Maddie and Ben get together without any awkward vibes coming from Xander?

Ben and a Toast - Siren Season 1 Episode 8

Maddie didn't seem like she cared for Xander in the same way but there is something there, and I am here for it.

Rooting for Maddie and Ben to break up isn't the best way to experience the show, yet I am still going to do it because of that one scene.

Hopefully, now that it was introduced there will be more of an explanation before the season wraps itself up. 

We had a two minute conversation. It's a start.


Ryn and the sea lion wasn't the highlight of the episode, but it was the highlight.

This is a reminder of how far she has already managed to come while on land, things have shifted to the point where she is welcome by creatures that would fear her.

How much do we have to question this though? Is the mermaid that we met at the beginning of the show slowly becoming more human?

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That isn't in any way bad for us, for Ryn on the other hand, that is just a different story altogether. She has struggled significantly while on land because she felt like she was called to the ocean. This isn't her leaving it all behind, yet it is still her inching away towards a new life with new people.

Xander and his Pain - Siren Season 1 Episode 8

Speaking of new people, Ben has a strange obsession with Ryn singing to him, and I can't be the only one questioning it.

Her voice is meant to lure people in so this isn't a bad experience for Ben, but isn't them becoming actual friends change things? There is no need for that manipulation, and Ryn understands that. 

Ben is the one still craving that other connection to her, to which I say that I am just going to keep an eye on it.

Side note though, can I just compliment the show for not entertaining the idea that Ryn's relationship with Maddie and Ben needs to become a source of constant tension for everyone?

There are moments where I wait for it to feel like a love triangle that the show will focus on and that never ends up happening.

It is refreshing and lovely to see characters interact with one another, form meaningful bonds, and not focus on some negativity instead.

Now she trust Ryn.


The mermaids have returned, and shit is about to get even more real.

Donna is alive and well, which was probably obvious even though I created another plan in my mind by then. Still, she is back with the guy that killed Xander's father, and none of this is good.

Ryn has been conflicted when it comes to mermaids vs. humans, but the way that things ended on that ship has her once again adjusting even more with the humans.

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She will be at odds with Donna, and I am curious if this will extend to her new friends. 

She won't be happy that the merman was the one who harmed an innocent human, yet the real question is if she even knows him?

I know I am part animal but I am part human.


Ryn explained the funeral process for mermaids, and now I am curious about how well their community is organized. Do they know each other? Do they see that the other is one of them and from there they become friends? How do these things work?

Then there is also the fact that Donna can't be back for any good reason, so these random friends have to be dangerous as well. They picked the perfect timing though.

I have to say that it is like they felt that Xander is one mermaid appearance away from snapping and they made sure to schedule it in their calendars for exactly that time. 

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What did you think of the episode? Are you worried about the arrival of Donna and her crew? Where do things go from here now that Ryn is finding life on land and her sister is still in the ocean? What about Xander and his emotional state? What happened between Maddie and him? Let us know what you think below!

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Being Human Review

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Siren Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

We had a two minute conversation. It's a start.


I know I am part animal but I am part human.