iZombie Round Table: Madame Mayor Peyton Charles!

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Liv was on rapper brain, and all of New Seattle was on lockdown during iZombie Season 4 Episode 9.

TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Lizzy Buczak, and Yana Grebenyuk discuss Isobel and Ravi's potential cure, Fillmore Graves potentially turning on Chase and much more.

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Izombie Round Table

What would you rate this episode and why?

Stacy: I'd give it a B. It was funny, but it wasn't one of my favorites. I enjoyed Liv on rapper brain and the D&D game, but I'm just mostly sick of Blaine, and Major is not my favorite person right now.

Lizzy: I'd give it a C+. I was excited to see Liv on rapper brain, but unfortunately, the brain didn't kick like the others have. They could have done so much more with her "gangster" persona.

Yana: I would give it a C because almost none of it felt necessary besides moving the cure and Blaine story alone.

Rapper Delight - iZombie Season 4 Episode 9

Blaine killed the mayor and now Peyton is acting mayor. React.

Stacy: I like what they're doing with Peyton's character, and that they are giving her a bigger role. It'll be an interesting dynamic to see her as acting mayor and secretly part of Liv's organization.

Lizzy: I did NOT see that coming. Aly Michalka is so talented, so I'm glad she'll have more of an opportunity to shine. However, in terms of the character, this is straight up punishment.

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Could you imagine having to rule New Seattle with an impending brain shortage and FG calling the shots? Count me out! Also, did Blaine do it on purpose? Did he know this would be the outcome?

Yana: I am a fan of what this means for Peyton's character and storyline moving forward but that is about it.

Do you think the other Fillmore Graves soldiers are planning a coup to get rid of Chase?

Stacy: I wouldn't put it past them, but Major will probably find a way to stop it. Chase is a complicated character, but I hate that Major pretty much does whatever he says without question. He's turned into such a "yes man," that I wouldn't mind if Chase was gone just so we could get Major back.

Lizzy: I could see that happening and Major being his only ally. I know why the humans hate him, but I don't really know why the soldiers do. Did I miss something?

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Yana: I didn't even think about that, but Chase is really making it difficult for them not to at this point. Especially with the way he is focused on Major and shows it to the other soldiers, that is never a good move.

Ravi's New Project - iZombie Season 4 Episode 9

Now that Ravi knows about Isobel and plans on studying her, how do you think this will play out?

Stacy: This was my favorite development. I'm so glad that Ravi knows everything now, and of course, he's on board. I don't know how much time Isobel has left, but I think Ravi could potentially develop a vaccine. I'm just worried that someone will discover her and kill her before he has a chance.

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Lizzy: This is the closest they've come to finding the cure, so it's promising. Blaine will pose a problem, though, since he's realizing that Ravi is eating brains but also sleeping with Peyton. Isobel's involvement will probably allow everyone to make the "Liv is Renegade" connection faster.

Yana: Is it strange if I am hopeful for it to turn out well? I like Isobel, and I want her to be able to help, but I also would love for her to just stay alive after all this.

Michelle Geeks Out

What was your favorite moment and/or quote?

Stacy: I loved everything about the D&D game. Foxy Brown of Shondaland is such a great character name.

Lizzy: Clive playing D&D! He's finally succumbed to the "nerd" life. In fact, seeing all three of them -- Ravi, Clive, and Major -- playing together was adorable. And Clive's slip up with Michelle? About time! What does this mean for his relationship with Dale?!

Yana: Ravi meeting Isobel was kind of hilarious.

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