Supergirl Round Table: Keeping Secrets

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Lena became the first person to discover that Sam is actually Reign on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15, but she's keeping that bit of knowledge to herself for the moment. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jay Ruymann, and Kathleen Wiedel discuss Lena helping Sam, Kara's outburst, and the roles of the supporting characters. 

Join us! 

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On a scale of 1-10, how frustrated are you by Lena keeping Sam a secret? Why do you think she's not telling Supergirl what she knows?

Christine: Only a 3. I’m oddly okay with Lena working on this by herself. Lena is a scientist, a leader, and she’s used to being in control, so it makes sense that she wants to have some answers before she shares her findings.

The moment when she proved to Sam that she’s really Reign was heartbreaking, and I love that Sam's first instinct is to keep Ruby safe. But I do think Lena needs to share this with the group soon as I don’t want this to drag out too long.

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Jay: Honestly, I’m not. 0. I think it says a lot about Lena as a person, a friend, and a scientist that she’s willing to keep this a secret to help one of her best friends.

Also, I feel like part of Lena wasn’t sure until she caught it on camera, so she didn’t have anything to take to Supergirl if she had wanted to, but after how Reign decimated her, she probably just wants to keep Sam safe.

Kathleen: I'd rate it a 3 or so. Jay pretty much spelled out my thoughts: Lena didn't know anything for certain up to, well, right about now. I do agree that Lena should fill Supergirl in on the situation with Sam, now that she *does* know information relevant to saving the world!

Happy Hour - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15

What are your thoughts on Kara lashing out at Mon-El? Does it feel like a way for them to start over with a clean slate?

Christine: They were never a perfect couple, and it was good to remind everyone of that. I enjoyed Kara telling Mon-El off, especially now that he has some perspective on who he was back then. I’ve always liked these two together, flaws and all, but I keep wondering when Mon-El’s wife will wander back into the picture.

Jay: As the biggest supporter of Mon-El and Kara’s relationship never being romantic again, I enjoyed Kara standing up for herself (finally) and making Mon-El own up to some of the terrible things he’s done to her.

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Kathleen: Mon-El wasn't perfect, to be sure, and everything Kara said about his actions was accurate. And while he has much improved in behavior since those early days, I don't think they should try to restart any sort of romantic relationship (he is *married to someone else*, after all).

However, this acknowledgment of the past should be a good way in which to strengthen their *friendship*.

Future Fighting Techniques - Supergirl

We had a Winn-centric story, and now J'onn finally has a meaningful storyline. Are you happy with the way the writers are incorporating the role players?

Christine: I love it. This show has so many wonderful characters that it’s a challenge to give them all equal time. Now I’m hoping we’ll see more of Lena and James. I appreciated how they were dealing with her work conflicts like adults and I’d like to see their relationship move forward.

Jay: I’m enjoying it, for the most part. I wish Kara would have a bigger role, even though they’re diving in with the supporting characters. It doesn’t really feel like it’s about Supergirl anymore.

Kathleen: Oof. Both of you make excellent points, I think. The show is called "Supergirl," but at the same time, it's always been about more than just her.

After pondering this question, I am glad that they're developing their supporting characters in thoughtful, meaningful ways that don't necessarily revolve around Kara, despite the fact that she's the star of the series.

Armed Winn - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15

Now that Sam is aware that she is Reign, do you think she will be able to learn to fight or control the change? Will Lena find a way to save Sam?

Christine: I hope so! Sam is a strong person and an amazing mother. I have to believe that with Lena, and hopefully the rest of the team’s help that Sam can be her own person once again.

Jay: I think Lena’s way will more than likely be black kryptonite which will separate Sam and Reign into two separate entities, but that begs a few questions, like could Sam deal with the guilt of Reign being an entire force of her own without the burden of Sam taking control?

I don’t think Sam will be more aware or be able to fight the change, but I do see this taking a huge toll on her as she feels responsible, even if it is another being doing these terrible things.

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Kathleen: I like Jay's idea of separating Sam and Reign into two physically distinct beings, but he does bring up some valid problems with that particular path. I don't see how Sam would be able to control the change or Reign at this point, but if Lena gets Supergirl and the DEO involved, things might change, with access to alien technology and abilities.

Who knows? Maybe a psychic Martian might be able to help, or a mental suppressor. And maybe Sam will turn out to be just what they need to stop the other World Killers.

Alex Helps - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Christine: “Knowledge is power.” That’s what Lena told Sam when they got a sample of Reign’s DNA, and it’s something I truly believe. The more knowledge you can arm yourself with, the stronger you will be.

Jay: I enjoyed every scene with Sam and Lena. It’s clear how far Lena is willing to go for her friends, and she even looked past the terrible comment Sam made about her being a Luthor to continue trying to help her.

Kathleen: The scene with J'onn, Kara, and Alex discussing the difficulty of M'yrrn's situation was very moving. Coupled with the later scene of M'yrnn having to actually confront the reality of the situation (which not incidentally mirrored Sam and Lena's scenes), it all made for a strong episode overall.

Over to you, Supergirl Fanatics! Do you agree with our Round Table?

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M'yrnn: A joke.
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