The Royals Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Forgive Me This My Virtue

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Well, that couldn't be more uncomfortable if we tried. 

On The Royals Season 4 Episode 7, Liam had a girlfriend ... and then he didn't. Just like that.

His romance was short-lived mainly because Kathryn wanted her cake, and she wanted to eat it too. 

Meet Me In My Room  - The Royals Season 4 Episode 7

What was the point of even bringing her back into Liam's life for roughly two-episodes if she was going to fall right back into Robert's arms the minute he propositioned her?

And how foolish of her to think Robert, the man who called her a whore to her face, was genuine in his affection! 

It's like she needed a cold reminder of his snarly, deceptive ways. May I remind you, he's the same man who came to her apartment the night before the coronation, had sex with her the broke up with her while revealing that he's known all about her torrid love affair with his brother. 

You know, desire is a two-way street. I wasn’t the only one in that bed.


He's a master manipulator, and under that smug look, there is not one ounce of compassion.

He'd never let Liam be happy -- he didn't show him Kathryn's true colors because Robert wanted to protect his brother, he likes to watch him suffer. But it's a good thing he did. Liam might have his flaws and questionable moments, but he deserves better than being dropped so suddenly. 

Good riddance, Kathryn! 

In all honesty, Robert's actions were probably payback for Liam stealing the spotlight from him and Willow during their first public appearance as an engaged couple.

Technically, Liam swooped in and saved Willow from being hounded by reporters who are all too good at putting their noses into business that isn't there's. Even the Queen commended him for his actions.

Keep it Low Key  - The Royals Season 4 Episode 7

However, not only did Liam announce his relationship, but he also spoke to Willow's greatness in a way that may have been a bit too personal. 

Cassandra's theory that Willow is actually in love with Liam is still fresh in his mind, so this didn't help quell the suspicions.

But pushing Kathryn out really of the picture only allows Liam to get closer to Willow which I would assume is what Robert is trying to avoid. Or is her?

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Honestly, all of their motives are hazy.

Much like the public, I'm curious as to what Robert sees in Willow. Yes, she's a beautiful, well-spoken and clever woman but what's the real reason behind his desire to marry so quickly? He's been doing fine without a Queen by his side!

Willow's intentions also remain a big question mark. She seemed genuine enough when she said she wanted to be in love before she got married. 

But then, Cassandra cast doubt over that not only for Robert but for the viewers when she said Willow is manipulating him in ways he can't even imagine.

Press Day - The Royals Season 4 Episode 7

If her mission was to become Queen, she's doing a terrible job of selling it. I'd even go as far as saying she won't make it to the wedding because it just dawned on her that in accepting Robert's proposal, she signed her whole life away. 

Her desk is gone, she's no longer the Palace social media girl, she doesn't have any other responsibilities than being Robert's wife and her only title is Queen.

Willow doesn't strike me as someone who is content with her only purpose being to make a man look good.

We can’t rely on the truth alone, we have to make it royal!

Queen Helena

How long until she finally cracks because she's no longer allowed to be herself? 

She even disregarded the Queen's carefully crafted engagement story for the truth. While a noble gesture, the real truth is that people don't want honesty, they want a great love story. 

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It was a brazen move, and I applaud her confidence, but unfortunately, it didn't sit well with the Queen who knows better than anyone what it takes to be the people's Queen. Will Willow start listening to her moving forward? Or will she continue trying to forge her own path?

Willow: That’s a great idea. We use an event celebrating legacy to launch a new one.
Robert: Great Queens think alike.

I can see a bit of darkness bubbling in Willow after the way she treated Kathryn. I thought she was extending an olive branch, but instead, she insinuated that Kathryn was only around because she wanted Robert. Hey, she wasn't exactly wrong, but it was a side of her we've never really seen before. 

Also, can we stop blaming the women when cheating, sex, etc. is always a two-way street?

If Willow is already this protective of Robert, either she's really in love with him, or she's willing to do anything to hang onto the crown. Time will tell. What do you guys think?

Sorry Bro  - The Royals Season 4 Episode 7

At first, I was a bit indifferent about Eleanor's Robin Hood storyline, however, seeing her embark on midnight missions to bring some light into the dark world was heartwarming.

She's finally found her purpose, and of course, Jasper had to go and rain on her parade. 

There was an easy solution to their quarrel that would have made them both content -- compromise! Jasper could join Eleanor on her missions thus ensuring her safety. 

Eleanor: Hey, what’s this?
Jasper: You’ve never seen a washing machine before?
Eleanor: Of course, I have. It’s where you do.. washing the kitchen.

It's probably the next step for them as a couple because he got a taste of what it was like to give back when he gave a man in need the unnecessary Rolex that Robert gifted him. 

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Their fight was a bit heated since Eleanor didn't like being told what to do and Jasper was afraid she was being naive and used by con-artists. But, there was a happy ending, I'm sure. 

It makes sense that Jasper would question people's needs and see them for everything but genuine given his past experiences. 

That's also why he was so upset with the knighting ceremony. It would deem him a hero, and he didn't feel like one since he didn't take a bullet for Robert, his father shot him. He felt like this was just another con. 

Officially a Knight - The Royals Season 4 Episode 7

I'm glad that Eleanor made him realize that shooting aside, he's brought a lot of good into this world and was a man who should be celebrated if only for overcoming his difficult upbringing and making something of himself. 

After becoming a knight, it seems like Eleanor and Jasper may finally get a chance at a bit of normalcy. Well, whatever is considered normal for a royal, anyway. 

Apparently, you can take the girl out of the aristocracy, but you can’t take the aristocracy out of the girl.

Queen Helena

I'm rather indifferent about this episode; it served as a transition piece that is setting the scene for what's next.

The only good thing that came from it is that we finally got rid of Kathryn. For a little bit, it felt like Kathryn and Willow were interchangeable as girlfriends for the brothers. It's all in the family, right?

Do you think we'll have a royal wedding? Is this the last we've seen of Kathryn? And what's the point of keeping Cyrus around in the embassy? Every scene with his seemed out of place. 

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Forgive Me This My Virtue Review

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