Suits Season 7 Episode 12 Review: Bad Man

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Well, that was a little all over the place. 

Suits Season 7 Episode 12 provided flashbacks for two characters, a ridiculous plot for Louis, a moral dilemma for Harvey, and some Mike and Rachel greatness. 

It was an hour that focused on character development with a lot of insight into well-known characters. 

Making Amends? - Suits

I appreciated the flashbacks because who doesn't want to see Louis Litt as a teenager? The teenage iteration of Louis was well-cast, but Louis is too much of a complicated character to get a read on. 

His default setting is to yell at people when he doesn't get his way, and I'm so over his meetings with his therapist. That therapist deserves a whole lot more money than Louis is probably paying him. 

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There's a fundamental issue with the character of Louis and that all comes down to the inconsistent writing. How are we the viewers supposed to get on board with him if he does the stupidest of things?

I cheered when he gave Sheila back the burner phone because it seemed like he was ready to move and stop being the other guy. 

Love or Lust? - Suits Season 7 Episode 12

What Louis and Sheila have is not love, it's lust, and they are two very different things. Even if they got back together, they would be apart swiftly. 

Don't even get me started on that downright awful scene between the two of them at the mud bath. It was the type of scene you expect to find out is a dream. 

I get that Louis realized that being the good guy was not getting him anywhere, but being the wicked man is not going to get him anywhere either. 

If you read some of my earlier reviews, you will know that I adore Jessica Pearson, but I struggled to get on board with her throughout "Bad Man."

Asking Harvey to essentially break the law did not sit well with me. Jessica has put herself in the firing line for the character on multiple occasions, but she also knows that the past has a habit of rearing its ugly head in the present. 

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Jessica's name was dragged through the mud for the benefit of Specter Litt, and that's why she felt she was due to get the $2 million in any way she felt was necessary. 

However, I am a little intrigued to find out more about what she planned on doing with all that money in Chicago. Could that serve as the starting point for the Gina Torres-fronted spinoff?

Harvey Has a Decision to Make - Suits Season 7 Episode 11

We know so little about the spinoff that all we can do right about now is speculate about what it's all about. 

While Louis may be suffering as a result of inconsistent writing, Harvey is flourishing. The flashbacks served Harvey's story very well. 

Turning to Vik was not an easy task because it meant confronting the fact that his father's music may not be as relevant as it once was. 

That proved to be true when he struggled to get the money he wanted for it. There's a certain vulnerability to Harvey when he's confronting the past, and Gabriel Macht plays that version of the character very well. 

I still don't see a future for Harvey and Paula so please forgive me for not giving a damn about them rekindling their romance at the close of the hour. 

Maybe it's the teases of a potential relationship for Harvey and Donna over the years or something else entirely. There's a part of me that thinks Harvey could only like Paula because she keeps him from being a bad man. 

Mike & Rachel Work Together - Suits Season 7 Episode 12

Every time he has a dilemma, Paula is on hand to help him through it. That's probably because Paula knows how to help people deal with things more than the rest of us. 

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Mike and Oliver going against each other again was actually a breath of fresh air. I was mad at Oliver for much of the episode, but his actions actually all made sense. 

He may have been called "wannabe Mike" but it's clear Mike's skills as a lawyer have rubbed off on Oliver, and it was actually really mature that they managed to put it all behind them. 

Rachel joining in on the fun to help Mike take Oliver down was a highlight of the episode for me. Mike and Rachel work very well together, and I cannot wait to find out how their story concludes. 

Okay, Suits Fanatics! What did you think of the latest developments? Are you on board for Harvey and Paula's relationship? Should Louis quit Sheila for good?

Hit the comments!

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Suits Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Louis: What is it, Gretchen?
Gretchen: If you wanted to do some digging Louis, I could have brought you a shovel.

I need $2 million in an untraceable account.