The Royals Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Black As His Purpose Did The Night Resemble

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Things went bump in the night on The Royals Season 4 Episode 4.

London's power grid collapsed and enveloped the city in complete darkness, which seemed to be part of Robert's meticulous plan to gain popularity points with the public.

Robert is proving that he's not above dark and twisted schemes -- he caused and used the overnight outage to his advantage, convincing Londoners that he was a "man of the people." to convince the people that he was a man of the people. 

This Way, Please - The Royals

Think about it -- if your King survived a murder attempt and remained undeterred, even showing up without any security guards to stand with those left in the dark without electricity during a heatwave, you'd also be convinced he was a stand-up guy.

He's very sneaky; he says all the right things and puts on such a convincing act. And he knew that his impassioned speech would go viral and he'd be hailed as a hero. 

Even Willow fell for his "good guy" act and realized she was so worried because she loved him.

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When he made it back to the palace safely, she requested to be put back on the list of potential brides. It looks like England has found a new Queen. And seeing as she plays an integral part in the Royal family, she'll fit right in.

Damnit Cyrus, you’re creepy enough in the light of day. What are you doing down here?

Queen Helena

Eleanor feared Jasper was in danger since he got stuck in the South of London and she wasn't wrong -- Jasper's terror-stricken ambulance drivers fled the scene leaving him defenseless against an angry mob.

Willow: I’d like to be on the list.
Robbie: What took you so long?

Truthfully, my life motto is also "they don't pay me enough," so I totally understand. 

I fully expected the mob to turn over the ambulance and use Jasper and his pretty face as ransom. But then again, I'm not sure what these people are even protesting.

Robert did find the ambulance, but Jasper wasn't there, thankfully.

Light Snuffs Out Darkness - The Royals Season 4 Episode 4

Show for the people aside, we have to question if his intentions of saving Jasper were pure.

What do you think he would have done to the bodyguard that he's been trying to get rid of for the longest time? They were in a dark abandoned street, there were no witnesses, and no one would be able to connect Robert to the death. Was that his whole point?

I don't know who posed more of a threat to Jasper -- Robert or his estranged father, who ended up saving him. 

Get over it cause we are three badass bitches. Four if you count Sara Alice. Without the bitch part.

Princess Eleanor

When his dad opened the ambulance door, I was a bit shocked. How did he find him in complete darkness in South London? Was he following the ambulance?

Jasper's father claimed to have returned to "catch up," but because of their dysfunctional relationship, Jasper knew better than to believe that. Thieves and liars always have an ulterior motive. 

Hey, you know why we need light son? Because the world is a dark place. I’ll see you in the shadows.

Jasper's Dad

I should have seen the twist coming way earlier, especially as his father kept insisting he was headed to the palace with him, but I never thought that a respectable and sharp woman like Dutchy would believe that this dainty man was an Italian count. 

He must be a better liar than Robbie! 

It seems like his father is set on proving to him that even though he views the Royals as the family he never had, they aren't his blood and will eventually turn on him. Is he there to distance him from Eleanor and bring him back to a life of crime?

Oh, Hey Dad!  - The Royals Season 4 Episode 4

And more importantly, will Jasper sell out his father? The light always snuffs out the darkness, so I hope that he is upfront with them that grandma's Italian boyfriend is his deadbeat dad. 

Seeing as both Jasper and his dad were able to weasel their way in into the palace, I'd say this family needs to be better about who they allow into their home. 

Jasper's Dad: How’s the chest?
Jasper: It feels like I got shot.

And yes, I'm saying that about an episode on which Eleanor literally hosts commonfolk in the palace and hopes they don't steal anything valuable.

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Also, what will the public's reaction be now that Eleanor and Jasper have outed their relationship? It's about time! 

As chaos ensued outside, things weren't exactly calm in the palace either. Dutchy, Cyrus, and Queen Helena were trapped in a wine cellar, which is exactly where I'd like to be trapped during a blackout as well. 

Dutchy: What have I ever lied about?
Cyrus: Uhm, killing someone!

The biggest revelation from their "Truth or Truth" game was something I already predicted: Cyrus' cancer is in remission. Will he refocus on taking the crown from King Robert again?

That would at least give the storyline with Liam some substance because right now, it's looking like a whole waste of time. 

Queen Helena: I meant what are you doing here at all? I banished you.
Dutchy: Well, I unbanished myself.
Cyrus: You’ve run out of money!
Dutchy: Shut up Scar.

The dirt he got from Greta's father didn't give him the desired result. Instead, he made an idiot out of himself in front of his family and hurt Greta, who was obviously getting drunk because she found out the truth about why he liked her so much. 

Seriously, is Liam really this dumb? This is the man who almost took the throne after his father's death. It was only a matter of time before he got caught up.

For a moment, I felt terrible for Greta because Liam reiterated what she already believed; she wasn't good enough. 

However, I doubt we'll ever see her again since Liam doesn't need anything from her anymore, so it doesn't matter.

Queen Helena: What about your children?
Cyrus: Who knows if they’re even mine?
Queen Helena: Trust me, those inbreds are definitely yours.

There has to be a more significant purpose for opening up this whole storyline and making us question Robbie's integrity as King. 

If Liam is giving up his vendetta against his brother, someone else has to take over, and Cyrus makes the perfect candidate! Plus, he has experience going head-to-head with a King. 

Will Willow and King Robert get married? Will Jasper take care of his father once and for all? Or will he be sucked back into his deception? 

Catch up with all the royal drama and watch The Royals online! Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

Black As His Purpose Did The Night Resemble Review

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The Royals Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Queen Helena: I meant what are you doing here at all? I banished you.
Dutchy: Well, I unbanished myself.
Cyrus: You’ve run out of money!
Dutchy: Shut up Scar.

Damnit Cyrus, you’re creepy enough in the light of day. What are you doing down here?

Queen Helena