iZombie Season 4 Episode 12 Review: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

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This season of iZombie is giving me whiplash.

There are moments when the arcs are frustrating; then they give us a fantastic hour, and I feel foolish for complaining. 

iZombie Season 4 Episode 12 was a tremendous hour that stayed true to the series' tradition of ramping things up in the penultimate installment before knocking it out of the park in the finale. 

The Lilywhites?! - iZombie Season 4 Episode 12

The Major I like best returned (sort of) after the tragic loss of his cadet. In true Major fashion, he had Jordan hiding away in his bedroom recovering from the multiple bullets she took to the torso and hiding from Chase or something.

Hobbs came knocking on Major's door delivering news that we all expected. Chase has been unraveling for quite some time, and the issue is that he has been losing the few allies they had left in Washington. Chase killing Captain Seattle with no remorse was the last straw. 

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The thing is the Fillmore Graves soldiers have been plotting to overthrow Chase for a while now, but we haven't seen any of it at work. That's unfortunate, but everything about how Fillmore Graves has been handled this season is unfortunate, but I digress.

With this violence, this unrest we're losing the few allies we have in Washington. Our allies need a sign that we're righting the ship. We need new leadership.


Chase has been a disappointment, and the other soldiers feel that Major would be a better leader. If Major was made fun of for being Chase's second in command, why would the others feel he's better at being a leader? I mean he would be, but I don't see why the other soldiers would have so much faith in Major. 

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Anyway, Major would soon regret not agreeing to it sooner because maybe he could have prevented some zombie version of Romeo and Juliet taking place when Chase officially executes Liv and Levon. 

Instead, Major slipped back into the Major that we're familiar with, and he decided to kidnap Liv after seeing the Fillmore Graves tweet that they were executing Curtis unless Renegade turned herself over. Don't you love modern technology? How else do you find out about public executions? Obviously, not the news or anything, silly! 

I was just working up the courage to knock. I should have listened to you. You were right about Chase. You were right about everything.


The one gripe I had about Major coming to see Liv is something many of you will probably enjoy for a change. I didn't care for the fact that he flat out told her that she was right about everything. Was Liv right about a few things? Yes, of course. Was she right about everything? Hell no!

I may have sided more with Liv than Major throughout this whole ordeal, but I was never blind to the fact that she has made some terrible decisions of her own. Major admitting that Liv was right  would mean this entire season was about one side being right and the other being wrong, and that's not true at all. 

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I welcomed Major's come to Jesus moment regarding Chase and his acknowledging that he wasn't on the side that suited his characterization. Then he did the most Major of Major things and injected and kidnapped Liv, hauling her all the way to Oregon to a safe house until after the execution. 

Happy Couple - iZombie Season 4 Episode 12

He didn't want Liv turning herself in to save Curtis. In the short term, I understand his impulse, but we all know Chase would keep executing whatever suspected zombie smuggler he got his hands on until Liv turned herself over, so it only delayed the inevitable. 

Now, there's the issue with the brains that I mentioned earlier in the season, and I guess we're supposed to accept only because Major is the one who did it. I feel like if Major weren't the person behind this minor detail, it would lead to a deeper discussion on zombie consent issues. It still should, to be honest.  

Major kidnapping Liv was quintessentially Major and made sense. However, I cringed when he dosed her with 1950's married couple brain. She was under the impression that she ate brain mash and would be unaffected by a brain. 

Major gave her something else without her consent and exploited it so that they could have a happy day together pretending to be a married couple. On top of that sketchy move, he knows that she's seeing Levon. 

Blissful Life - iZombie Season 4 Episode 12

Levon is the equivalent of a background fixture, but he doesn't deserve to be cheated on. Didn't we go through this exact same thing last season around this time when Liv cheated on Justin with Chase and blamed it on Katty brain? 

It was difficult to enjoy Major and Liv playing up their "The Lilywhites" saga and admitting their feelings for one another for the millionth time when in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about the fact that Liv was once again cheating on a spouse. 

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At this rate, I need the two of them to stick it out because they hurt too many people when they're doing their on-again-off-again relationship thing. Meanwhile, back in Seattle, Levon was turning himself over as Renegade to save Curtis and Liv. 

Levon is prepared to die for Liv, and she slipped back into her old habits with Major. It's not cool. No amount of decrepit basement zombies who couldn't bear the thought of not dying together will make that cool. 

You wanted Renegade? You got him.


I love how that letter posted on the gate was used to throw another lug at Chase. Fillmore Graves stopped sending the old couple rations, so they locked themselves up to avoid hurting anyone. Chase, that monster

Liv, oh, I'm sorry, I mean Olivia not going along with the Stepford act because everything Major did annoyed her was funny. It would have been funnier had she not allowed herself to be deeply engrossed in it, to begin with, but then we wouldn't have had Liv and Major on a fun brain. 

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Russ not making it to the guillotine pisses me off. So far, the guillotine has been used on all the wrong people. A pickax to the noggin is a hell of a way to go, though. 

Following the pattern of Liv's boyfriends winding up dead or screwed over, Levon is going to experience both. He'll probably be executed first to toy with Liv. 

The Lovely Levon - iZombie Season 4 Episode 5

In another time, Chase would have spared Liv. It's possible he would have considered it before Levon's desperate last act. The public would have overlooked the double execution months ago, but there will be resistance and a rebellion.

I wouldn't be surprised if Chase found himself in his own guillotine. 

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Of course, it's also possible that Angus and his flock will get to him first. Brother Love's congregation despises Fillmore Graves, and Blaine has manipulated his father into starting a reckoning that will have Angus and his flock infecting the entire country. 

I honest to God want to know what Blaine is thinking here. He wants to sell the cures for as much as possible, but does that require turning most of the country? What happens when he sells them all, and everyone is destroying each other? 

Angus: Enjoy your illusion of power, human.
Clive: Enjoy handcuffs, whitey.

It was raining brains, so Angus got his sign. I sincerely hope Angus and his entire congregation die by the end of the season. 

I was rolling my eyes at the flock stationed in the bullpen waiting for Angus to be released. Inspector McFrenchie in all of his obnoxious glory releasing Tucker was counterintuitive. 

The best part of the zombie fanaticism plot during this hour was watching Clive and Ravi work together to solve White Girl's murder. 

Clavi on the Case - iZombie Season 4 Episode 12

Ravi and Clive are the best things that came out of this season. Their friendship and partnership have brought me so much joy. I could watch an entire hour of the two of them playing off of one another. I could gush about them for an entire hour. 

Ravi on White Girl brain was his best brain to date. I could not stop laughing. Can we take a moment to appreciate Rahul Kohli this season? He has been giving us some stellar performances with range, especially since he's in on the zombie action now. 

Clive: I'm going to ask you one more time to button that.
Ravi: I'm proud of my body, and if I want to show it, I'm going to. No one is making you look.

He also looks good with the streak in his hair. Clive and Ravi bickering at The Scratching Post, and Don E and Blaine's reaction was priceless. It was like Major on teen girl brain. Good times. 

But, as if Ravi didn't rock enough this hour, he used Isobel's brain to come up with a zombie vaccination. The brain lit up like a globe, but the results made me squeal. Ravi created a cure! 

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It's sweet that Isobel wanted her life to mean something, and in a way, it did. Thanks to her, Ravi has created another cure, and it's a game-changer. It sucks that it took all season long before Ravi made any real leeway in coming up with something, but I'll take it. 

It appears the antigen produced by Isobel's brain isn't a vaccine. It's a cure.


Oh, right. I can't forget to mention Clive and Bozzio's engagement. Somehow I started the season off loving this couple to death and invested in it, and I ended the season not the slightest bit interested. 

Their relationship woes were unsatisfying, and they didn't play out in any way I expected, so to suddenly have a happy ending for them is a bit ridiculous. I also hate the fact that Michelle made it clear early on that she didn't want to engage in something messy.

Dale: I'm late for drinks.
Clive: Yeah, you'll be missing those. I love you.
Dale: And a good day to you.
Clive: I'm willing to be a zombie to be with you.

She went out of her way to avoid this type of relationship that wouldn't lead anywhere, and despite making her feelings known, Clive did exactly what she feared. What is with the relationships on this show?! 

The finale should be good, you guys. But what did you think of this hour? Hit the comments below!

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You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away Review

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iZombie Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

With this violence, this unrest we're losing the few allies we have in Washington. Our allies need a sign that we're righting the ship. We need new leadership.


Ravi: Repeat after me, I will not turn myself in to Fillmore Graves.
Liv: I won't turn myself in.