Siren Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Dead in the Water

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This entire time Xander was giving off warning signs that made the loss of his father a complete surprise.

Things turned so much more real with Xander and his crew, and the shift from this will never leave things the same especially if the merman is still out there somewhere.

During Siren Season 1 Episode 7, Ryn ends up taken to the police station, and her secret ends up revealed to Maddie's father. Meanwhile, Xander and Ben are out at sea when things take a turn that ends up with Xander losing his father. 

All in all, this episode took a lot of turns that both helped move the arcs along and was risky in the best way possible. The way this will now shape Xander moving forward pushes him closer and closer to discovering about Ryn. 

Running To The Rescue

Xander was giving me vibes the entire time that this might be his last adventure ever.

It really was between him and his dad for me, and while I was happily surprised that Xander survived, this changes everything for him going forward. 

It was a huge turning point because not only is Xander struggling without his dad, his relationship with the mermaids will only grow worse from here. 

You can't exactly blame him for seeing them in an even worse light because these people from the ocean caused his friend to be taken and then his dad to get killed. 

Maddie and Her Dad - Siren Season 1 Episode 7

Nothing good has come from this for Xander, and I am excited to see where his head is at now.

Even in the span of a few hours, seeing Xander say that he will cover up what happened to his father made something take over him, he was no longer the guy determined to prove the existence of mermaids because of what he saw.

Now he is a guy who lost his family to the ocean and what lies beneath, there is no way he will forgive or forget any time soon.

Ben: If your dad finds out
Xander: I'm calling the shots on this one!

Ryn's showdown with Maddie's dad aka her future father in law was a well-shot scene, the framing almost creating this nervous feeling where you have no idea where things will go.

And honestly, I didn't think Maddie's dad would be brought into the loop; the fact that he did only made the plot stronger. 

This idea that he could have an arc of trying to find her while not even knowing what he was dealing with may have worked in the very beginning.

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Now though we are at a point where this innocent unawareness no longer works as well, so the best way to shake the plot up had to be by letting him know.

Now Maddie's dad is in a place where he is still dealing with the issues in town, but he also can't just arrest Ryn for anything.

This opens the door for a new story that I think is worth exploring. It makes things complicated, but they are also intense enough to continue to capture all of our attention.

It's especially true since someone working for him is now aware that he seemed to have found a killer and yet let her go without a word.

Ben and Maddie help Ryn.


Maddie's relationship with her father being tested while her relationship with Ryn gaining strength was a nice little touch.

I don't know if I am the only one who thinks this but Maddie and Ben being on their own for an episode wasn't all that bad a thing.

The two characters are strong enough to carry their own stories, and this was a great example of that. They don't need the other as a relationship crutch and them doing their own thing was quite interesting. 

Maddie's family and her need to protect Ryn were both the perfect backdrop to a journey that was very much her.

The Fish Tank - Siren Season 1 Episode 7

Maddie struggling to be honest with her father while trying to make sure the other people she loved were safe pushed her to not only help them both, she revealed the truth going forward would only benefit her.

The fewer people that Madi has to lie to, the better. She struggles the most when she has to hide something and maybe being freer even if only around her father will help her be less worried.

Maddie deserves a break after all this. 

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Now the mermaids and their sequence on the boat was fantastic, though I did question how they were able to walk. Am I weird for thinking their fins made it so they could only crawl?

Both of them were essentially running around the ship like they were just one of the humans and that was a strange thing to wrap my head around while I was trying to take it seriously. 

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Anyway, Donna's faith has me worried. It didn't come off as if Ben killed her but there was for sure an injury sustained if she dropped like that into the water and didn't appear again.

As for the new guy, he is freaking tough, and now that he was shown to us in his human form I am keeping an eye on Bristol Cove in general.

There was something about the role that he played and his last scene that made me wonder if this isn't the last that we have seen of him.

It was an accident.


What did you think of the episode? Were you shocked by the death? Where do you think Xander goes from here? Should we start to worry that Ryn's secret is no longer one? What did you think of the merman and Donna? Let us know what you think below!

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Dead in the Water Review

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Siren Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ben: If your dad finds out
Xander: I'm calling the shots on this one!

Ben and Maddie help Ryn.