Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9 Review: Knee Deep

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It's rare you see people get excited for a state of emergency, but at least the Conner's had a good reason for it. 

It's not difficult to feel exactly how Dan felt on Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9, especially when no matter what he did terrible things would just follow him. 

I imagine a lot of people are going to have opinions when it came to Dan wanting to hire undocumented workers to cut costs, but I knew exactly where Dan was coming from. It was clear Roseanne's knee was not going to get better, and she was just going to continue to take those pain pills. 

Dinner Time - Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9

Dan had to come up with another option so they could get the money for her surgery. This isn't something Dan wanted to do, it was something he had to do for his family. On the other hand, I understood Chuck's feelings as well. There was the sense of betrayal coming from someone who you've been friends with for years. 

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Chuck also made a good point about him not getting the job will also keep food off his table. The entire situation would have no winners – just great friends who are mad at each other, and Dan possibly getting kicked out of the union because of the decision he was possibly going to go with. 

Roseanne does get credit for at least trying to find another solution to get the money. Who else got a little misty eyed with Roseanne picked up Nana Marie's hat? I have really been loving the little touches the show has been throwing in for the people who are no longer with us. 

Roseanne And Jackie - Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9

It was not shocking at all to hear Roseanne and Jackie's mom had a doll who she treated better than her girls. Jackie's reaction to the doll was hilarious – when she threatened to brush the dolls hair I could not stop laughing. The cherry on top was definitely when Jackie picked up the diary which turned out to be the dolls diary. 

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There was no way the doll was going to be worth $5,000 either. It would have been way too easy to have the solution to the Conner's problems right in the basement. I know we're supposed to suspend belief when it comes to our favorite shows, but come on. 

At least Jackie did get the final vindication of the doll being a disappointment up until the very end. Jackie deserves a win every now and then. 

Becky And Darlene Talk - Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9

I was a little confused when it came to Darlene's new job. Wouldn't she know she would have to fake it to get tips working as a waitress? I know it's not the job she was wanting, but there's just no way she wouldn't try to phone in it to make sure she makes some money. 

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It was also odd having Becky be the voice of reason when it came to giving advice about how to make money. Becky has been viewed, this season at least, as the one who hasn't succeeded. She's consistently being put down, and being shown to make terrible decisions, but she ended up giving Darlene useful advice. 

One of my favorite moment had to be when Harris not only told Darlene she was a good writer, but also encouraged her to continue writing. There's no reason why Darlene should stop, and I'm hoping she continues to pursue writing next season. Darlene just needs to look at the job she currently has as a means to provide for her family. 

Darlene Waitress - Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9

Who else was loving all the Halloween talk? If Roseanne doesn't have a Halloween episode next season I am going to riot. It brought back so many memories – Harris did not know who she was talking to when she was trying to tell the family they were being lame. 

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Of course we all knew the Conner family would be able to come up with the money, but I wasn't expecting the state of emergency to be their saving grace. Dan was right, he'd be able to get the money from FEMA, but still have some leftover for Roseanne's surgery. 

It was interesting hearing Roseanne discuss not wanting to die on the operating table. I know we're supposed to ignore Season 9, but it still brought up the memories of Dan's death. We may have our own opinions when it comes to Roseanne, but the one thing we can all agree on is death being a scary thought. 

DJ Magic - Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9

It was pretty sweet of the family to put together one last mega meal before Roseanne had to go into surgery, but why did they plan it so darn late? You have to plan these mega meals out correctly!

In the end, this has been a pretty solid season of Roseanne. I am looking forward to seeing what they do next season especially since the season has been extended. I am really hoping they delve into the kids lives a little more, but also giving the grandkids a little more to do. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think. 

Did you figure the money would come through for Roseanne's surgery? Did you get nostalgic with all the references to the past? What do you hope to see next season? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

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Knee Deep Review

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Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9 Quotes

Dan: Did you make the appointment for your knee surgery yet?
Roseanne: You know how doctors are, Dan. They say they can see you in a month and then when you tell them you can't stand the pain any longer they say, "We'll see you in a month."

Mom's yelling fine in the bathroom and I'm not going in.