Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Family Ties

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I don't know what is going on, but Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 21 threw me for a huge loop.

I know about Avery possibly running for office a while back, but at that time, he had decided not to do it. Now, all of a sudden, he's out, and Murtaugh is in.

How did this change so quickly in the course of two episodes with nary a mention?

First Day On the Job - Lethal Weapon

It's highly disappointing that Kevin Rahm's Avery will no longer be part of the Lethal Weapon team. There's always the possibility he might come back, but the Commission wouldn't have offered Murtaugh the job if Avery was coming back.

It also sets up the possibility that Lethal Weapon isn't going to be renewed for a third season. If Roger takes the captain's job, he will no longer be partnered up with Riggs.

No Riggs and Murtaugh means no Lethal Weapon.

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Sorry, folks, but think about it. Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 22 might be the end of the series.

If that's the way it's going to go, I hope that Riggs ends up happily ever after with Molly.

At this point, I'm pretty tired of all the Nathan Riggs drama.

Every episode we are tortured with another brutal flashback, and I just don't care anymore. I know I said that before, but Nathan Riggs is boring, and constant reminders about Riggs' rotten childhood does nothing to move the story forward.

At Odds - Again - Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 21

We already know Riggs' dad is a bastard. We don't need to see it told a different way all the time.

At least when we had constant flashbacks of Miranda, it served a purpose. Those flashbacks gave us insight into Martin's psyche.

Flashbacks about his father don't have the same impact. Watching Nathan Riggs beat his son over and over doesn't make me hate the guy any more than I already do, so what's the point of continuing to shove it down our throats?

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And the whole idea that Riggs has a secret brother is more drama we don't need.

Throwing a brother into Riggs life does nothing to help Riggs. If anything, the introduction of Garrett gives Riggs added responsibility for which he's not ready. Plus, a brother will mess with his head and him send backward in his progress with Cahill.

Seeing the father who beat him sitting at the bedside of his comatose brother had to be difficult. How could a guy love one minute and hate the next? That idea would send me reeling too!

And Riggs already has a mountain of mental issues before him. He doesn't need anymore. 

Nathan should have died in prison. I'm not looking forward to the guy taking Trish hostage on Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 22. Didn't we already go down that road on Lethal Weapon Season 1 in her own house, no less?

At the Hospital - Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 21

Seriously. Who's going to believe that Trish Murtaugh is going to die? It's not going to happen. 

My heart wasn't pounding with fear and anticipation after that preview. I can tell you that.

Let's go back to Roger as captain for a minute. 

Someone please explain to me how a guy who took over a bus filled with passengers to chase after a suspect is even considered for a job with such great responsibility?

It was a great scene -- the bus driver was hilarious -- but seriously?

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If anyone should be named captain, it should be Bailey because she's the only sane one in that place.

I guess Lethal Weapon is just throwing it all to the wind at this point. Why have anything that is even remotely realistic when the end is nigh?

Taking over a bus full of passengers is not something Roger would do even if that was the only way he'd be able to stay on the suspect. Roger also wouldn't be driving a Ferrari.

Confrontation - Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 21

Bailey's slow-mo during the Ferrari shootout was awesome, and I'm glad she got a chance to strut her stuff before the show says goodbye.

Of course, I have no idea if this is it for Lethal Weapon. We've heard nothing official, but all signs are pointing that way.

As I mentioned in other reviews, there has been no rhyme or reason to any of the storylines and how they connect. It all seems very haphazard. And let's not forget the lack of chemistry between Riggs and Roger. It no longer exists.

"Family Ties" had a couple of decent moments, but the story of Nathan Riggs was tiring, the addition of Garrett Riggs added too much drama, and Avery suddenly leaving the LAPD was highly disappointing.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready for Lethal Weapon to be done. I hope we get a decent goodbye. Happy endings for everybody would make it all worth it.

What did you think of "Family Ties"?

Were you surprised about Avery? Is this the end of Lethal Weapon?

Are you tired of Riggs' drama? Surprised he has a brother?

Hit the comment and share your thoughts!

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Family Ties Review

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